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We are a verified Semrush Partner

We are a verified Semrush Partner

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Australian Internet Advertising is an experienced and professional SEO company in Sydney. It is critical that when improving your position in Organic Search Results, it is done using high quality content, ethical link building practices and white hat search engine optimisation techniques.

You can unlock the myths surrounding SEO and tap in to the crowds of users actively looking to purchase your goods or services by working closely with AIA SEO Account Management Specialist. We will provide you with a detailed SEO Strategy purely focused on your return on investment, not just the front page of Google. If you’re not getting a 2-10 times return on your investment within 3 months, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re a running a small business, you will have access to a range of affordable yet highly tuned and effective SEO packages. All of these are carefully tailored to suit you and are guaranteed to get your website ranking on Google for your most lucrative key phrases.

A number of SEO providers both onshore and overseas offer cheap SEO using black hat techniques, and fruitless Social Media commotion, that will do you much more damage than good. Our office is based in Sydney and offers thoroughly rewarding, long term SEO services to businesses throughout Australia.

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Hear from our clients

  • 7X Increase in sales in only 3 months

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    7X Increase in sales in only 3 months

    Jim Approached AIA in February after having a bad experience with one of the largest agencies in the country. We got to work building out a Google and Facebook digital marketing strategy and have increased the eCommerce revenue for Jim 7X in 3 months.


    Increase in Revenue




    Increase in Conversions

  • Maclean Financial - Website And Facebook

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Maclean Financial - Website And Facebook

    Brendan approached AIA in 2017 with a startup idea. We designed and built Brendans brand, style guide and website. Brendan’s Facebook campaign gained fast results and his business is already turning over more than $10M annually.


    Annual turnover


    Leads per Month


    Return on ad spend

  • Lightning Bult - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Lightning Bult - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    Rob approached AIA in 2018 with a broken website and having recently suffered a significant drop in enquiries. After rebuilding Rob's website, fixing the SEO, and starting a Google Ads campaign, Rob experienced a 10X return on investment within his first year working with AIA.


    Return on Investment


    Increase in Conversions


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Tranquil Water - Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Tranquil Water - Google Ads

    Lena Approached AIA in 2017 hoping to gain better results from her Google ads campaign that had been managed by another agency. Within Lena's first month she experienced a 283.5% increase in enquiries with no increase in budget.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase In Conversions


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Billabong Spas - Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Billabong Spas - Google Ads

    Murray contacted AIA to get help with his Google Ads Campaign. They had been running the campaign with a different agency but were not happy with the quality of leads. Within the first three months their sales increased by over 30%.


    Increase In Revenue


    Reduction in Costs


    Increase in Lead Quality

  • Ladies Running Errands - Website, Google Ads and SEO

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Ladies Running Errands - Website, Google Ads and SEO

    Maria had been having a bad experience with online directories. We redesigned her website, built a new Google Ads campaign and optimised her website for search. Quickly Maria’s business began to boom and she has now sold 9 franchises.


    Franchises Sold


    Increase in Organic Traffic


    Enquiries Per Month

  • Eastside Speech Pathology - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    1 out of 7 Testimonials

    Eastside Speech Pathology - Website, SEO and Google Ads

    Ainsley called us because she was very unhappy with her results from her existing Google Campaign. After building her a new website, getting her to the top of Google for her keywords, and starting a new Google Ads Campaign she couldn’t have been happier.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase in Organic Traffic


    Increase in Leads per month

Our Seo Process

No two websites have exactly the same requirements for SEO so AIA applies a step-by-step process as follows:

  • Develop an understanding of the business objectives – there is no point in applying an SEO strategy that improves rankings that are not critical to the business objectives.
  • In depth keyword analysis including competitor positioning.
  • Use of website analytics to monitor website performance – such as increases in organic traffic, bounce rates and more.
  • Indexing tasks – such as url submissions, sitemaps and webmaster tools accounts
  • Onsite tasks – increasing keyword relevancy by improving keyword placement and content.
  • Offsite tasks – such as link building, article writing, local directory listings and social sharing.

Novel and relevant content is key to every website – there is no substitute for excellent content and this is what the search engines look for. AIA will work hand in hand with you to develop content for your website whether it be new information, videos or regular blogs etc.

Links are also important but must be applied effectively. There is absolutely no point in just buying links or using a link farm as search engines see this as a “black hat” SEO technique and will reduce the ranking of your website.

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