Which Is Better For Brand, SEO, or PPC in the Long Run?

February 5, 2024

Which Is Better For Brand, SEO, or PPC in the Long Run? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

When it comes to digital marketing, businesses large and small have plenty of tools and strategies to increase their brand’s reputation, make more sales, and find successful recipes in communicating with their target audience.

Two of the most crucial parts of online marketing are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. They both have certain advantages and will contribute to your brand’s growth, but if you’re thinking about the long-term, here is what you need to know.

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Advantages of SEO

SEO can be done for free and can be learned using the hundreds and thousands of resources and tools you can find online. The great thing about SEO is that it will help your business grow exponentially, as you learn more about it.

Don’t expect to see results overnight. SEO is a slow process that can take up to a few months to deliver. But, as soon as you make a few improvements on your website and correct SEO mistakes or add beneficial elements to your website, you will start seeing changes in the amount of traffic you get, conversions, brand awareness, and so on.

Here are the advantages of using SEO for your brand:

  • Increases your organic traffic;
  • You get more value for the money you invest in it (proven by Google statistics😉
  • SEO builds upon itself and it gains momentum as you invest time and effort in it. That being said, the results won’t stop when you interrupt investing in SEO, as opposed to PPC.
  • Higher CTR, compared to PPC. Isn’t this surprising? You will get more clicks from a high placed organic result than for a high placed ad.

In the long-run, SEO has the benefit of relying on the advantage it created in time, and this is a crucial indicator for our main question. SEO takes time to work, and some businesses need fast results for their campaigns, which you can achieve with PPC ads. But SEO does grow your brand exponentially and makes it there to stay.

Organic traffic brought by good content, optimised landing pages, building quality backlinks, and improving your website’s performance is irreplaceable. However, there are situations when PPC may be a better option.

Let’s learn more.

Advantages of PPC

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When it comes to promoting your products or services, pay-per-click advertising works fantastic when you are targeting certain people and you really want to control how your campaign comes across.

Here are the advantages of PPC:

  • It enables highly targeted, highly controlled branding marketing: you choose what you write in your ads, who you are showing them to, etc.
  • It gets faster results in terms of search marketing: you will be shown amongst the first results of the page, above organic results. You won’t need to wait for a long time for such visibility;
  • Google Ads enable you to create highly engaging, interesting ads that contain images, carousels, slideshows, rich snippets, mobile-friendly, and so on;
  • Generating traffic fast and with pinpoint targeting is amazing for testing your ads, products, landing pages, content, etc.

As you can see, PPC campaigns deliver highly-targeted results, fast search traffic, and high visibility. In the long-term, it can be expensive to run PPC campaigns to keep your website at the top of SERPs, but when you need great results, and fast, it’s the best solution.


For a business with an online presence, this plethora of options can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses just getting into online marketing. Choosing between social media, SEO or PPC might seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

It shouldn’t actually be a choice. A business should use all these fantastic tools to increase its authority, visibility, engagement, and performance. SEO should become part of the routine for any marketer or business owner, and they should be able to create effective PPC campaigns when the need comes.

Using SEO and PPC is the best choice. But, coming back to the original question, SEO does bring more stable results in the long run. PPC campaigns can provide busts of traffic and get you new customers that contribute to your SEO performance. As you can see, it’s a symbiotic relationship between these digital marketing tools, and your best strategy is to combine their powers.

Do You Need SEO or Advertising Services?

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