Opportunity or Threat? How AI Will Change SEO Forever

January 1, 2023

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search engine optimisation, but marketers are waiting with bated breath for the day machines will take over. Is such a scenario possible? Or is machine learning just a better way to understanding and meeting users’ needs? Here’s the thing: AI isn’t here to take over the world in a Terminator-like scenario. In fact, it is a sophisticated tool that can aid in gathering valuable information, such as user behavior, trust level, content and links and using them to create better products for your prospects and, consequently, your business. Artificial intelligence is an opportunity for a more creative, less math-based SEO. It means shifting the focus from counting keywords to delivering personalized user experience. But, to make the most of AI in search engine optimisation, you’ll have to keep the pace. Here’s how:

  • Create Valuable Content
AI uses machine learning, a cutting-edge system that teaches itself how to interpret what people are looking for online to deliver the best possible results. If your content is bland, irrelevant, and trivial, it won’t show in search results, no matter what clever SEO tricks you’re using. Use statistics, testimonials, and interviews with industry leaders, reviews of related products and services to deliver value to your audience. Sure, you can use keywords too, but don’t rely on them. Keywords won’t help that much if the content is mush.
  • Keywords Don’t Matter to AI
AI has a way of guessing the meaning of words and phrases it doesn’t understand and approximating the results of new queries. Google RankBrain analyzes queries and returns the most relevant content even if no keywords are present.
  • Write Naturally
Don’t consider organic search as a factor when writing, but rather think about your purpose, which is customer conversion or retention. As mentioned, Google’s AI is getting better and better at recognizing connections between words. So, you can stop obsessing about keyword density and placement and start focusing on what matters to your audience.
  • Plan for Search Intent
“Why” a user searches for certain information is even more important than “what” they look for online. Artificial intelligence can help you see past the key phrases people are using and focus on the problem they are trying to solve. Are they looking for information about a product, are they trying to find a specific page on your site or are they ready to convert? In addition to these tips, pay attention to these practices too since they are likely to develop even further with the advance of AI.
  • Machines are more adept at finding (and sanctioning) bad behavior, such as link schemes, sneaky redirects, and malicious behavior like phishing or installing trojans and viruses. If such patterns are detected, the AI will be able to apply penalties on the spot.
  • The use of AI will imply less human contact. In close connection to the situation described above, if you get penalized, you won’t be able to appeal to a friendly customer service rep to take you off the “baddie” list. Your goal is not to get on that list in the first place by not employing sanctionable tactics.
  • If you ever thought an SEO guru could get your website to the number 1 position in SERPs, AI will make that close to impossible. The use of AdWords by third parties makes even Google or Bing tools rank low on their search engine. Try to search Google Analytics on the Google search engine, or Bing Webmaster Tools on the Bing search tool and see the results.
Conclusion Search engine optimisation is always evolving. SEO specialists, marketers and webmasters need to adjust to the trends and make use of the latest technologies to stay on top. Artificial intelligence may become your next best friend if you learn how to harness its potential. If you would like to prepare your business for the AI revolution or simply discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing, you can always chat with us. We are an SEO Sydney company that is eager to see what the future holds.  ]]>

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With an in-depth level of digital marketing knowledge, William has been sort after by and worked for, many large national brands including Subaru, Blooms The Chemist, and Nova 96.9.

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