Google Shopping Ads For Shopify Websites

January 28, 2024

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The world of eCommerce is highly competitive. Getting your unique products and offerings in front of the right people is incredibly difficult. That is if you don’t have a strategy.

At Australian Internet Advertising, we’ve been helping dozens of Shopify store owners in numerous different industries use Google’s sophisticated advertising platform to grow their brand awareness and their sales. It’s not enough to simply create a Shopify store and stock it with first-rate products. You must make it easy for the right, targeted audience members to find you.

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Advertising on Google is one of the most effective ways to find more customers and increase your website traffic. Unlike Facebook and other social media advertising platforms, advertising on Google enables you to get your online store in front of thousands of people extremely fast.

Google’s ad platform is also sophisticated and convenient for online marketers. Within the Merchant Center on Google, you can use the Google Shopping app to sync your Shopify store products and create effective Google shopping ads for each of your items.

Our digital marketing pros at Australian Internet Advertising guarantee top-notch service increased ad performance, and the results you want when you partner with us for a Google shopping ads campaign. Although creating, launching, and optimising a Google shopping ads campaign for your Shopify store isn’t easy, getting started is a simple and straightforward process. We’ll be happy to get you set up with an effective campaign for your business.

Getting started with Google Shopping ads for Shopify.

What exactly is the Google shopping app? Shopify’s Google Shopping app is an app that automatically syncs your Shopify products and brand information into the Google Merchant Center. From there, you can update your Google product listings straight from your Shopify admin. Once you sync your store with the Google Merchant Center, you can then use Google ads to create compelling marketing campaigns for your items. But please be aware, the shopping app can only sync stores that have 50,000 products or less. It’s a great platform to use for small, and mid-sized eCommerce sites.

The requirements to get started aren’t too burdensome, but if your information is inaccurate or not detailed enough, your application can be rejected. The Google Merchant Center does require your Shopify store to meet certain requirements. We’re experienced with everything you need to get started, and we’ll make sure that your information is accurate and detailed so you can get approved quickly.

What are the main requirement?

You can start selling with the Google Shopping app if your online store can ship products to one of the supported countries. Also, the currency you sell your products in must match the country where you send items.

If you sell to Australian consumers, your Google Shopping app will sync your shipping settings. You’ll need to provide an accurate shipping rate, that’s either price-based or weight-based for each of your products. If you don’t have a shipping rate that’s price or weight-based, then you will need to add a flat shipping rate inside the Google Shopping app.

Google Shopping Ads For Shopify Websites by Australian Internet Advertising

You’ll also have to comply with a few store requirements, too.

  • List your contact information on your online store website.
  • Enable the Shopify online store sales channel.
  • Remove the password from your store.
  • Create a TOS and Refund policy.
  • Add a valid payment provider.
  • Uninstall the old Google Shopping app if applicable.
  • Make sure shipping and currency information are accurate and valid.

Once you’ve completed these tasks, then it’s time to log in to your Google account and sync your Shopify store with the Merchant Center.

Syncing Your Domain and Product Feed

Your Google Merchant Center account must be associated with your verified domain, and that domain can’t be associated with another Merchant Center account. When you partner with us, we will make sure that your Shopify store domain is claimed and ready to be reserved and used for your Google Merchant Center account. From there, we will sync your Shopify items from your product feed into your Merchant Center account.

What are the significant benefits you’ll receive when you use Google Shopping for Shopify?

Increased Site Traffic

Google shopping ads are designed to funnel interested viewers straight onto your website. Ads are designed to display detailed, relevant information about your products, which will draw in the right kinds of shoppers to your online store. You’ll see more traffic and an improved SEO score with Google shopping ads.

Hot, Ready-to-buy Leads

Google shopping ads will be shown to thousands of people every day, people who are already searching for the products your store has to offer. Using the Google Shopping app for your business will get your products in front of qualified leads, leads that will be ready to buy.

Higher CTRs

With a professional, optimised Google Shopping ads campaign, you’ll see higher click-through rates than you’d get from plain, text ads. Google Shopping ads are sync in straight from your product feed, and the ads display highly relevant information about your items. People who see your ads will have an excellent, precise idea of what your products have to offer them, and will be enticed to click on the ad.

Refined Bidding

With Google shopping ads, brands can create granular, highly-targeted bids right down to specific products and items. You aren’t restricted to only bidding on ad groups, or product clusters, but can bid on each particular product you want to promote.

Lowered Click Costs

Since you have the ability to refine your bidding strategy right down to each specific item, you will see lower click costs. Google Shopping ad campaigns are a highly efficient and economical advertising strategy for eCommerce sites in almost any niche.

Promotional Abilities

Do you have a promotion coming up for your Shopify business? Google shopping ads enable you to advertise specific promotions for your store. This is an excellent way to get your brand in front of new potential customers and generate increased buzz around your business.

How can Australian Internet Advertising help you get started with Google Shopping ads?


It takes a lot of time to create, launch, and also optimise and monitor a Google Shopping ads campaign. Partnering with us will save you a lot of time, time that you can better spend growing your business and launching new products. We’ll handle your marketing campaigns so you can concentrate on what interests you the most.


If you’re inexperienced with Google ads, you can quickly blow through your marketing budget. It takes specialised knowledge and expertise to craft and tweak an effective Google Shopping ads campaign for an eCommerce business. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will create a marketing strategy that will get you the sales and conversions you want, all while staying within your allotted budget.


Knowing how to create compelling ads, monitor those ads, optimise campaigns, and scale those campaigns takes years of knowledge and expertise. By partnering with our digital marketing experts, you’ll take advantage of our years of experience in the online advertising industry. Please check out our numerous case studies and our extensive portfolio to see just what we are capable of. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in all kinds of industry grow their brand awareness through Google AdWords.

Are you ready to find new, loyal customers that will be your fans for life? Contact our marketing experts at Australian Internet Advertising today. We’ll gladly partner with you to create and launch an effective Google shopping ad campaign for your Shopify store.

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