What Is Your Target Audience in Web Design?

March 26, 2024

What Is Your Target Audience in Web Design? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

When developing a marketing strategy, targeting the right audience is one of the most important, basic things to have in mind. Almost no business is destined to satisfy everyone, so don’t waste your time and money advertising for the people who would never buy your product or service.

But you probably knew that already, and you tailor your ads, content, and email marketing campaigns around targeted audiences. What about web design and development? Did you know that the look and functionality of your website (design) should also be decided based on the characteristics of your target market?


Defining Your Target Audience

You need to define your target customers before the design and development of your website begins. Conducting market research surveys is one of the best ways to find out more about your audience. You can also check your stats from social media or your Google Analytics and other similar reporting tools to see the type of content your audience is engaging with and the types of websites they are visiting.

Targeting based on age groups is one of the simplest examples we can give, although you should look into more complex factors, such as consumer behaviors, values, subculture groups, etc. You should also create buyer personas based on a demographic (age, gender, location, and so on.)

Website designers should be aware of the buyer personas you are targeting, as well as the type of content you will publish. Web designers who don’t take your audience into account might do a great job when it comes to execution, but you risk losing exactly the people who are interested in your product if your website doesn’t fit their style.

For more ideas on what you should aim for, consider looking at your competitors’ websites and see how they approached it. Also, test your design by surveying existing and potential customers, noting their pain points and suggestions.

How Your Target Audience Influences Website Design

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Once you’ve identified your target audience, the web designer will have a better idea of what the site should look like, and how to structure it for the best user experience possible. Your website visitors will only follow your call to action if they can relate to your brand’s style and if they can easily find what they are looking for.

If your business is focused on a younger audience, bold fonts, vibrant colors and lots of types of media will be a better choice, since it fits their browsing style and affinities. But if you’re trying to sell your product or service to seniors, a simpler design with very easy to follow action buttons and menus is much more likely to lead to a conversion.

Need Targeted Web Design?

Australian Internet Advertising web designers target audiences based on the client’s brief, choosing the fittest structure, functionality, and look, and so leading to more conversion rates. Check out our web design services and let’s create the best website for your business together!


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