Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

March 21, 2024

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Should you use Facebook Ads instead of Google Ads?

The decision between using a paid search campaign with Google, or social advertising on their own platform can be difficult. The answer lies in what type of business you have and which one will provide better results for your company’s budget.

We’ll look at the benefits of both platforms, and help you understand how you can use each one in your ads campaigns to bring in more customers and sell your products or services more effectively.

Let’s get started.

How Do Google Ads And Facebook Ads Differ?

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two of the most popular advertising services out there, but they differ in many ways. Let’s start by looking at how these compare:

Google ads let you advertise on searches related to products or services that interest your company. For example if it’s fashion-related content then Google would be perfect because people can easily search those terms without having an account set up with them already.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google Ads is a paid service that places your ads on Google search results for the keyword you choose. When someone performs an internet-based query, they can bid and pay to put their advertisement right next to “organic” listings as well! The integration occurs naturally with no artificial colors or modifications making it clear which sponsored listing belongs in this space.

The more people who search for a particular term, the higher ranked their ads will likely be in Google. For example if you were looking to buy an ad targeted towards Chinese food near me this would mean that when someone types “chinese” into google they’ll see your site alongside all other results and can click on it if interested which leads us back full circle.

The pay-per click (PPC) model is a common advertising service that uses Google Ads. You will be charged when someone clicks on your ad, but if they don’t it doesn’t cost anything.

The Google search engine is an important part of the world’s most widely used system, so using PPC ads to promote your product and services can be a great investment.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is the advertising arm of Facebook, which has grown to become one of largest social media companies in this world given that it owns both facebook and instagram as well as WhatsApp.

Facebook Ads have a lot of options for ad formats. You can place ads directly on the newsfeed of customers, before videos, or right-hand side Facebook homepage, and more. With images being better integrated into these types they also provide you with plenty of room in text headlines as well as body copy compared to Google Adwords which only allows 1 line each time so it’s important not just to make your headline count but also spend some extra space explaining what set them apart from other companies out there.

The rise of social media has created an advertising gold mine for small businesses. With 2+ hours per day spent on Facebook, brands are getting more chances to market themselves and build their brand awareness with this platform than ever before.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Ads?

So, now that you know the basics of both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, let’s start by discussing the benefits of using the Google Ads platform to sell your goods or services.

1. Mammoth Search Volume

Google is the most popular website in many countries, and it’s estimated that they handle 70 thousand searches per second. That means there are almost five billion search queries each day! And this number keeps increasing by more than two trillion annually. So Google has 72% desktop market share worldwide as well as 92% mobile-only device usage which makes them an unbeatable choice for your next web project.

The search engines are a great place for your business to be seen. If you don’t want people finding other companies that provide what they need, then it’s important to get ahead of the game and advertise where potential clients might look up information about their needs online: Google ads!

2. Works Together With Website SEO

Social Media Marketing Sydney, Facebook Marketing Sydney

It’s no secret that the world of SEO is a complicated one. If you’re just starting out, it can seem nearly impossible to rank for certain keywords without paying through your nose in ad space – but don’t worry! There are other ways around this problem and here I’m going to tell you all about them…

Google Ads is a great way to get more customers by competing in keywords that you would not otherwise be able to rank for.

3. Users May Be More Likely To Convert

This is a huge benefit for some businesses. If customers are searching for keywords like “Chinese food near me” or “top electronic gadgets 2020,” chances are that they’re deep into your sales funnel and more likely to make purchases with you.

The power of advertising is undeniable. If you create an engaging, high-quality advert and pair it with a landing page for your website that drives potential customers towards purchasing what they see on the screen then there’s no telling how many sales could be in store.

4. Offers A Variety Of Ad Targeting Options

There are different ways to use Google Ads, like showing your ads only when the person you want is searching for something of interest.

You can serve your ads based on the type of device you use, what time it is (or when do people usually look at their phones?), and any other factor that might be important for conversion rates. This will allow you to spend less while still increasing conversions.

5. Excellent Analytics Tools

Google has great analytics tools for Ads campaigns. You can view and filter conversions based on demographic info, time of day, or other information to A/B test your ads and create more effective ad experiences.

What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Ads?

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of Google Ads, let’s discuss the advantages of Facebook Ads, too. Compared to Google Ads, Facebook Ads does have some distinct differences and unique benefits.

1. Extremely Granular Targeting Options

Facebook can figure out just about everything there is to know about its users, including their age and education level. It also knows where they work or live in addition to other personal details like family members’ names/likes on social media pages.

With so many options, it can be hard to know where and how best to invest your time. Targeted audiences allow you a higher chance of success by only serving ads in environments most likely filled with buyers.

2. Easily Create “Lookalike Audiences”

It’s easy to expand the reach of your Facebook ads with lookalike audiences. A “look-alike” audience is an automatically generated group that closely matches one of your existing target demographics and can give you better results than manually targeting people on social media sites.

3. Inherently Visual Ad Network

Facebook ads are a lot more visual than Google Ads and related platforms. You can use one image, or multiple images in carousel format for your adverts on Facebook – perfect if you want to incorporate video as well! There’s also plenty of space allocated to copy which is useful because it allows advertisers the opportunity to explain their benefits clearly while creating eye-catching advertisements that convert viewers into customers.

4. Users Spend A Lot Of Time On The Site

Google has a lot of users, but most people don’t spend hours searching Google keywords and viewing search results. Rather they’ll do some quick keyword searches to find relevant websites or articles which then allows them to click onto different sites for more information about what’s being searched.

In a world where people spend 2 hours per day on social media, Facebook is an important fixture. It’s not just because so many of us use it – though that does contribute to its popularity- but also due largely in part to how engaging this website or app can be when you’re looking through your feed.

If you want your company to be seen by as many people as possible, then Facebook ads are an excellent way of doing so. They can help generate brand awareness and even lead generation through their natural integration into users’ social feeds.

5. Excellent ROI

Facebook ads are an easy, cheap way to market your business that will appeal specifically and only those who have the means (money) for it. It’s also possible because of Facebook’s granular ad targeting options – as long as you know how much a certain demographic is worth in terms of dollars – then maximizing ROI can be done by only advertising towards them.

Google Ads Are Complementary To Facebook Ads – You Should Be Using Both!

Google and Facebook are often seen as competitors, but this isn’t true. In fact, they work hand-in-glove with one another for your marketing strategy.

Facebook ads are great for targeting specific audiences with tailored messages, while Google Ads is excellent at picking out people who have shown interest in your website before. Both tools can be very helpful when used correctly – so don’t neglect either one!

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