Why are Google Ads Important?

January 6, 2023

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When you’re promoting your products and services, you have a lot of different tools at your disposal. The choice is so large that it can be rather difficult for business owners to know which of these tools can allow them to reach their goals.

Any marketer will tell you that when it comes to digital marketing efforts, one of the first places to focus your attention are search engines. And in the search engine market, the obvious main character is, of course, Google.

Still, you may be wondering if Google and its advertising system Google Ads would be a good choice for your products or services. In this article, we will dive deeper into the subject and see exactly how a Google Ads Campaign can benefit your business.

Google Ads: Introduction

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is Google’s own paid advertising system. It essentially works like any other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system, only that when you launch a marketing campaign on Google Ads, you can benefit from the entire Google Network.

Here are 4 common questions about Google Ads to help you understand everything about it:

Common Questions About Google Ads

Where Do Ads Show?

Google Ads can run on all Google products:

Search Network – Ads appear in the search results, in between the organic results;

Display Network – Ads appear on a group of around 2 million websites, which can reach over 90% of Internet users on a global scale;

Youtube Videos – Ads can appear in Youtube Videos with several placement types, or the recommended section;

In-app campaigns – Ads can appear in mobile apps

How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

The cost of Google ads campaigns can vary because of many different factors:

  • Keywords you bid on
  • Bidding strategy
  • Industry
  • Quality score
  • Ad rank, etc.

But being a pay-per-click system, you will have a lot more control over how much you pay for an ad to run than you think.

Essentially, you only pay for the results your ads achieve. For instance, if you choose to pay per click and have an ad with 1000 impressions and 10 clicks, you’ll only be charged for the 10 clicks.

This is why it’s important to choose the right objective when setting up your ads to ensure you don’t spend money on the wrong conversion.

What Can Influence My Google Ad Campaigns’ Performance?

As you may know, Google has some rather strict quality standards which apply to its advertising system as well. This means that apart from setting up the right objectives and bidding strategy, you also need to ensure your ad is considered “high quality”.

All ads are given a particular Quality Score that takes into account:

  • Ad relevance – How well your ad matches user intent
  • Expected CTR – How likely your ad is to be clicked
  • Landing page experience – If your landing page is relevant and useful to people who click on your ad

The quality score is a factor used to determine your Ad Rank, which states where your ad will appear compared to other ads. Low-quality ads go lower in the hierarchy even if you have a bigger budget.

How Do Ads Get Delivered?

Google Search Ads

When you create a Google Ads campaign, you will also need to choose a set of keywords relevant to your ads. With these keywords, you are deciding when your ads will be delivered.

Essentially, Google will show your ads if the user query matches your keywords, as well as other criteria you establish (such as the location of the user, or the type of device they use for browsing).

Display Network and Other Types of Ads

With other types of Google ads you still have the option of keyword matching in addition to more common types of target:

  1. Location
  2. User demographics
  3. Targeting specific sites or apps the users visit, etc.

So in a way, you’re deciding when your ads get delivered.

The Benefits of Advertising on Google

Now that we went over how Google Ads works, it’s time to look at the major benefits this advertising system can bring to your business.

Take a look at 5 of the biggest reasons Google Ads are an important part of a solid marketing campaign:

Tap into Google’s Enormous Reach

Of all the search engines out there, none of them can compare to Google. Running ads on this system allows you to leverage unparalleled resources such as:

  • Over 2 trillion searches per year, or 5 billion a day
  • Over 2 million sites in the Display Network
  • Accurate and extensive user information to refine your target audience
  • Ability to refine your ads and target specific people, goals, types of conversion, etc.

One of the most important reasons why you should advertise on Google is because it’s Google. And chances are, most of your customers use it.

Harness User Intent

Google makes it easier to target potential customers at the exact moment when they’re most likely to convert.

On other websites or social media platforms, perhaps your customers don’t really have an intent to buy, download, book, or any other intent apart from browsing. But with the right keywords, you can tap into that section of your target audience specifically looking for what you have to offer.

Address Multiple Business Goals

Selling is one of the major objectives a business has with Google Ads, but it’s far from the only one. You can run a campaign with any of the following additional objectives (called campaign goals):

  • Increase brand awareness and reach
  • Generate new leads
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Increase product and brand consideration
  • Promote your app


Google designed its entire advertising system to benefit as many businesses and people as possible. To achieve this, it made sure the system is above all, flexible.

You can easily customise your ads and campaigns to focus on very narrow sections of your audience, specific product-related keywords, create multiple ad groups within the same campaign, and even narrow down your ad delivery to one location, such as near your physical store.

Even the types of ads you can run provide the system’s preference for flexibility. For instance, video ads are known to work well to engage audiences, but if you’re worried you don’t have the right resources to create high-quality ads, it’s not a problem. Ads delivered on the search results pages only need ad copy, keywords, and a landing page link, and you can set up your ad in just a few minutes.

Cost Control

Lastly, it’s about cost. Google Ads has a reputation of being a rather expensive PPC system, and that can be true for certain industries like insurance, where the cost per click is higher.

But the advertising system provides many ways to control your cost, from optimising your campaigns to ensure you’re paying for the results you want, to even setting up limits for how much you spend per day.

Getting Started with Google Ads

Google Ads can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes, no matter the products and services they’re offering. But to truly get the most out of it, our Google Ads team can help you set up and optimise your ad campaigns.

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