How to track phone calls in Facebook ads?

March 25, 2024

How to track phone calls in Facebook ads? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Social media advertising was projected to drive over 23 billion phone calls and 72 billion dollars in advertising revenue in 2020. In a global digital advertising market worth $92.9 billion, social media advertising is the second largest after e-commerce advertising championed by Amazon.

With Facebook as the world’s largest social media, digital marketers are channeling a large chunk of ad spending to the social networking platform.

In recent times, marketers have learned that getting potential customers to call a business is one potent way to convert them to paying customers. Phone calls have shown an impressive 30-50% lead conversion rate.

Fortunately, the Facebook call feature makes it not only possible for customers to directly initiate calls to your business but also allows you track these calls, providing a remarkable way to measure returns on your ad spend.

Although call tracking presents its challenges, Facebook has created two avenues for tracking phone call conversions.

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Tracking Calls From Facebook Ads

Among the list of available goals when setting up a Facebook ad, the “Call Now” option allows your audience to call your phone directly when the ad is live.

Tracking calls originating from Facebook ads directly is pretty easy as it is shown in the ad analytics that shows you how your ad is performing. So, the action taken is basically the number of times customers dialed your phone number.

Tracking Calls Initiated Outside Facebook

Facebook’s “Call-to-action” buttons are widely used by many marketers, and most redirect prospects to a landing page or business website.

This is because using landing pages to convert potential customers costs $4.72 less, per customer conversion, than using Facebook Lead ads.

To increase conversion rate, phone call buttons are included in landing pages.

Tracking calls that come from landing pages can be done using Facebook Pixel, a program that helps you track customer actions on your landing pages and websites.

With Pixel, you can track customer actions in three ways:

  1. Through standard events predefined by the facebook team: includes actions like clicks, scrolls, time spent, and other typical actions taken by customers on your website.
  2. Custom events defined by you: Certain actions that are not predefined by Facebook can be included in your tracking. These include the number of phone call attempts among other actions.
  3. Custom conversions: Digital marketers sometimes run ads across multiple platforms, all driving potential customers to the same landing page or website. When this happens, Pixel tracks the actions of customers by parsing the referral links (that is where each customer is coming from).


Call tracking with Facebook is a breakthrough in digital marketing. Now, you do not only have the option to speak to potential customers directly, you also get to keep track of where the customers are coming from.

With a stern focus on building quality leads and maximising the ROI on your ad campaign, we at Australian Internet Advertising are committed to helping you grow your business. Our service includes designing SEO-optimised and responsive websites to give your customers a remarkable user experience that inspires trackable customer actions.

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