How Can Facebook Ads Help My Business?

March 29, 2024

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The numbers are in, and Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Actually, the numbers have been in for a while, but there is still a lot of confusion around the “what Facebook marketing can do for my business?” topic.

Particularly when it comes to Facebook ads, at Australian Internet Advertising, we get a lot of client question about Facebook advertising, from “is it really worth it?” to”‘can’t we just promote on Facebook for free instead?”

Because of this, we’ve comprised a list of the main benefits of using Facebook ads for your business, and how it can really help.

Benefits of Facebook Ads For Business

1. Promote Your Brand and Drive Traffic to Your Website

Facebook is an extremely great marketing tool if you want to put your brand out there and create a community. But, the days when you could do that for free are pretty much over.

The platform’s algorithm changes essentially mean you’ll need to turn to Facebook ads if you want your posts to reach your target audience, particularly if you also want them to do something like click on your call to action and visit a landing page.

The right type of content might help you increase the number of engagements your Facebook business page get (the likes, comments or shares), but it might not have a genuine noticeable effect on your brand awareness or traffic increasing efforts.

Sponsored posts that can target a responsive audience, on the other hand, are a better method to achieve this goal. You can effectively let Facebook know exactly what your result expectations are, and the platform will show the ads to the right individuals most likely to respond.

2. Keeping Your Existing Audience Connected

Facebook ads aren’t just great for attracting potential customers. The people who already follow you also have something to gain.

Simply put, Facebook is trying to show people only posts from their close friends, and pages with high interaction levels that could be considered of public interest.  It’s why news companies generally don’t struggle with lack of engagements – their posts usually appear in Facebook’s user news feeds.

By using Facebook ads, you can grow your audience and boost engagement, which will also indicate to the Facebook algorithm that your page is pushing interesting content, and your followers might like to see it. Thus, it has a bigger shot of popping up on your existing audience’s news feed than before.

Of course, this means you’ll also need to keep up your Facebook Marketing efforts outside of the ads as well, with interesting content for your fans. Don’t rely just on the ads to increase your visibility. If you don’t continue to show them interesting posts, you might lose them along the way.

3. Smart Business Objectives

Facebook ad campaigns are now very sophisticated, and you can most likely find the perfect type of ad for the action you want users to do, or, to be more exact, what you want out of the ad.

It’s all designed to help you reach your business goal. There are three main types of goal Facebook presents:

  • Increased awareness – generating interest in your products and services;
  • Consideration – designed to get people thinking about your business, spark curiosity and make them want to find out more;
  • Conversions – encouraging people interested in your business to do something.

For instance, if you want to boost lead generation, then Facebook allows you to design your app for that specific purpose, whether it’s for collecting email addresses or getting more people to click on your link to view the content.

But, you’ll need to have a very clear idea of what your objective is first for it to work.

4. Drive Revenue

Now, that you are driving new leads with Facebook ads campaigns, the chances of increasing your business revenue grow too. The secret here lies in the type of audience you choose to show your ads to. Thankfully, Facebook has some pretty advanced settings that can essentially get your brand to the people most likely to convert.

Plus, if you didn’t get them the first time, there’s no reason to panic. Let’s say your ad got a few people on your site, and maybe they’ve even added some items to their shopping carts. For whatever reason, they did not end the purchasing process. Maybe they changed their minds, or maybe they just got distracted. Who knows?

You don’t have to just forget about those people. Facebook has some pretty useful remarketing tools you could use to kindly remind those users to finish their transaction. Remarketing often can generate a lot more revenue than the initial ads.

5. It’s Not All about the Newsfeed

Facebook ads don’t just let you promote your posts on user news feeds. You can increase your visibility by also taking a look at messenger ads since the app has some 1.3 billion monthly users.

Messenger ads work just like regular ones do. You choose an objective, design the ad, and the platform will deliver them to the best placement where it can have an impact, all at the lowest costs. Users will see these ads on Messenger, and when they tap it, they will be redirected to the place you want them to go like a website, app, or even your page’s conversation inbox to start chatting.

6. It’s Great even for Small Businesses

Smaller businesses generally have to deal with a considerably lower marketing budget, so a lot of owners may try to limit what they spend their money on.

But one of the best arguments for why Facebook ads shouldn’t be cut from the budget is this: you are in complete control of how much you spend. Facebook allows you to run ads on virtually any budget, even as low as how much you’d spend on your daily coffee and still get results. That is because the ads are shown to the people most likely to be interested in them, and not based on how much money you spend.

The only difference is, the bigger the budget, the more interested users you can reach. But even if you’re only just starting, you should consider launching some Facebook ads at a smaller scale, and once your business is growing you can come back and invest more in the Facebook marketing.

7. You Kind of Have to

Let’s put it like this: your competition is most likely on Facebook, right? Well, that means you are competing against them not just in terms of getting customers, but also catching the attention of potential customers, which is a limited pool.

When done right, Facebook ads can let you be one step ahead of the competition and reach those people before other businesses do. Then, it’s not even a competition anymore, it’s more like you’re an industry leader, because people heard of your name first.


There’s a lot more to be said about what businesses can achieve with a good Facebook ads campaign, particularly if you go into the specifics of your business model.

Today, Facebook is virtually everywhere, and since the idea of an organic reach is all but dead, businesses have to invest more in paid ads to achieve their goals. The right strategy can have immense positive effects on the overall goal of your business, but you do need to pay extra attention to how you design it. The best one reflects the company goals and strategies, while also focus on offering meaningful content to users, whether they’re customers or not.

But, if you need some help in creating a Facebook ad strategy and implementing it, our marketing experts happy to help. Contact Australian Internet Advertising now!

Billy P.

About The Author

William Polson founded Australian Internet Advertising in 2013 and has over 12 years of experience immersed in Digital Marketing.

With an in-depth level of digital marketing knowledge, William has been sort after by and worked for, many large national brands including Subaru, Blooms The Chemist, and Nova 96.9.

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