Why Should You Use Facebook Ads? Top 7 Reasons

April 8, 2024

Why Should You Use Facebook Ads? Top 7 Reasons | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

With Facebook advertising, your business can reach more people than ever before. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth the investment or have any questions about how to get started with this new form of digital marketing for businesses like yours – join us as we explore some reasons why using Facebook is so effective.


Why use Facebook Ads in 2024?

1. More Than 2.9 Billion People Use Facebook Every Month

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Facebook is the most widely-used social network on the planet, with more than 2.9 billion active users on a month-by-month basis. Not only that, but most of these users log onto Facebook more than once a month – Facebook has reported that about 1.93 billion users use this social media platform every day.

This is even more than Google – although Google still has the title of the most visited website on the planet, it has only about 1 billion active monthly users.

The Facebook platform is an incredible tool for marketers. You can reach millions of potential customers – placing ads on their news feeds, promoting your products and services, or putting your brand front-and-center in one of the most widely used apps/websites on earth.

2. Facebook Users Spend Almost 2 and A Half Hours Every Day

The great thing about Facebook ads is that people spend a lot more time on social media than they do searching Google, which often competes for PPC digital ad space from small businesses.

In fact, Facebook users spend at least 2 hours per day on the social media platform and there are many people who spend much more time using this site – giving them even better chances to see your ads in their news feed.

With a search engine like Google or Bing, on the other hand, users tend to quickly navigate away from their searches and look at results – so they spend less time seeing ads.

Search engine PPC ads are a great way to reach your target audience and get customers on board with you quickly. For example, if an individual was looking for “Chinese food near me” then the ad could show up in these results promoting their local restaurant which would give them more leads from people exploring.

But if you want to build brand awareness, using a social media platform like Facebook is definitely the way to go. Because of how often people spend time on their phones and computers.

3. Combine Paid Ads With Organic Posts On Facebook Pages

The best thing about Facebook is that you can combine organic reach with paid ad reach – and get better results. By advertising your posts on the news feeds of Facebook users, not only are more people going to see what you post but these individuals may also engage in an emotional way which creates buzz for brands as well.

For example, if you only have 100 Facebook Page followers and want to promote your page or services in order for them to engage with the brand more easily then this is a great idea. They can click on an ad which will take them directly into their newsfeed where they’ll see something new every time.

After a while, you will have many more followers and can reach them with organic posts that they share. This is good for your ROI.

4. Greater Reach With Video

Facebook Live streaming and video ads are fantastic tools for brands to use. The amount of content being watched on Facebook has increased by more than 100 million hours since October 2016, which means that people will be exposed even more in the future.

Videos on Facebook are a great way to boost customer engagement and promote your brand. On average, videos receive up 135% more organic traffic than text or image-based posts. If you want buzz for the things that matter most in life with minimal effort then this is an excellent choice of platform – just be sure to not only post high-quality content as people will expect it from companies who use video.

5. Target Customers With Custom Audiences

When it comes to Facebook marketing, one of the most powerful tools available is being able to build “custom audiences.” This feature lets you import names and phone numbers from past customers so they can be matched with an existing user base on your page.

Using this audience, you can quickly learn more about customer’s demographic information, such as:

● Income
● Level of education
● Geographic location
● Age
● Hobbies & interests

You can use Facebook’s Lookalike audiences to find people similar but not yet reached by your ads or products & services.

6. Use Different Types Of Ads For Lead Generation

One of the best aspects of Facebook marketing is that there are many different ways to target customers and generate leads. For example, if you run an eCommerce store with a carousel ad where people can see multiple products they may be interested in – this will encourage them to visit your website so as soon buy what it’s promoting.

Or, if you run a plumbing company in Sydney, you can run a Lead Ad with an Instant Form – encouraging customers to enter their information directly on Facebook to get an estimate on a plumbing job, or learn more about your services.

There are many different ways to get your brand out there and make it known. With a customised Facebook ad campaign, you can reach more people than ever before.

7. Pairs Perfectly With Content Marketing For SEO & User Engagement

If you’re looking to get started with content marketing, then social media is an excellent place. Content can include videos blogs posts and other types of written material that will help establish your business as an industry leader while providing useful information for customers and increasing brand awareness.

Sharing your blog posts on social media will not only help you engage with audiences but also boost the reach of those who come in through search engines like Google. You can include links to shareable content such as videos or pictures, which means that even if someone does not leave a comment below their favorite article they still see an opportunity for engagement.

Get The Help You Need To Manage Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses!

Social Media Marketing is tough. It’s not just about posting on Facebook and hoping for the best, you need to be strategic with your time. But don’t worry Australian Internet Advertising can help take care of all those pesky tasks so that running a successful social media campaign becomes as easy as pie.

With our unique approach to social media marketing, you can get the best ROI (return on investment), bring in more customers, and beat local competitors to grow your business. Contact us now for a consultation, and see how we can help you and your small business in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia.

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