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Need help with social media marketing in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia? Australian Internet Advertising is a leading social media agency, and we’re here to help you make the most out of your online presence and build high-performing social media marketing campaigns.

Learn more about what we do below, or contact us now to schedule a consultation and see how our digital marketing agency can empower your business, help you reach more customers, and achieve your business goals.

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We’re Specialists In Social Media Marketing Campaigns & Advertising

At Australian Internet Advertising, our team is passionate about the power of social media and digital advertising. We know how to create engagement, spread brand awareness, and use the power of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more to reach your customers – wherever they may be.

We can develop and design a social media and online marketing campaign that will help you reach your business goals. Whether you want to bring in more qualified leads, build brand awareness in your area, or just engage with current and past customers, we can design a custom-tailored social media campaign that will help you reach – and exceed – your goals.

Understanding The Power Of Social Media Can It Really Help My Business?

If you’ve never invested in social media marketing before, you may be wondering if it’s really worth it. Is it really that important to have an active social media presence? Can it really help your business? The answer is “yes.” Here are just a few of the ways that social media marketing services from Australian Internet Advertising can help your business.

Improve brand credibility

Investing in social media helps improve the credibility of your brand. An active social media presence helps build trust in your business, and engaging with customers through social media helps you create an authentic, engaging brand image. In turn, this makes both new and returning customers more likely to trust your brand. For example, answering a customer complaint on social media can increase customer advocacy by 25%.

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Attract a targeted audience

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have powerful tools that allow you to attract a specific target audience. For example, when running Facebook ads, you can use its demographic information to target people based on their age, gender, education, income, geographic location, and more. This helps you increase your ROI (return on investment) and attract the right audience for your brand.

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Resolve customer issues quickly

54% of customers prefer social media for customer service and support, and it’s estimated that using social media to answer complaints is 83% cheaper than a call center interaction. Providing customer support via social media is a great way to improve your brand’s reputation and to encourage customer loyalty.

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Get direct access to your customers

More than 3.78 billion people worldwide use social media, and about 80% of Australians routinely use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So by investing in social media marketing, you'll be able to reach your customers using the platforms they are already using every day.

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Improve SEO

Social media marketing does not directly contribute to your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search rankings, but it does improve overall brand exposure by improving brand recognition, enhancing your brand’s reputation, and boosting organic traffic to your website. For example, sharing links to your blog on Facebook helps you get more viewers on your website, which can contribute to better SEO rankings in the future.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

At Australian Internet Advertising, we offer a full suite of social media marketing services. Our services include the following:

Creating social media presences

Social media management

Social media advertising

Digital strategy

Creating social media presences Icon

Whether you don’t have any social media presence at all, or you have a few old, outdated social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to build your social media presence and ensure you’re presenting your brand to customers properly.

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We offer customizable social media management services, including responding to customers, posting original content, sharing user-generated content, and more. We will create an engaging, authentic social media presence that reflects your brand’s values.

Social media advertising Icon

In addition to social media management, we also offer social media advertising services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. We’re deeply familiar with social media ad platforms, and will create effective, engaging social media ads that will convert more customers and expand the reach of your brand.

Digital strategy Icon

Social media is only a part of your digital marketing strategy – and it’s even more effective when you use it alongside other digital marketing strategies, such as content marketing and pay-per-click advertising. We can assist you in building a comprehensive digital strategy.

Hear from our clients

  • 7X Increase in sales in only 3 months

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    7X Increase in sales in only 3 months

    Jim Approached AIA in February after having a bad experience with one of the largest agencies in the country. We got to work building out a Google and Facebook digital marketing strategy and have increased the eCommerce revenue for Jim 7X in 3 months.


    Increase in Revenue




    Increase in Conversions

  • Maclean Financial - Website And Facebook

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Maclean Financial - Website And Facebook

    Brendan approached AIA in 2017 with a startup idea. We designed and built Brendans brand, style guide and website. Brendan’s Facebook campaign gained fast results and his business is already turning over more than $10M annually.


    Annual turnover


    Leads per Month


    Return on ad spend

  • Lightning Bult - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Lightning Bult - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    Rob approached AIA in 2018 with a broken website and having recently suffered a significant drop in enquiries. After rebuilding Rob's website, fixing the SEO, and starting a Google Ads campaign, Rob experienced a 10X return on investment within his first year working with AIA.


    Return on Investment


    Increase in Conversions


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Tranquil Water - Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Tranquil Water - Google Ads

    Lena Approached AIA in 2017 hoping to gain better results from her Google ads campaign that had been managed by another agency. Within Lena's first month she experienced a 283.5% increase in enquiries with no increase in budget.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase In Conversions


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Billabong Spas - Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Billabong Spas - Google Ads

    Murray contacted AIA to get help with his Google Ads Campaign. They had been running the campaign with a different agency but were not happy with the quality of leads. Within the first three months their sales increased by over 30%.


    Increase In Revenue


    Reduction in Costs


    Increase in Lead Quality

  • Ladies Running Errands - Website, Google Ads and SEO

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Ladies Running Errands - Website, Google Ads and SEO

    Maria had been having a bad experience with online directories. We redesigned her website, built a new Google Ads campaign and optimised her website for search. Quickly Maria’s business began to boom and she has now sold 9 franchises.


    Franchises Sold


    Increase in Organic Traffic


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Eastside Speech Pathology - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Eastside Speech Pathology - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    Ainsley called us because she was very unhappy with her results from her existing Google Campaign. After building her a new website, getting her to the top of Google for her keywords, and starting a new Google Ads Campaign she couldn’t have been happier.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase in Organic Traffic


    Increase in Leads per month

Why Work With Australian Internet Advertising?

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for lead generation, spreading awareness of your brand, and connecting with your customers. But you may be wondering why you should work with Australian Internet Advertising. Here are just a few reasons that our current and past clients highly recommend our services.

No Commitments Icon

No long-term contracts

We don’t require our clients to sign long-term contracts for our services. We believe in the services we have to offer, and our customers stay with Australian Internet Advertising because we provide great results – not because they’re locked into a contract.

Full Transparency

Full transparency

We offer full transparency at Australian Internet Advertising. With our regular reports, we’ll provide you with all the information you need about your ad spend, conversion rates, and the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns.

Transparent Marketing Icon

Experts in social media advertising

Our team of social media marketing specialists have the skills and expertise you need to run effective social media advertising campaigns. From managing pay-per-click ad campaigns to sharing posts and creating original content on Facebook, we use the latest social media best practices to maximize engagement and reach, and help your company reach its goals.

Digital Marketing Icon

Full-service digital marketing

Social media marketing is only the beginning. At Australian Internet Advertising, we also offer a full suite of other digital marketing services, including website design and development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Google Ads management and more. If you need a full-service digital marketing agency in Australia, we’re the best choice.

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We can discuss your business goals, your current social media presence, and how the team at Australian Internet Advertising can assist you as you build your brand, attract more customers, and engage with your existing customers on social media.

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