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January 29, 2024

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YouTube isn’t just the premier source for cat videos. With over one billion users, it’s also a fantastic advertising opportunity. Think about it for a second: one-third of the internet is watching videos on YouTube right now.

That’s a huge market!

Video advertising is an excellent tool for growing your business. It’s affordable, efficient, and has one key feature that makes it more useful than Google ads, for example: users can choose to skip the ad. The people that view your YouTube ads are actually interested in what you have to offer. That translates into money well spent, because the platform only charges based on the number of people viewing the ad, and discard those who chose to skip it.

Most businesses focus their marketing efforts with Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. But, if you want to set yourself apart from the pack, then it’s high time to turn your attention towards YouTube advertising. As the most popular video platform in the world, it can be quite a powerful resource should you correctly harness its potential.

And that’s where Australian Internet Advertising can lend you a helping hand. We’re here to ensure that you are reaping the benefits of video advertising and turn viewers into potential customers.

We know that each business is unique and that vagueness and generalities don’t cut it here. We provide YouTube Advertising solutions specifically tailored to your needs, as well as your audience to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Technical skills and know-how are only part of the process. Our team brings a much-needed dose of creativity to the table, so your video content won’t just convey a message, but impress and move people.

If you want to grow your business through the use of YouTube ads, then AIA is the team to make that dream come to life!

The Time to Start Using YouTube Ads Is Now

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With all the different methods of advertising currently available online, a lot of our clients ask us why they should bother with YouTube in the first place. After all, video production is a complicated process, and it seems easier to focus your energy on Google AdWords or social media ads.

Here is our answer: If you know how to get prospects to watch your video, YouTube has tremendous potential:

  • Reach your target group based on gender, location, interests, or even the languages they speak;
  • Make it easy for your audience to connect with and relate with your video ads; Text or photo ads have a less significant impact than video content;
  • Improve brand recognition – even if users choose to skip your ad, they are still watching it for a few seconds and can remember your brand name;
  • Be truly mobile-friendly;
  • Get control over your marketing budget;
  • Accurately measure the impact and success of your campaign.

The power of video marketing is nothing to ignore. This form of content has one of the highest conversion rates, precisely because of its ability to connect with viewers.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, in the realm of advertising, the potential of videos ads on Youtube is almost limitless. Due to its advanced targeting options, you can take your ad directly to the people who already have an intent to purchase, thus increasing your chances of turning prospects into qualified leads.

The Possibilities Are Immense

Think of the possibility of TV ads, but run on a platform with an audience larger than any cable network can dream of. That is the best selling point of YouTube Advertising. Moreover, if you also use Google AdWords, our team can connect YouTube ads directly to your AdWords Account.

Here’s what our YouTube Advertising team can help you with:

1. TrueView Ads

If you opt for a TrueView video, then the platform will only charge you when viewers watch or interact with your video. This type of ads comes in two forms: in-stream and video discovery.

For your audience, it means that they will see ads for the products that interest them. You, on the other hand, will get views from potential customers and increase your chances of scoring a sale.

The Australian Internet Advertising team can customize your video ads to make sure the format is right. Whether it’s a product demo, a customer’s testimonial, or a how-to video that puts the spotlight on how your product works, our video ads can effectively connect with your audience.

Moreover, with our integrated video service, your ads can appear both on YouTube and sites in the display network, without worrying about quality or if they are mobile friendly. We make them mobile friendly.

2. Bumper Ads

Bumper ads allow us to create short videos that can increase your reach and build brand awareness.

Our creative team comes up with a short and memorable message for the videos, and create short six seconds ads that can convey it effectively. The ads will then appear before, mid, or after the original video. Only that this time they don’t have the skip option. You pay based on a cost-per-thousand-impressions model, which means you’ll be charged the bid amount every 1000 views.

3. Outstream Ads

If your target audience spends a lot of time glued to their phone, then outstream ads are the right choice for you. This type of content will show on partner websites as well as within apps. So, prospects might see your video content while playing Candy Crush, for example. That is a pretty big market to tap.

We recommend these ads when our clients want to significantly expand their reach on mobile, and target another audience. If you opt for this option, then you will only have to pay when the user plays more than half of the video.

What Australian Internet Advertising Can Do for You

YouTube Ads are amazing in theory, but putting all the technical know-how into practice can be too much for some people.

Well, we’re not just “some people.” Our creative team at Australian Internet Advertising can create an effective YouTube Advertising campaign because we know how to combine our technical skills to outside-the-box creative solutions.

Far be it for us to brag, but here’s what our expert YouTube Advertising team can offer your business:

1. A-Z Campaign Solutions

A good YouTube Advertising campaign needs time and effort for its development. A great one, on the other hand, requires a creative spark that only comes around when you’ve put together a great team, which is precisely what we’ve done.

Our YouTube Advertising team will handle all the steps of your video campaign. You can rest assured we will deliver on all our promises. We brainstorm, built, test, launch, and monitor the video campaigns from scratch.

Our strategy will be exclusively tailored to your needs, and your business goals. We want to make sure your business grows almost just as much as you do, and we’re willing to put in the work to make that happen.

2. Practical Expertise

Part of our job is making sure we’re always up to date with the newest trends in YouTube Advertising. We take the time to read and put these trends to the test, so then we can successfully apply them in the video campaigns we run.

And we run a lot of them. Our team has loads of successful video campaigns under its belt, and nothing will catch them off guard.

3. Support When You Need It

We always work together with our clients for their video campaigns. So if you have a marketing team and a strategy in place, we will work with them and offer guidance to maximize results.

In fact, this experience won’t benefit just you. It will also be a great learning opportunity for your in-house marketing team.

4. Highlight Your Brand

Our team will craft the YouTube advertising strategy in such a way that your brand comes out on top. It’s one of our top priorities whenever we take on a new project: making sure we understand your brand and its values and faithfully portray them into the ads.

5. A Touch of Creativity

We don’t like the traditional means of video advertising. They’ve been done for too long, and it’s time to move on.

So, a good part of our process involves thinking of creative means to convey the messages in a video. Nobody gets results by blending in. If you want your business to grow truly, it’s vital to stand out.

Our team collects data and information on your audiences to get a better sense of what video content they expect to see from you. Then, we add our touch of creativity to make the campaign shine.

Why We’re the Right Team for the Job

Honestly, we know everyone out there makes the same promises. If we put ourselves in your shoes, we get that it can be difficult to know which team to trust with your business’ future.

We’re not saying we’re different. We want to show you how different we are, and how our video marketing strategy can genuinely boost your profile and generate meaningful growth.

With our YouTube Advertising team, you’ll get:

  • A YouTube ads campaign that delivers the results you expect – and then some;
  • Reach a new audience, increase engagements;
  • Develop a dedicated community around your brand;
  • Gather valuable data which can be used in future marketing campaigns;
  • Drive leads and conversions;
  • Stand out from your competitors with high-quality video content.

Take the First Step Now!

At Australian Internet Advertising, you’ll get to collaborate with a fantastic team of YouTube Advertising experts ready to tackle any challenge. We’re not in the business of making empty promises. If we say it can be done, you can rest assured we will do everything to deliver.

Billy P.

About The Author

William Polson founded Australian Internet Advertising in 2013 and has over 12 years of experience immersed in Digital Marketing.

With an in-depth level of digital marketing knowledge, William has been sort after by and worked for, many large national brands including Subaru, Blooms The Chemist, and Nova 96.9.

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