What Services Exist For Facebook Analytics?

October 2, 2021

What Services Exist For Facebook Analytics? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform with a total of 2.7 billion users monthly active on the site. It’s not therefore surprising that many businesses have set up profiles, and are working on nurturing a following.

But as with most marketing efforts, you can’t be sure if what you’re doing is working unless you track your performance. So how can you do that for a Facebook Page?

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Understanding the Most Important Facebook Metrics

There are several Facebook Analytics tools on the market, but before we can discuss them, it’s important to take a look at the metrics.

A metric is a unit of measurement, and in Facebook marketing, it refers to the different units one might need to track to see if the Facebook page is generating the desired results. Some of the most important metrics for Facebook include:

  • Total number of likes/follows (which is the audience size)
  • Page views (total number of people who visit your page, even if they don’t perform an action such as like and follow)
  • Post reach (number of people who see your posts on their news feed)
  • Additional post metrics (these are the likes, comments, and shares)

What Are the Best Facebook Analytics Tools?

Facebook Advertising Tools

Facebook provides everything you need to track page performance right on the platform, both for organic performance and the metrics for Facebook Ads.

First, you have the Facebook Insights tool, which is a tab you can find on your Facebook profile. The tool gives you a complete view of your page performance, such as:

  • Actions on page
  • Page views
  • Page likes
  • post/story reach
  • A pages to watch section, where Facebook chooses a few similar pages to yours for comparison

The tool tracks performance both for organic and paid efforts, and shows you graphs on how well (or not) you’re going for each. If you want more information about your Facebook ads specifically, you can visit the Facebook Ads Manager. This is not just the place where you create an ad campaign – it’s also a comprehensive tool for tracking.

Because tracking is so essential to any marketing strategy, Facebook created an additional resource called Facebook Analytics, an audience-based tool that essentially helps businesses understand the customer journey better, as opposed to just seeing how they interact with a page.

In your Analytics dashboard, you can set up different tracking channels for web, apps, and Facebook, the latter only tracks what goes on across Facebook products like the social network or the Messenger app.

For instance, in the web tab you’ll find two different channels:

  • Facebook pixel – allows you to measure website performance
  • Event source groups – allows you to see combined consumer behaviour on your site, apps, and Facebook

What Can You Do with This Information?

In a social media strategy, you have a specific goal you want to achieve, such as increasing the number of likes on your page to grow your audience. While you have several different methods of doing that, you need to keep a close eye on the metrics to see if what you are doing is paying off or not.

Metrics can tell you a lot about your performance, but most importantly, they can point you in the right direction when it comes to strategy improvement.

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Book in a free 30 minute strategy session
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