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Why Video Marketing Works

An online presence and digital marketing strategy are the cornerstone of any serious business in 2018. Social media and content marketing are integral parts of an online marketing strategy, and video content marketing is starting to make massive headway in the online world.

Although social media and the internet ecosystem appear to make people more connected than ever, instead, the atomization of social interaction has occurred. People feel isolated, disconnected, and cynical of brands and individuals.

Now more than ever, trust is one of the most important metrics for consumer satisfaction. Consumers are more likely to engage with content they perceive as trustworthy, and also follow through with purchases from brands and businesses they trust and believe have their best interests at heart.

The video medium lends itself well to an engaging, story-telling structure, and it is also much easier for internet users to consume in such a busy, fast-paced world.

Here at Australian Internet Advertising, we believe it is important for businesses to build trust with their customers, and the videos we produce, and market establish a positive, emotional connection with the audience. Below we will explore compelling statistics and reasons why
video marketing works.














Optimization and Increased Traffic

Regarding social media, video content has far greater organic reach than text or even visually-appealing photo content. Facebook videos reach viewers’ newsfeeds 5.7 percent of the time organically, as opposed to photo posts, which only reach newsfeeds about 2.3 percent of the time.

Search engines employ sophisticated algorithms to give users a positive online experience. In
2018, keywords and keyword density are not the driving forces behind a piece of content’s ability to rank, but rather if it is relevant and offers the user a quality experience.
Is the content relevant, helpful, unique, and engaging? Is it optimized for mobile search?

These are all important factors to weigh when considering a content marketing strategy. With video, it is intrinsically easier to bake all these ranking ingredients into the pie.


Since video is on the cutting-edge of content marketing strategy, the online ecosystem isn’t saturated with video content and advertisements yet. For this reason alone, Google is more likely to rank a page with video content than one without, even if they are expounding on the same topic.

Search engines consider video content more unique than text, and more engaging for the user. Forrester research has determined that video content is almost 50% more likely to rank on the first page of Google than text content.

Also, video is an easier medium to consume. In a recent study, almost two-thirds of millennials prefer watching a brand’s video vs. reading an article. Additionally, this same group that was surveyed stated video increased their likelihood of reading subsequent newsletters from the brand. The reason for this piqued interest and follow-through can be traced to building the viewers’ trust through video.

Trust Building

A 2006 study determined that a viewer registers whether they view a website as trustworthy within 50 milliseconds. Furthermore, the subconscious mind registers facial recognition even if the conscious mind is unaware of the presence of a face. And, the trustworthiness of a face is determined by the viewer within mere 30 milliseconds.

The human brain is hardwired to recognize and judge faces. Videos which feature a brand or business’s employees create a strong connection with viewers. Also, customer testimonials featuring smiling face increase the trust of the viewer.

Conversion rates are improved with trust generated from video content. After viewing a compelling video, 57% of consumers went on to make a purchase from the company. The effect of video on consumer trust cannot be understated.


Video is also more penetrative. Visuals are processed 60 times faster than text, and so it easier and faster to explain things to the audience. Confusion, and wondering if the product is relevant for them are common obstacles for consumers when deciding to purchase a product or service. Video is an effective way to combat these common objections.

Composing a video that explains who or what a business is, and featuring employees and customer testimonials, is a powerful way to build trust and understanding. Company story videos are a particularly compelling way to connect with an audience on an emotional and inspirational level. Consumers are also 80% more likely to remember a video a month after viewing it than similar text or photo content.

Also, embedding an explainer video featuring a key product helps to dispel any confusion a potential customer may have. 65% of people are visual learners and will remember and understand things quicker and more effectively if instructions are presented in video format.

The human brain is more likely to remember content that is presented in a visual, storytelling manner, since the brain is hardwired to make stronger connections when presented in an emotional medium, like storytelling.

Contrast this with text, which is much more sterile and stark. Articles which only list facts are
the least engaging and the least likely to be remembered.

Presenting viewers with relevant content is always a plus when it comes to ranking on Google and for building trust. If a business or brand offers a video showing users how to solve a relevant problem, they are more likely to trust the brand and engage with it.

Video content is also very versatile, adding an entertaining quality to a brand’s content strategy. Animated videos, whiteboard-type presentations, motion graphics, and live action video can all be utilized for a unique and varied video marketing strategy. Varied, eye-catching content is more likely to be remembered and remembered fondly by the user.

Increased Conversion

Because video is such an effective way at building trust and dispelling confusion surrounding a brand or product, it naturally leads to an increased conversion rate.

On landing pages alone, video can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Videos, as an intrinsically more engagement piece of content than text, keep viewers on the page longer, giving a brand’s message more time to register.

Viewers are 144% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video than those who do not watch. Reasons for this are increased trust, and the effective dispelling of confusion and common objections surrounding the product. Also, since viewers will stick around longer to watch a video, the message has more time to convince them to buy.


Furthermore, a consumer study by Eyeview found the following compelling statistics to incorporate video advertising into a marketing plan:

  • Video ads resulted in a 100% more favorable view of a brand.
  • Viewers were 73% more likely to recommend a brand or product after watching video content.
  • There was a 37% increase in the likelihood of a consumer visiting the store again after viewing video content.

After incorporating video content into their marketing strategy, renowned company Advance Auto Parts saw an increase in web traffic. Site visitors who viewed Advance Auto Parts videos stayed on the company site for twice as long and visited twice as many pages than visitors who didn’t watch the videos. Advance Auto Parts also shared the videos to Facebook, further increasing their organic reach.

Incorporating a video marketing strategy is an effective way to build brand awareness and reach. Companies that use video see an increase of over 40% in web traffic, and viewers overwhelmingly prefer video to text. When given a choice to view the same content in either video or text format, 59% will choose the video content. Companies using video in email content see an increase in open rates of close to 300%.

Video content is versatile, and reputable study after study shows that it overwhelmingly leads to increased conversion, website traffic, better ranking, and builds trust among consumers.

While it can be difficult to get a handle on all that successful business entails—building quality products and services, and marketing effectively with optimized content, innovative companies are leading the way in conducting effective video marketing campaigns.

Australian Internet Advertising is at the forefront of comprehensive digital marketing strategies. We provide professional, commercial-quality video content.

The types of content we offer are scripts, filming, and editing, and we oversee the process from start to finish. Australian Internet Advertising is obsessed with building successful marketing campaigns. With video, we’ll craft a compelling narrative, employing effective story-telling techniques within a striking, visually-appealing video for increased consumer trust and conversion rates.

Modernise Your Marketing With Video & Grow Your Business

Australian Internet Advertising has been helping Australian businesses grow with innovative marketing strategies including video marketing. Get in touch with us today and let us help your business succeed.

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