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February 9, 2024

Facebook Analytics Tools | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform.

With a total of 2.9 billion users monthly active on the site, it’s no surprise that many businesses have set up profiles and are working to build an engaged following base in order to reach their target market effectively through advertising channels such as organic posts or sponsored ads which can be targeted at specific demographics based off age range etc.

One of the most important ways to keep your Facebook Page growing is by tracking its performance. You can do this through a number of different means – let’s take a look.

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The Most Important Facebook Metrics

We all know how important it is to understand our Facebook Analytics metrics, but before we can discuss them with you today I want first of course look at what they are and why this will help your business grow.

A metric can be the difference between success and failure on Facebook. There are a lot of different metrics that one might need in order to see if their page is generating desired results. Some of the most important metrics for Facebook include:

  • Total number of likes/follows (which is the audience size)
  • Page views (total number of people who visit your page, even if they don’t perform an action such as like and follow)
  • Post reach (number of people who see your posts on their news feed)
  • Additional post metrics (these are the likes, comments, and shares)

What Are the Best Facebook Analytics Tools?

Facebook Advertising Tools

Facebook offers unparalleled insight into how your page is performing. You can track both organic and advertising metrics on the platform, giving you complete visibility of what’s going within each area without having to leave Facebook itself.

You can also find Facebook Insights on your profile. This tool offers a complete overview of how people are interacting with you and what they’re saying about the content that appears in their feed, such as:

  • Actions on page
  • Page views
  • Page likes
  • post/story reach
  • A pages to watch section, where Facebook chooses a few similar pages to yours for comparison

The tool is a comprehensive tracking system for Facebook ads. It lets you know how well your campaigns are going and gives insight into what’s working, not so much anymore or needs to be adjusted in order to achieve desired results.

It’s easy enough that anyone can use it, all they need on their end is access either through an account at Facebook themselves (though this isn’t required) or by using Login With Facebook if the person has already created one elsewhere via another website/service like LinkedIn Connections but whatever route one decides upon just make certain there’ll always be some.

Facebook has created an additional resource called Facebook Analytics which is a customer journey-based tool to help businesses better understand their customers’ patterns of interaction.

Now you can set up different tracking channels for web, apps and Facebook. Setting a reminder in Analytics dashboard will help with keeping track of which type is being used to collect data on your website’s traffic sources so that future reports have relevant information at their disposal.

For instance, in the web tab you’ll find two different channels:

  • Facebook pixel – allows you to measure website performance
  • Event source groups – allows you to see combined consumer behaviour on your site, apps, and Facebook

What Can You Do with This Information?

In a social media strategy, you have specific goals that will help grow your audience. This can be done in many different ways but it’s important to keep an eye on metrics such as likes and follows because if what you’re doing isn’t working then there may be another better way for increasing those numbers.

Metrics can tell you a lot about your performance, and most importantly they point the direction for improvement.

If you’d like some assistance making sense of your ad analytics, or improving your social media strategy, Australian Internet Advertising is Sydney’s number 1 Facebook marketing agency, and the most qualified to help you improve your Facebook marketing efforts. Get in touch with us online to find out more, or call us at 1300 304 640.



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