How To Use Email Marketing To Improve Your SEO Strategy

February 12, 2024

How To Use Email Marketing To Improve Your SEO Strategy | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Email is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques that businesses can use to market directly to consumers. Email marketing campaigns allow you to inform your customer base of new products, sales, and promotions.

With optimised, compelling email content and calls-to-action, businesses can use email newsletters to drive a quick spike in sales, social shares, or sustained interest in their products and services from their target audience.

But did you know that an effective email marketing strategy can also improve your search ranking? Here’s how email marketing can improve your SEO strategy and bring increased traffic to your website.

Benefits of SEO on Email Marketing

1. It results in increased targeted website traffic.

Why do people sign up for company newsletters? They want high-quality content that is targeted, timely, and specific to their interests. If someone signs up for an email newsletter from your company, they should expect to get branded and highly customised, helpful content in exchange for their email address.

Newsletter subscribers are people who want to keep hearing special offers and exclusive information from your company. An email newsletter will also be full of links to your web pages, driving traffic to your site that is qualified and targeted. But remember, the calls-to-action must always take your subscribers to a relevant landing page, aligned with the messaging in the email.

Otherwise, you risk increasing your bounce rates and making the search engines angry. With this strategy, email marketing will also improve your content marketing strategy when you use email campaigns to drive qualified traffic to specific, relevant web pages.

2. Helps develop a more targeted content marketing strategy.

Email marketing can improve your content marketing and SEO strategy in a few different ways. When it comes to email marketing, most advertisers will test a few different attributes of the newsletter. Testing your subject lines can improve your open rate, and performing A/B split tests on the email content and calls to action can also improve your open and click rates.

When you build an email list, the subscribers on the list are part of your target audience. If you’re able to take the date you get from your email marketing tests, this can help improve your search engine optimisation strategies. Your email subscriber’s preferences for content and messaging can help you recreate those results across other channels.

Use the date you get with your A/B split tests to create content for your website around your email subscribers preferences that are backed with data, which proves what they are most likely to enjoy. Effective, high-performing emails can also be used to create new website content that the search engines will find pleasing.

3. Promote social sharing.

Email marketing also allows you to find new opportunities to increase social sharing across numerous social media platforms. When you encourage your subscribers to share your newsletters with compelling calls to action and user-friendly social sharing buttons, you can drive increased likes and follows to your Facebook business page, Twitter account, and more.

But how does this improve your search results?

Google won’t use social media shares as a direct ranking factor. But, social visibility will increase your search results. You can use increased social visibility to find new inbound links and external links opportunities, forge valuable partnerships, and increase your brand visibility with positive brand mentions. Social shares can also improve your search visibility on the search results pages.

4. Improve engagement on your website.

Driving increased rates of qualified traffic to your website with email campaigns will help you gain valuable readers that are interested in what you have to say. These readers are more likely than a “cold” audience to spend time engaging with your content and clicking around your website. This will help increase the time readers spend on your pages, and also decrease your bounce rates and improve your website metrics.

One of the most significant benefits of keeping qualified traffic on your site for longer is that they are more likely to convert to a sale. However, on-site engagement can also improve your SEO strategy in other ways. Decreasing your bounce rate while improving your on-site engagement will affect your SEO rankings positively. The more effectively you can get your readers to engage with your website and stay on the page reading and viewing, then the more visibility you will have in the search results.

5. Use email marketing for cross-promotion.

Email newsletters can indeed be an effective way to get subscribers to read a single post or piece of content. But did you know you can also use email marketing for cross-promotion? Instead of sharing just one piece of content in your emails, you could use it to share multiple articles and get people to visit and engage with different, branded channels. You can, of course, cross-promote your social media pages and profiles in your email campaigns.

Also, consider asking your subscribers to subscribe to your Youtube channel too, and you can also easily embed videos into your emails. Do you want to promote your new Instagram profile? Consider asking your subscribers to follow you there, too. Cross-promotion allows you to increase your social visibility as well, and also drive more traffic to different parts of your online presence. This can also improve your SEO rankings and search results.

Your digital marketing techniques and strategies shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s critical for your business success to use different methods to build a robust online marketing strategy.

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