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Facebook Marketing For Big & Small Businesses on the Gold Coast

As of January 2017, there were over 16 million active Facebook users in Australia alone. Worldwide, over 1 billion people log onto Facebook every day. The number of potential customers on this social media platform is huge, and it is crucial for business of all sizes to integrate Facebook into their digital marketing plans.

Online shopping is becoming more popular and more sophisticated as technology continues to advance. Technological advancement is causing fundamental changes to the customer journey and to the relationship between the customer and the business. Customer expectations are changing, and they now require a more conversational, personal interaction with businesses.
Social media platforms give this crucial personal touch to customer interactions.

Facebook is the most populous platform and the most advanced when it comes to gathering audience and customer data. The volume and accuracy of the data eliminates a lot of time-wasting speculation, giving businesses the best ROI for their marketing efforts.

But, understanding the ads manager interface, and the most impactful ways to grow and reach your audience on Facebook require up-to-date knowledge and expertise of the platform.

The team here at Facebook Marketing Gold Coast understands how to put together an innovative Facebook marketing campaign that will meet customer expectations. If you want to grow your customer base and increase your sales with a high-quality, professional Facebook marketing plan today, read on.

What can the Facebook Marketing team in Gold Coast do for you?

Facebook offers numerous and effective ways to reach your online audience. Targeted advertising and posting engaging, relevant content will grow your user base and build brand awareness and loyalty. But doing this successfully requires knowledge, experience, diligence, and the capacity to test and tweak posts and ads.

The Facebook marketing team in Gold Coast has got you covered on all aspects of managing Facebook marketing campaigns. Our team takes the time to really listen to your long-term goals for your business and how we can integrate them into an effective Facebook marketing strategy. We are trained, highly-qualified professionals who know the ins and outs and nuances of the Facebook algorithm to give you the greatest exposure for the best cost.

Targeted Audience Research

We will invest our attention into understanding your industry and who your target audience is. With the help of the Facebook ads manager, we can see exactly who your current fans are, what other pages they’ve liked, where they live, and what they shop for.

We can take this information and build a ‘look-alike’ audience. From there, we will be able to format an ad that will be highly effective and engaging, since we will know who is most likely to enjoy it based on the data we’ve analyzed.

What are the benefits of running a professionally formulated Facebook ad?

You will see results immediately. Facebook advertising is extremely fast. Once the ad is formulated, it is only a few clicks away from being seen by thousands of people. Our team can set up your ad today and in only a few hours, your business will get in front of several thousand, highly-targeted people.

Facebook advertising is also affordable. National and international businesses can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns and get in front of thousands of people. But, a small business could literally spend ten dollars and get seen by the same number of potential customers. It has never been this cheap to run an effective advertising campaign.

Our experts also understand how to get the best cost-per-click on your ad. We know what days, times, and locations will lower your CPC rate, yet also give you the best ROI. By hiring a professional to run your ad, you won’t waste precious resources guessing how to get the lowest CPC rate; our team already knows how to do that.

Let’s work together!

Increase your web traffic!

Facebook marketing can explode your web traffic. By running a targeted ad with a compelling call-to-action button, we can funnel interested viewers to your website. From there, they’ll be able to learn more about your brand, sign-up to your newsletter, or better yet—shop and buy.
Growing your blog traffic through Facebook will increase your SEO ranking, driving even more traffic to your site since it will start to show up on Google searches. This will create a positive feedback loop that will pay you dividends into the future.

We can also integrate your blog posts to your Facebook page, giving your viewers relevant, interesting content to consume. Your fans on Facebook will then share your posts, getting it in front of even more people. This will grow your exposure, increase your brand awareness, and you’ll start being viewed as an expert in your field. The more your name is shared around the internet, the more people will start to see your brand as one they can trust.

While engaging in a well-thought-out SEO and content marketing strategy is a proven way to increase web traffic (we do that, too) running an ad pointing straight to your site will give you much quicker results. It’s also highly scalable—make an ad, run it, voila!

Content marketing is much more time-consuming and can sometimes be discouraging since the results can take awhile to see. Do your morale a favor and get scalable results fast with a Facebook ad and marketing strategy from Gold Coast.

Are you about to launch a new product or service, something totally different than anything you’ve done before? Don’t let that ambition die from lack of exposure. With a well-crafted Facebook ad and posting strategy, you can use the platform to break out into a new industry. We can get your new product in front of your target audience who will like, share, and buy.

Our Approach To Google Adwords

Whether it’s helping you get targeted traffic, generate leads, or boost your business’ online visibility, we focus on delivering long-term results not just quick gains. We couple our human-centric approach to AdWords management with state-of-the-art automation to find the best and most effective way to rank your ads high and increase your bottom line.

We know that paid advertising is both art and science and it requires the right combination of technical expertise and creative skills to create effective campaigns.

At Australian Internet Advertising we know how to find that perfect balance.

Discovery and Research

You talk, we listen. We believe that a Google AdWords campaign has to be collaborative to be successful. That’s why we’ll try to learn as much as possible about your business, your target audience’s profile, the lifetime value of your customers, and your long-term goals.

Setting you up for Success

We’ll help you understand what you want to accomplish with your Google AdWords efforts so that we can set the best course of action. Together, we will identify your expectations and set specific goals based on your target audience and budget.

What can you do about mobile responsiveness?

Google and Facebook have recently announced they will be giving top-priority to sites and posts that are mobile responsive.

Since 2016, half of all web searches started taking place on mobile devices. For the best customer experience, it is extremely important for businesses to get their websites and social media posts optimized for mobile viewing.

Our team can do this for you, saving you valuable time and energy on complicated technical matters. Your time is precious, and as a business owner, you need to spend it managing your business, and building products and services your customers will love and continue to pay you for. Let us worry about the technical aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Our Secret Sauce: Focusing on Growth

You’re probably looking for an AdWords agency that will help you reach the right audience and outperform your competitors on a regular basis. We want to develop a strategy that will generate long-term results, not hit the home run in month one (although that can happen too.) We have a systematic approach to growth that focuses on identifying the exact keywords that speak to your target audience, encouraging them to click and convert. We know what it takes to develop an AdWords campaign that will generate quality leads and sales.

Whatever you want to achieve with your Google AdWords, Gold Coast can help you! Call us or use our contact form to get in touch and see how we can take your business to the next level.

Keyword Discovery and Selection

When it comes to Google AdWords, AIA knows that targeting the right keywords can make the difference between a campaign that generates clicks and one that is draining your budget and wasting your time. Our paid search experts use a variety of advanced tools to learn as much as possible about your audience and their search habits. We make sure to target only the keywords that will bring in qualified traffic and not waste your precious ad dollars on fly-by visits. Our experts understand the importance of a balanced keyword strategy, so they research both head and long-tail terms.

Facebook Advertising Done Right!

Facebook marketing is the best, most cost-effective platform to reach your audience. Your customers will come to see you as a trustworthy expert in your industry with a polished and professional Facebook marketing and advertising strategy.

Don’t let the confusing, rapid changes in the online business marketplace prevent you from seizing new opportunities to reach your customers. Contact the experts at Australian Internet Advertising today and see what our team can do for your businesses on the Gold Coast.

Test. Optimise. Repeat

We’ll keep an eye on your AdWords campaign performance data to tweak and optimize your ads to perfection. Our approach is proactive, and data bases as we A/B test new ideas and never cease looking for growth opportunities. We examine everything, from your keywords and ad copy to call to actions and landing page performance to identify the elements that are underperforming and pause or tweak them.

Google AdWords Monitoring

We understand that paid advertising is a complex and dynamic game that requires constant analysis and adjustment. Our Google AdWords specialists live, eat, and breath paid search advertising and can identify trends and changes fast. It’s our job to identify and react to the elements that might affect the effectiveness of your AdWords strategy. We monitor your campaigns with diligent eyes and report on it regularly so that you are in the loop about current events and new opportunities.