Creating Compelling Google Ads for Your Shopify Site

January 30, 2024

Creating Compelling Google Ads for Your Shopify Site | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Online retail is a competitive business. But if you’re able to gain a following of loyal fans and drive hot leads to your online store, you can reach massive levels of success. Here at Australian Internet Advertising, we’ve been assisting our valued clients with excellent Google ad campaigns for their Shopify stores in many different industries.

98% of online searchers choose the business that Google displays in the number one slot on the search results page. If you want to get your unique products and services in front of people who are already on the prowl for what you have to offer, it’s vital for your business success to get started with the best Google ads agency.

Our digital marketing gurus boast years of experience assisting Shopify store owners in many different niches with targeted, Google ads campaigns. If you’re ready to take your business to staggering new heights with explosive growth in website traffic, sales, and conversions, then you’ll want to partner with a company that has a proven track record in top-notch service. Please check out some of our case studies. We’ve helped many different businesses find massive success with internet advertising on all kinds of platforms, including Google Ads.

How can you get started with a Google ads campaign for your Shopify store? It’s simple, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Getting started with the basics

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Google ads work by allowing online businesses to place ads on the Google results page, Youtube, and Google’s partner websites. Google’s partner website comprise over 2 million, active sites that reach more than 90% of the world’s online population. Advertising on Google will give you an insane amount of reach with your target audience.

We’ve advertised for our clients on many different platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest. While these sites are incredibly effective for advertising, nothing will get you faster results than advertising on Google Ads Network. In less than five minutes, we can have your business showing up on the number one slot of the search results page as soon as we create your Google Ads account.

Reaching thousands of people that quickly is unparalleled on any other advertising platform. Best of all, Google users are already searching for products. They aren’t using Google to connect with family or friends like they would be on a social media platform. Google Ads viewers are more primed to buy than viewers who see a Facebook ad, for example.

Where will your targeted ads display? It depends on the type of campaign you choose for your business. But your ads can manifest in several places on the search results page:

  • At the very top of the search results page.
  • On Google’s display network, where ads show up on sites that monetise with Google Adsense.

How do you pay for Google Ads?

Paying for ads comes down to keywords, bidding, and auctions. Google ads are charged based on a cost-per-click or CPC basis. Every time a person clicks on your ad, Google will charge your account for the click.

The cost of the click can vary significantly depending on your industry and your niche. CPCs will vary depending on your specified bid amount for your keywords, and also based on what other advertisers are bidding. Some keywords will cost more than others. For example, keywords in the insurance, medical, and legal industries are some of the priciest keywords you can bid on.

One of the key components for measuring the success of your Google ads and the cost of your campaigns is the concept of the Quality Score.

What is a quality score, and how does it affect your Google ads campaign?

Google assigns a quality score to each advertising campaign. The quality score is based on the overall quality or relevance of the ads, the keywords for the ad, and the corresponding landing pages on your Shopify site for the ads. Ads with good quality scores will cost less and also garner higher ad positions either on the search results page or throughout the display network.

If you’re inexperienced with Google ads, keywords, and bidding strategies, you can quickly go over budget with your ads without getting the sales numbers you want. Inexperience can negatively impact that all-important quality score, too. If you have a poor quality score, your ads will cost more, and the ads won’t convert to sales.

It’s crucial that you partner with an experienced team of digital marketers when you start running a Google ads campaign. Our experts in the field of digital marketing will know what keywords to bid on, how to formulate your ads, and how to track the conversions you need, all while staying within your allotted budget.

Learning what works for your Shopify store.

At Australian Internet Advertising, we pride ourselves on building a relationship of trust with our clients. We know how important it is to tailor each Google ads campaign to your specific online store. Before we begin choosing your keywords, we will create a customised, tailored campaign for you that will be lasered focused on your business and goals. Our Google Ads experts will hone and tweak your campaign before scaling your ads, netting you the maximum return on your ad spend.

To start, we’ll take the items you want to promote and select several targeted, effective keywords for your products. From there, we will create different, compelling ads for each.

Make an ad group for every product you sell that you want to promote. If you sell shoes, you can create an ad group for “boots” and one for “sandals”. It’s a good idea to create at least two ads for each ad group. This will give you the ability to track conversions and test which ads are the most effective. From there, we can further optimise your campaigns and hone your Google advertising strategy.

When you start with a couple of ad groups, and high-quality keywords, managing and testing the campaigns for the maximum ROI is much easier. Creating and testing too many ads at once can crowd your marketing system and make it more difficult to track conversions accurately. We’ll gladly create a few effective ad groups to get you started, and test and hone from there. As we continue with your marketing strategy, we’ll continually improve on your ads so we can get them to scale and garner you increased traffic and sales.

How a Dynamic Remarketing Campaign can Increase Your Conversion Rates

We’ve created top-notch, highly effective remarketing campaigns for our clients. With a remarketing strategy, your ads will display to people who’ve already visited your website or have used your mobile app. Dynamic remarketing allows you to show your previous online store visitors ads that contain products and offerings they’ve already viewed on your site. Dynamic remarketing enables you to build up your sales and lead numbers by bringing previous visitors back to your site with tailored ads.

Why else should you invest in a dynamic remarketing strategy?

  • The ads scale with your offerings. We can pair your feed of products or services with compelling dynamic ads that will cover your entire inventory.
  • Feeds are put in a simple format that the Google Ads product recommendation engine will pull from your feed. The engine will determine the best mix of products to display based on what each visitor has seen on your site before.
  • Layouts for dynamic remarketing ads are eye-catching and optimised for the best results.
  • Dynamic remarketing ads give you real-time bid optimisation.

Get your unique products and offerings in front of the entire world.

The best part about Google Ads campaigns for your business is that you can get your business in front of the entire world, very quickly. There are more than 40,000 searches entered into Google every second, of every day. With Google Ads, your business can get in front of the entire world’s search audience, because you have the option to get your items on the first slot of the search results page. When it comes to an effective Google ads campaign, the key is to craft creative and relevant ads that can turn a sizable profit.

Here at Australian Internet Advertising, we’ve been partnering with Shopify store owners in dozens of different industries and niches. We’ve helped our clients gain thousands of new leads, and turn those website visitors into customers for life. If you’re ready to get your business in front of thousands of hot leads quickly, please contact our digital marketing experts today. We’ll be happy to discuss in detail your advertising goals so we can craft an effective Google Ads campaign for your Shopify store.

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