Should You Run Search Ads For Your Brand Keywords?

September 20, 2021

Should You Run Search Ads For Your Brand Keywords? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Brand keywords are a quite self-explanatory concept – it’s the keyword or keyword phrase used to search a specific company.

If Nike is the company, then “Nike shoes Australia” is one example of a brand keyword. People may type this into search engines in order to find a specific item from the brand, special offers, or just extra information.

But should you be bidding on branded keywords? Is that a smart move when it comes to paid search ads? The short answer is yes, you should.

Let’s take a closer look.

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The Benefits of Bidding on Branded Keywords

You may be tempted to think that having ads campaigns where you bid on keywords containing your own brand is pointless.

After all, the purpose of a PPC ad on a search network is put your landing page link on the result page for those users who don’t already know your brand or did not think to check your website in the first place. If the user is searching for your branded keyword on your own, then why should you bother paying for search ads targeting them?

And that’s a fair question, but first, let’s look at how a branded keyword can look like because there are many possible variations. Usually, you’ll have the brand name as a fixed figure, to which you can add:

  • A specific product name
  • Review
  • Sale
  • Location
  • Other keywords that may be brand-specific (“fundraising activity, ” “social media,” etc.)

When a user searches for any of these variations, the brand’s landing page will appear in the organic listings. Because their brand is already there, some business owners don’t really see the point in targeting these keywords with paid ads.

But the world of digital marketing is far more complex than what lies on the surface, and even if your instincts tell you otherwise, bidding on branded keywords is actually a very smart idea.

Here are the main reasons why:

1. Your Competitors May Be Doing It Already

It’s a classic tactic in PPC advertising: if you can’t get on the organic results page with SEO efforts, then run some paid ads where you leverage your competition’s brand keyword.

This way, when someone searches for the competitor, they will first be greeted with an ad from a similar brand. Very big brands usually don’t have to worry about this, but it doesn’t mean they are safe from the practice. Smaller competitors will often bid on branded keywords with common typo’s instead, trying to get in the organic search results with their ads.

But re-claiming ownership of your branded keywords is just a small reason to start adopting this practice.

2. More Clicks on Ads

Getting on the organic search results pages takes time, and Google ads are good ways around the hassle. If you also bid on branded keywords, your ads are a lot more likely to generate clicks than if you just target your usual keywords. This is especially valuable if you have ad extensions (like phone numbers) and really want those phone calls. When people search for your name, you can show them the ad with your phone number, which will encourage them to call you.

When it’s already the brand they are looking for, people don’t care that it’s an ad. One Bing study showed that ads with branded terms offer 27% more clicks for travel advertisers and 31% more clicks for retail advertisers.

3. Improved Quality Score

When it’s a brand search, there is definite user intent to access information specifically about your brand. This means users are less likely to click on an ad and flee, a practice that can increase your bounce rate. And lower bounce rate boosts your ad quality scores, which can also lower how much you pay per click.

4. Builds Real Estate

Your brand’s real estate in this context refers to your ownership over your brand’s keywords, brand message, landing page, and more. The better you can control your own real estate, the better integrated into the market your brand is.

One way to develop real estate is by bidding on branded keywords, which will prevent any competitors from trying to derail your message and help bring more people to your site.

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