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Australian Internet Advertising is a Google Adwords Management Company based in Sydney. We guarantee to help you gain the most potential out of your Google Ads Campaigns. We provide Adwords and PPC Management services to Australian businesses large and small.

Many Sydney and Australian based businesses choose and trust AIA to extract the maximum value and achieve the highest ROI.

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“I have been using AIA for a number of years now and Billy is our account manager, and he is almost like our search engine secret weapon in our business as we have such a fantastic online presence because of our campaign. Billy always keeps us informed regularly on how online marketing campaign is running and nothing is ever too much for Billy as he always responds when I need him to. Google ad words seems to be a very flooded market with lots of overseas companies promising the world, but I know one thing for sure and I often tell Billy that we aren’t going anywhere and that he is stuck with our company for many years to come as the results he has been able to achieve for us we just wouldn’t be able to do ourselves.

Thanks Billy for all your hard work its much appreciated! “

Google’s flagship enterprise pay per click advertising application is the most powerful internet advertising tool to date. There are a number of businesses built and still growing with a Google Adwords Marketing Strategy as their one and only marketing strategy.

Users have a daily budget from which a certain amount (the cost per click) is deducted every time someone clicks on their ad directing them to their website. This enables you to effectively spend as little or as much as you like, on a daily basis, on Google Adwords Campaign, with a focus on your return on investment and convers rate.

The Google account managers employed by AIA are some of the original Google experts in Australia, dating back to when Google started offering adverting solutions in Australia. They have years of experience running effective and profitable marketing campaigns for Australian businesses. Get in touch with AIA today and get an obligation free Keyword Opportunities Report

Is a great way to increase the phone calls you get from your advertising dollar. The team here at AIA have found a great way to display your ads predominately on mobile devices only, increasing the click to call rate. This advertising product goes hand in hand with the click to call feature and a device responsive website (RWD).

Some of the most successful campaigns we have run for businesses in Australia have been through the application of a powerful allegiance, combining click to call, an RWD website and a Mobile Adwords campaign. If you a looking to boost your business with an increase of inbound calls in a short period of time, then this is the product for you.

Get in touch with one of our Google specialists for a mobile compatibility website analysis and an obligation free Mobile Opportunities Report now.

Google Remarketing is a powerful and effective way to target the previous visitors of your website.

You can tag visitors and add them to your Audience. Once they are a member of your audience you can “remarket” your display and search network ads to their device, be it a desktop or mobile.

Have you ever visited a website and then found their display ad everywhere you go on the internet for the next month or so? That is because they have added you to their remarketing audience.

Not only can you remarket your ads to these past visitors but you can tailor your ads according to what page they visited.

We can help you set up and make the most of any Google Ad words campaign.

Advertising on Google’s display network allows you to show your text ads, video ads, rich media ads or image ads on a network of websites and ads that are eligible to show Google ads.

You can target placements by using keywords topics through contextual targeting to find the best placements for your ads.

Or you can use managed placements and have your ads showing up on specific web pages, games, apps, mobile websites, blogs and RSS feeds that you choose.

Display Network Advertising will deliver a higher volume of traffic to your website with a lower cost per click than social media marketing or traditional advertising techniques.

You can choose to pay per thousand impressions (CPM) or pay per click (CPC).

Search marketing can be ultimately the most powerful advertising medium for your business if the campaign is set up and managed correctly.


Google Adwords Advertising is a way for businesses to promote their goods and services through Google ads search results. It does not stop there. Adwords also enables advertising through other search engines that have partnered with Google and YouTube, Display advertising and Google Shopping.

Based on a daily budget set by the advertiser, Adwords allows for bidding on Clicks, impressions or YouTube views. Every time a user clicks on one of these ads or a certain number of users have seen the ads (impressions) a certain amount is deducted from the daily budget.

Google ads investment requirements are flexible. Budgets to suit your businesses objectives and current size can be customised effectively by researching the best keywords for your industry.

Daily budgets for small to medium businesses are usually set from $30 to $150 per day depending on the industry.

For businesses in a more competitive space (like an adwords agency in Sydney ) the cost per click will be much higher.

For example: If you are in a competitive business where the cost per click is around $30. You have a daily budget of $100. You going to get about 10 clicks every three day.

The average conversion rate for our service based clients is 35%.

So over 3 days you're going to get 3 enquiries. which will have cost you $90. If you get one new customer from that and make an average of $180 net-profit per new customer then you have a RIO of 200%

The cost per click refers to the amount that is deducted from your daily budget every time on of your ads is clicked on.

Google ads is an auction. The more your competitors are bidding for a keywords the higher your bid has to be to get a decent ad position and the higher the cost per click will be. The bid and the actual cost per click is not the same. You actual cost per click is only ever $0.01 more than the ad below yours is BIDDING. So if you bid is very high and the advertisers ad that is below your has a much lower bid your actual cost per click will only be 1 cent more than his or her bid.

Using a Google Adwords Management Agency in Sydney will ensure that your bids are set competitively and updated regularly so that you pay the minimum amount possible per click.

Both SEO and Paid Google ads (PPC) are effective way to market a business online. When considering which of the two will be the most effective for your business there are a number of differences to take into consideration.

*Paid Google Search ads appear at the top of the search engine above the organic SEO results.

*Google allows for 4 at the top and 3 at the bottom.

*Clicks from your results in the SEO section do not cost any money, however getting an organic search result can take time (usually 3-6 Months).

*Using Remarketing to tag and follow your previous organic visitors can be a very powerful method. In this way using a combined SEO and paid advertising strategy is the most effective way to get the best ROI from your investment.

*Google ads, once the campaign has been built, show up and begin bringing in new customers straight away. This way you don't have to wait very long at all (maybe a week at most) to start making money from your ads.

*All conversions, search terms and sales can be tracked directly through Google ads.

*Adwords Management track how successful the campaign is and what the return on investment is.

To get the most out of Google Adwords there are a number of different moving parts that have to be set up correctly. These include but are not limited to:

  • *Keywords
  • **Bids
  • *Ad copy
  • *Landing page
  • *Device bid adjustments
  • *Conversion tracking
  • *A/B Testing for ads and landing pages
  • *Bidding strategies
  • *Remarketing

The use of advanced techniques like single keyword ad groups and Dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages. Google Adwords Agencies like AIA use all of these techniques plus more in order to guarantee that you are getting the absolute most out of your campaigns.

Yes. Google does it's best to stop click fraud and block irrelevant clicks, however our Adwords experts have seen account that still run into problems with this. This is a huge concern for business owners, particularly in the more competitive industries with higher cost per clicks.

Here at AIA with the Management of Google Ads we have partnered with the best click fraud protection systems available on the planet.

Our software not only detects IP addresses but also device ID's click bots and proxy servers as well as user behaviour on your site after they have clicks.

This improves campaign performance and provides a higher return on investment. It also offers peace of mind with new campaigns knowing that the clicks you are paying for are going to be from legitimate prospects.

Due to the competitive nature of Google ads and the fact that it is an auction, although you may have unspent daily budget remaining you may find that sometimes your ads don't appear.

This can be for a number of reasons.

The best way to find out why is to use the ad preview tool available through the Google ads console.

If your searching for your ads outside of the targeted time or geographical location, using the ad preview tool will give you an explanation. You can test your ads using different devices and locations to see if they are showing up. If they are no appearing then Google will give you an explanation.

Google ads is ideal for any business owner wanting to boost sales and generate long-lasting brand awareness.

These days traditional marketing methods such as radio, TV, industry magazines and expos, just don’t deliver measurable results.

With trackable results, your days of wondering if your TV ads actually worked, are over.

Whether it is for a new product/service introduction or an existing business venture, Google Ads (AKA Adwords) targets consumers who intend to engage with businesses just like yours.

If you’re ready for new customers to drive your business growth and generate a truck-tone of sales, then a Google Ads Campaign is the way to go!

Google Ads is a great investment for your business.

86% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. Consumers are searching and Google has 71% of the search market share. Google receives 63,000 searches per second!

The return on investment from Google can range anywhere from 2 to 40 X the investment.

If the campaign is structured and managed professionally business can experience excellent growth in a short period of time.


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