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Boost organic traffic & profit with real SEO results. AIA is a Sydney SEO agency that writes SEO content, builds powerful backlinks & optimises websites.

Are you looking for an SEO agency in Sydney that can guarantee you results?

Imagine what it would feel like to get consistent sales from organic website traffic, knowing that your website has been turned into a money making machine.

At Australian Internet Advertising we don’t just send you rank reports and hide behind vanity metrics like traffic and impressions… We report to you the specifics of every little step that we’ve taken to get you more customers from Google.

With our focus on increasing your sales and getting you more customers, our seo packages are specifically designed to make you more money. Seeing your website at the top of Google is a great feeling, but if it doesn’t turn into more sales then there is no point.

The only thing we care about is increasing your revenue. Google has made a lot of updates over the years, but one thing has always remained true. Improve the quality of your content and the user experience of your website, and your search engine rankings will go up.

Australian Internet Advertising is amongst the leading, and fastest growing SEO companies in Australia. Integrity is critical to our team of SEO Sydney consultants. We focus on your ROI (return on investment), and turn your web design into a money-making machine, by using LSI, SILO and other proven, white hat SEO techniques.

Advanced SEO Techniques

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Page Loading Speed

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Metadata (title & description)

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Website Security

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Usability & Crawlability

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Page Errors

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Website Content

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Backlinks & Offsite

Free SEO Health Check Worth $500

Claim your free SEO health check now and get a detailed report on how well your website has been set up for SEO success.

Our SEO Campaigns are Google-update-proof because we follow Google’s guidelines… We just turbocharge the process!

We know that the potential of your website to rank well on Google is only as high as the quality of the content on your website. We help your website put its best foot forward so that your website ranks appropriately. This way it will rank well and be found where your prospects would expect your website to be seen.

Our SEO Experts have discovered the difference between user intent when clicking on paid ads and SEO results on Google’s search results.

Users that are clicking on Google ads are more likely to be looking to purchase something now or make a commercial transaction.

SEO results are still used by most users as a kind of encyclopedia while looking for answers to their questions, prior to making a purchase.

These questions are often indicators that the users are intending to make a purchase soon. Questions like “how much does xyz cost” or “what is the best xyz” for example, are questions users will ask before deciding to make a purchase.

Using content writing to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions your prospects type in prior to making a buying decision, will also boost your website's authority on the overall topic.

Using content to answer these questions in conjunction with internal linking will bring in more traffic from users researching, prior to purchasing products or services that you offer, AND it will also boost your main page rankings for your primary keywords.

SEO Services packed With Value

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Hear from our clients

  • 7X Increase in sales in only 3 months

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    7X Increase in sales in only 3 months

    Jim Approached AIA in February after having a bad experience with one of the largest agencies in the country. We got to work building out a Google and Facebook digital marketing strategy and have increased the eCommerce revenue for Jim 7X in 3 months.


    Increase in Revenue




    Increase in Conversions

  • Maclean Financial - Website And Facebook

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Maclean Financial - Website And Facebook

    Brendan approached AIA in 2017 with a startup idea. We designed and built Brendans brand, style guide and website. Brendan’s Facebook campaign gained fast results and his business is already turning over more than $10M annually.


    Annual turnover


    Leads per Month


    Return on ad spend

  • Lightning Bult - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Lightning Bult - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    Rob approached AIA in 2018 with a broken website and having recently suffered a significant drop in enquiries. After rebuilding Rob's website, fixing the SEO, and starting a Google Ads campaign, Rob experienced a 10X return on investment within his first year working with AIA.


    Return on Investment


    Increase in Conversions


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Tranquil Water - Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Tranquil Water - Google Ads

    Lena Approached AIA in 2017 hoping to gain better results from her Google ads campaign that had been managed by another agency. Within Lena's first month she experienced a 283.5% increase in enquiries with no increase in budget.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase In Conversions


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Billabong Spas - Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Billabong Spas - Google Ads

    Murray contacted AIA to get help with his Google Ads Campaign. They had been running the campaign with a different agency but were not happy with the quality of leads. Within the first three months their sales increased by over 30%.


    Increase In Revenue


    Reduction in Costs


    Increase in Lead Quality

  • Ladies Running Errands - Website, Google Ads and SEO

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Ladies Running Errands - Website, Google Ads and SEO

    Maria had been having a bad experience with online directories. We redesigned her website, built a new Google Ads campaign and optimised her website for search. Quickly Maria’s business began to boom and she has now sold 9 franchises.


    Franchises Sold


    Increase in Organic Traffic


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Eastside Speech Pathology - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Eastside Speech Pathology - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    Ainsley called us because she was very unhappy with her results from her existing Google Campaign. After building her a new website, getting her to the top of Google for her keywords, and starting a new Google Ads Campaign she couldn’t have been happier.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase in Organic Traffic


    Increase in Leads per month

Free SEO Health Check Worth $500

Claim your free SEO health check now and get a detailed report on how well your website has been set up for SEO success.

Our Seo Sydney Blueprint For Success

Page Speed

Onsite optimisation

Internal Linking

Understanding your buyers search behavior

Blogger Outreach

Keyword research and semantics

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Rich Snippets

Local SEO Sydney

Page Speed Icon

There are a countless number of recommendations that have been made by Google regarding page speed.

After running our own experiments it became clear that page speed is a BIG DEAL when it comes to improving organic rankings for hyper competitive keywords, long term.

Any website that takes over 4 seconds to load is losing a lot of potential traffic and sales as a result. Not only due to lower rankings on the search results page… but also because users are bouncing off their site because it is loading too slowly.

That's why we take page speed very seriously, and with Google announcing multiple times per year that they are updating their algorithm to favour websites that load quickly, it’s crucial to any successful SEO campaign.

There are a lot of ways to speed up a site. You can check our page speed. You might be surprised :)

Onsite optimisation Icon

Website design and development will get you a beautiful website that works well for users, however it does not mean anyone will be able to find it on search engines.

Onsite tweaking in regards to page headings, Meta data, alt tags for images are just a few of the bare essentials. With the use of Google Search Console your website can be fetched and indexed within 20 minutes on average.

Page speed insights is not just stuffing keywords onto a page hoping to improve the rankings. This will do more harm than good with Google advanced algorithms. We have partnered with a number of leading SEO software providers to help us fine tune your site. This ensures that any of the additional work done has the maximum impact.

Internal Linking Icon

When structuring your site and creating pages and content, internal linking is one of the most overlooked seo techniques to date. It shows the search engine crawlers what pages you are trying to send people to. In short, a page that has internal links from other relevant pages or blogs within your site pointing to it, the page will rank higher. By categorising the content in your website and linking the pages accordingly your website rankings go up.

One example is that you can write blogs related to the topic you are hoping to increase your rankings for, and link them to your primary page for that keyword.There is a little known SEO technique for internal linking called SILO SEO. This is the process of “siloing” your content and linking pages from multiple subdirectories to bolster your priority pages.

It follows the same theory however the internal linking is performed through multiple subdomains.

Understanding your buyers search behavior Icon

People search differently when searching for certain services. For example when looking for a tradesman for a small job they will primarily search for the type of trade and their suburb. However when searching for a tradesperson for a larger job they will often search their area like “North Shore”, “Northern Beaches”, or even “Sydney”.

Understanding how people search for your products or services is key to a successful SEO campaign. So for example, someone looking for a plumber or electrician will most likely type in “plumber suburb” or “electrician suburb”. This is a different way that users search when compared to a builder or renovation company. These users are more likely to type in “renovations Sydney” or “renovations north shore”.

Understanding the user search behavior is crucial for a successful SEO campaign. Targeting the wrong keywords means that despite all of the hard work and effort your new found rankings at the top, don’t bring you in very many new customers.

Blogger Outreach Icon

In an ideal world if your content was good enough your would get backlinks naturally and rise to the top of the search results. Unfortunately most businesses that are not in the entertainment, event, celebrity or similar industries, find it virtually impossible to stir up enough of a buzz about their plumbing or accountant business. As a result the changes of getting a lot of people to link to their website are slim to none.

In order to get your website to the top of search results it is crucial to have a blogger outreach programme in order to gain backlinks from relevant and high rankings websites. This will boost your domain authority and get you to the top of the front page within months rather than years.

Backlinks have been a hot spot in the SEO industry for decades. Google has made changes to their algorithms to stop website owners from being able to trick the search engine into ranking their website well by purchasing backlinks alone.

In 2012 Google released the notorious “penguin update”. As a result a huge amount of websites were penalised, meaning their rankings dropped into the oblivion of the second, third pages, or they were even completely de-indexed completely. This brought about a nasty habit some business owners employed where they purposely bought “black hat” backlinks to point to their competitors website to get them penalised.

Luckily now that is not possible. Google no longer penalises websites for “black-hat” backlinks. The backlinks obtained by AIA are authentic, relevant and will boost your websites rankings. We have worked hard to build relationships with bloggers in order to be able to obtain from them the best quality links to point to your site and boost your rankings.

Keyword research and semantics Icon

Keyword density no longer matters for SEO. Gone are the days when you could just stuff your keywords into the content over and over again to get the page to rank well. Google’s algorithms have now become more advanced. Data shows Google is looking more at semantically related keywords.

Our approach to content is to use these semantics in every page and post we create in order to gain the highest possible rankings prior to any blogger outreach. In order to rank highly for large, competitive and priority keywords we first have to build your website authority on the subject matter. By driving traffic to your site for semantically related search queries, users will begin to indicate to Google that your website is relevant and useful to users researching a specific topic.

Our keyword research takes all of this into consideration. Semantically related keywords as well as an understanding of the way your best customers are most likely to search is the winning formula. Just randomly picking 10-50 keywords that you think your customers might be typing in will not get you the boost you really want.

Save time and money with the empty promises offered by shady SEO companies. There is no point in being #1 in the search results for keywords that no-one ever searches.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Icon

Imagine paying for the top spot on Search engines and getting all this traffic with a 0% conversion rate? It would make the whole process useless. We have conversion rate specialists here with over 10 years experience that have worked with some of the biggest corporations in the country.

We are obsessed with conversion rates and have been fine tuning websites day in-day out for years now. The smallest changes can have a dramatic impact to your bottom line. Things like cognitive load, call to action placement, credibility, social proof and much more will be implemented to your site in order to make the most out of the extra traffic you're getting.

With the use of heatmaps, and session recording software, we can spy on your website visitors and learn how they use your site. This will identify conversion blocking elements on your website so that we can easily turn more of your website visitors into customers.

Imagine if you could double the amount of new customers you get in the same amount of traffic? This has been achieved on multiple occasions using our conversion rate experts.

Rich Snippets Icon

You can also get more real estate and significantly increase your traffic on Google front page using “Rich Snippets”. These range from FAQ Schema’s (Or interactive FAQ rich results).

There are a large number of Rich Snippets available in Google organic search results.

  • Review Snippets
  • Sponsored features
  • Local business features
  • Knowledge features
  • Media features
  • Search query features
  • Answer box
  • Knowledge graph
  • Featured Snippets

And many more...

Our SEO Sydney Services includes setting your site up to take advantage of as many of these as possible, for your search terms. This gives you more real estate on the front page of google and increases the amount of enquiries you get and sales you make from your website.

Local SEO Sydney Icon

For businesses that target a small service area in Sydney local SEO is crucial. With The use of Google maps listing (Google my business), you can drastically increase the amount of enquiries you get from people in your immediate area.

Working on improving your website and maps listings for users locally is the best way to get results for a targeted area service-based business.

Suburb pages don’t work as well as they used to. You have probably seen websites with hundreds or even thousands of suburb specific pages, often with virtually the same content on each page.

Building pages to target searches for specific suburbs is still a great way to get more enquiries from your immediate area, however each page needs to have it’s own unique optimised content.

Businesses based in Sydney that are targeting customers also based in Sydney, can use our local SEO strategies to gain top positions for any searches that are suburb specific.

Large businesses targeting all of Sydney can also take advantage of suburb and area specific local SEO in order to get more customers.

Local SEO Sydney uses Google My Business, local citation’s, advanced internal linking and search intent insights to get you the best results.

SEO Prices

Our SEO packages are built to give you the maximum benefit at the lowest possible costs. We do everything the bigger, more expensive agencies do at a lower cost.

Every single one of our SEO specialists are highly experienced and as a team we are obsessed with end to end digital customer acquisition and marketing psychology.

SEO is rarely a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” scenario. We have created these packages to offer a pricing guide but will often speak to you about customising a package to suit your large or small business.

SEO Prices & Packages

Experienced, Highly Recommended, Transparent and Trusted SEO Agency in Sydney.

We have over 20 years of combined SEO knowledge and experience. Our team of SEO strategists can get you the best possible results, and turn your web pages into a money making machine in the least possible amount of time.

We never suggest changes to your website or write any content that is not backed up by research and data from your site.

Our focus is on results and outcomes. As a business owner, trying to navigate through the difficult world of technical SEO can be daunting. Save yourself the time and money and take up our no-risk offer with guaranteed results.

Free SEO Health Check Worth $500

Claim your free SEO health check now and get a detailed report on how well your website has been set up for SEO success.

The Safest Choice

Our marketing agency employs expert SEO practitioners that have experience in working with clients from a wide range of industries and cover large to small business models. Be wary of any SEO provider that promises immediate results – an effective SEO campaign can take time and you will see your website ranking improve step by step, month to month. If you employ “black hat SEO” techniques your rankings can be permanently damaged.

There are many mistakes that inexperienced consultants can make that will significantly reduce your website’s ranking. The appropriate use of keywords is critical in order to reach your target market. Simple things like repeating a keyword too often without a strategy instead of focusing on titles and ensuring they match the page content can have a big impact. Remember the 80/20 rule definitely applies to SEO keywords.

Search engine robots do much more these days to determine page rank than just read keywords on web pages, they also look at design, page speed, layout and the use of language, nearly in the same way a human reader would.

The high quality affordable SEO services available at Australian Internet Advertising are tailored to your specific business needs. We work together to construct a killer strategy that will send your conversion rates and new customer acquisition metrics through the roof.

Our SEO Process

Discover Your Objectives Icon

Discover Your Objectives

Develop an understanding of your business objectives for the website – this is to ensure we apply an SEO strategy that improves rankings that are critical to the business objectives. What is your business trying to achieve through organic search? Leads? Phone calls? Sales?
Research Icon


We perform In-depth keyword research and analysis including competitor positioning. We use data from Search Console and SemRush to understand current organic positioning and compile a comprehensive list of keyword opportunities.
Indexing and crawalibility Icon

Indexing and crawalibility

Indexing tasks such as url and sitemap submission in webmaster tools accounts. Google Search Console provides very valuable information including performance, indexing issues, crawl errors and HTML improvements. There is no point of doing SEO work if the website isn’t available for Google to index.
Onsite Optimisation Icon

Onsite Optimisation

Onsite Optimisation alone can have an immense impact on a website’s organic visibility. Onsite SEO consists of:

Structure: Metadata, header tags, image alt tags

Meta titles and descriptions for each of your pages will have an immediate impact on your rankings. This information is passed onto search engines, and then displayed in their results based on how relevant your page is to that query.

H1-H5 tags are the titles your pages have which give Google an understanding of what the page is going to be about.

Performance and usability: load speed, bounce rate, user experience

Site speed is crucial. This can be improved by compressing images, using clean code, not pulling too many external resources and with the use of caching tools. How long the website takes to load can have a negative impact on user experience leading to high bounce rates and a decrease in rankings.

Content: Usality of content, keyword use, relevancy

Increasing relevancy by improving keyword placement and content. Semantic Keywords are crucial when writing and updating content. Addition of Internal links which tell Google where you distribute authority. Search engines will use this information to rank certain pages for targeted keywords.

Offsite Optimisation Icon

Offsite Optimisation

Sourcing / building quality backlinks, directory listings and social media posting. Backlinks are very important for website authority. It is almost impossible to build a strong backlink profile without purchasing from trusted sources. Links with high domain authority can cost between $100-$2000 AUD.
Analytics and Reporting Icon

Analytics and Reporting

Use of website analytics to monitor website performance – such as increases in organic traffic, bounce rates and more.

Free SEO Health Check Worth $500

Claim your free SEO health check now and get a detailed report on how well your website has been set up for SEO success.

SEO Relevancy Icon


SEO Authority Icon


SEO Traffic Icon


Ask any SEO expert and they will tell you that unique and relevant content is key to every website – there is no substitute for excellent content and this is what the search engines look for. AIA will work hand in hand with you to develop content for your website whether it be new information, videos or regular blogs etc.

Links are also important but must be applied effectively. There is absolutely no point in just buying links or using a link farm as search engines see this as a “black hat” technique and will reduce the ranking of your website.

A strong online presence is crucial in succeeding in modern day business. SEO plays a big part in improving your online presence.

By optimising your website to improve your organic rankings in search engines for specific keywords or longtail key phrase searches, your business stands to increase traffic from people who are searching for services that you provide. There are hundreds of people searching for your services - EVERY DAY. So why lose them to your competition who are sitting pretty on the first page of Google.

In order to obtain these coveted positions at the top of Google’s first page, you have to use a rounded and well thought out SEO strategy.

Book In A free 30 minute Strategy Session

Discover how to double, triple or even 20x the number of leads and sales you are currently achieving.

Learn how you could be flooded with hot and ready to buy leads

We will do most of the hard work in developing the strategy for overwhelming success but will also require your commitment and dedication.

IMPORTANT Before you book in your obligation free strategy session please understand that the consultation will be with an online marketing specialist, not a sales person. Therefore, only book in if you are serious about setting up your business for long-term online success.

Or call 1300 304 640 if you would prefer to do it over the phone.

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