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Reduction In Cost Per Conversion


Reduction In Cost Per Click


Increase Return On Investment

Lena approached AIA after having yet another year of average results from her previous Google Ad word management Agency.

After inspecting the campaign the answers were obvious.

The campaign had not had been updated for months.

This is something we have come across here at AIA all too many times. The bids had been set months ago and not touched since! This meant that Tranquil Water was paying about double the amount needed to generate the same amount of qualified traffic to her website.

There were no IP’s having been blocked for fraudulent clicks, nor had there been any attempt to request from Google any refunds for irrelevant clicks.

With Click Fraud costing advertisers $11 Billion in 2017, this is always a big deciding factor in any campaigns success.

The Google Adwords Experts at AIA set to task and quickly rebuilt Lena’s campaign, working diligently to ensure that we were able to maximize the return on the investment for tranquil water. The results speak for themselves.

Tranquil Water Case Study

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