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Recent changes to the Facebook newsfeed have made finding your target audience as straightforward as ever. The benefits of conducting a targeted Facebook advertising campaign cannot be understated. Businesses who use Facebook in their digital marketing campaigns see an increase of up to 24% in sales.

As the largest social media platform, Facebook is a goldmine of leads and potential customers. With a professionally formulated Facebook advertising campaign, businesses can whittle down the right targeting options and use this social media network giant to find customers on autopilot.


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Professional & Effective Facebook Campaigns

The Facebook Advertising professionals from AIA possess an in-depth and specialized understanding of what it takes to craft an effective Facebook campaign for your business in Melbourne. We know how to accurately research your target audience and align this knowledge with your specific and unique business goals. Get started today with the team of dedicated Facebook Advertising specialists at Australian Internet Advertising and skyrocket your business growth.

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Facebook Advertising from Dedicated Specialists

  • Increased leads and sales
  • Explosive brand awareness
  • Exponential user base growth

Facebook, one of the oldest social media networks, is also one of the most sophisticated when it comes to their advertising technology. This social media giant has turned data collection into a laser-focused art form. No other social media network possesses near the amount of information on viewers and users than Facebook.

Businesses can take advantage of Facebook’s sharp, nuanced data collection technology to find the right customers. Highly targeted metrics can report exactly who saw the ad, who clicked it, and who engaged with it via a like or share. Sophisticated data collection accessed on the platform can give a business enviable insight into who exactly is part of their existing audience. Ads can then be targeted accordingly.

Facebook Marketing Melbourne

In addition, these advertising metrics can be honed indefinitely and can also be used to formulate ‘look alike’ audiences, saving time and money on crafting any future ads, since the audience has already been accurately profiled and assessed.

Also, the ad can be set to run in certain locations, at certain times, further lowering the CPC rate while still increasing sales and impressions.

A professional Facebook ad set to run in the right online social media circles will give any business, greater exposure. Organic Facebook posts only reach about 2% of a page’s audience, but a high-quality, targeted ad can be seen by an exponentially greater number of viewers.

Formulating an engaging ad which resonates with the target audience and gets them to click, like, or share is an effective way to grow a business’s user base. Facebook’s call-to-action
buttons can triple the click-through rate of an ad. All buttons are priced the same, but the ‘learn more’ button has been found to give the highest click-through rate.




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Our Facebook Advertising Services deliver guaranteed results.

The point of running a Facebook advertising campaign is to quickly and smoothly find your target audience, entice them with a compelling ad and call-to-action, and turn that qualified lead into a paying, loyal customer.

With billions of people logging into Facebook every day, it’s foolish for any business to not take advantage of advertising on this giant platform. It’s like leaving money on the table—money your competitors are going to snap up without a second thought.

As a business owner in the technological age, it’s difficult to keep pace with the ever-changing speed of digital marketing. What worked yesterday won’t work today, and what works today probably won’t work in only a few years’ time or less.

How can you do this if you are busy running the day-to-day operations of a successful business, and don’t have this specialized Facebook advertising knowledge?

You simply can’t.

With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable Facebook advertising experts behind you, you’ll get the benefits of running a professional, highly-targeted ad campaign without all the headaches and hassle of trying to learn the lingo and figure out what works and what doesn’t, only to waste valuable time and money trying to learn it. Your time is better spent managing your business and creating new products and services to delight your customers.

Don’t waste your precious time and energy. Outsource your Facebook advertising to the team of highly qualified professionals at Australian Internet Advertising.

Why work with us?

By hiring us, you’ll save time, money, and gain sleep and avoid grey hairs knowing your Facebook advertising campaign is running smoothly in the background, all while you focus your attention on things only you can do for your business.

Our team of professionals has broad, specialized knowledge of current Facebook advertising strategies and metrics. We know how to formulate the right kind of ad for your business, and we take the time to understand what your specific business requires for a successful Facebook advertising campaign long before crafting your custom-made, high-quality ad. Our team is laser focused on long-term goals, strategies, and positive outcomes and ROI for your business.

What can our team do for you on Facebook?

Carousel ad? Video ad? Which call-to-action button, ‘shop now’ or ‘learn more’? Should you run your ad in Melbourne, or Latvia? Will showing it to men or women lower the CPC rate?

This is head-spinning talk for the uninitiated, which is the vast majority of business owners. But, nearly 40 million businesses are on Facebook now, as we speak. But, only 2 million businesses are advertising on the platform. Further still, every minute, over 4 million posts are liked, commented, and shared across the world.

Despite the size of the platform and its potential reach with paid advertising, it’s still way more affordable than traditional advertising methods, like signage, radio, or television ads. Getting your ad, complete with a compelling call-to-action and a prompt to like or share the post, in front of just one targeted person can yield untold dividends. You’ll be getting your qualified leads to advertise for you.

This is a huge opportunity for your business.

Your competitors are already hard at work using Facebook to reach their potential customers. And since billions of people are currently on the platform, logging in, and engaging with it every day, don’t leave money on the table by ignoring the biggest social media network in the world.
Don’t be discouraged by the Facebook advertising and marketing lingo, either. Our team knows exactly what those terms are, and how to best use them for your specific business and goals.

The metrics and data offered on Facebook’s advertising platform are in-depth, specific, and numerous. It’s easy to get into an ‘analysis-paralysis’ situation when you don’t understand what everything means, and as a member of the uninitiated, it’s difficult to formulate a plan when you don’t possess the needed knowledge. There’s no need to worry about understanding Facebook’s advertising terminology when you work with us.

Oftentimes, advertisements will miss the mark because the target audience, their likes and dislikes, and where they can be found go unnoticed. Our high-quality Facebook advertising services understand the importance of thorough customer research. We take great care to fully research your specific business and who its intended customers are.

Gain a massive amount of exposure and brand awareness with a professionally executed social media campaign for your business in Melbourne.

Not only does our team understand the terminology, but we also understand how to craft a visually-striking, effective ad that will resonate with your target audience and get you noticed on the internet.

With our team as part of your digital marketing plans, we’ll know exactly what to look for when crafting your ad and targeting it to the right people. We are dedicated to attracting only qualified leads to your page. Extensive customer research is a major goal and priority here at Australian Internet Advertising.

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