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A Progressive, Modern Way to Reach Consumers

Last year, Australia’s eCommerce market exceeded 32 billion in revenue, making it one of the largest online markets in the world. Only a few short years ago, in 2013, that number was at a paltry 26 billion.

The internet fundamentally changed the way people shop, and online purchases will only increase in the future. Brick-and-mortar storefronts are becoming the dinosaurs of the retail world, shuttering their doors en masse. These businesses aren’t necessarily closing for good, but are rather evolving along with market demands.


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Age of The Online Consumer

A decade ago, businesses could get away with not having an online presence, but that is no longer an option. In a world that is turning more and more digital, businesses must keep pace with consumer demands. Savvy small business owners would be wise to take notice of these changes in consumer behavior and tweak their marketing strategies accordingly.

Consumers expect an online presence, and without it, are less likely to trust a business, or take it seriously. Customers prefer to interact with businesses via email, text, or social media, and want to see better, more mobile responsive websites from small businesses.

40% of millennials research their purchases on a mobile device before buying. If your business is not mobile friendly, you could be losing out on sales from this demographic, the one most likely to make online purchases in the first place. And millennials are young; they’re going to be shopping for the next several decades.

So, what all goes into a comprehensive, and ultimately successful, internet marketing plan? How can you increase your online presence to reach the right customers?

Inbound Marketing
(Email & Landing Pages)

SEO & Content Marketing

Paid Search

Social Media Marketing

Small business owners can quickly become overwhelmed with these options in their quest to reach their target audience and compete with larger, national brands. But with the help of the experts at Australian Internet Advertising, together, we can craft a modern and progressive internet marketing plan for your business in Melbourne.

Getting noticed online is more complicated than before, but you’re in good hands.

We keep up-to-date on the latest internet marketing strategies to skyrocket your business growth. Whether you are starting from zero or already have an online presence, we can take you from zero to one hundred and everything in between.

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Don’t even have a website?

That’s all right. We’ll thoroughly research your business, industry, and personal goals and long-term plans to figure out what platform will work best for your site. We know how to optimize your site for Google’s new mobile-first ranking system, so you’ll get traffic and please your customers with a modern, mobile-responsive site.

Internet Marketing Melbourne

Need curated content?

We’ll research your business for the right keywords, and craft optimized, well-written and engaging content that will delight your readers. We’ll even integrate your site to your business Facebook page, giving you even more of a presence where your customers can engage with you on social media.

Don’t even have a social media page?

Don’t worry about it. Again, we will research your business and target audience and find out which social media platform they like to hang out on. From there, we’ll start crafting engaging, relevant posts and integrate the accounts to your website. You’ll get a comprehensive and professionally constructed, and pertinent web of social media platforms to make your presence known online.

Don’t understand how social media marketing works?

We do. It’s our job to keep on top of changes in the social media, and internet ecosystem. With our excellent and up-to-date knowledge, we can craft the perfect social media marketing strategy for all your business needs.

Every social media platform has an advertising option, and it can cost you a lot of time to figure out how each one works. Time is money, and as a business owner, your time is especially valuable. Instead of banging your head against the proverbial wall trying to do everything to keep your business running and gaining profitable ground, offload some of that stress to us, because we can handle it.

We’ll be able to analyze your current user base or find your target audience if you haven’t already on social media. From there, we’ll be able to concoct a successful advertising campaign that will give you the lowest CPC for the highest ROI.

What about paid search options?

We’ve got you covered there, too. Our internet marketing experts have studied and implemented successful paid search tactics for small businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Check out our case studies and testimonials and see what we can do for your business using the latest in paid search technology, like Google AdWords.

Can you help me with inbound marketing strategies you may ask?


Consumers prefer online communication, and email is one of those. Leads that have gone through an engaging, conversational funnel have a much shorter sales cycle, and lead to higher conversion rates.

We can build you a beautiful, uncluttered landing page with a compelling call-to-action to get you qualified leads. Then, we will put those leads through a well thought-out, professionally crafted sales funnel to turn them into a happy, loyal customer.

Increase your sales and leads online with professionally crafted internet marketing strategies specific for your unique business in Melbourne.

Our experts are highly qualified in the art and science of internet marketing. It’s not enough in 2018 to only rely on your brick-and-mortar storefront, or your in-person connections. You must branch out to the mobile, global, online marketplace.

Let our knowledgeable experts at Australian Internet Advertising help your business. If you want to find qualified leads, grow your online presence, and improve your bottom line with bigger and better sales numbers, contact us today and see what we can achieve for your business.

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