What Is Web Design and Interactive Media?

January 25, 2024

What Is Web Design and Interactive Media? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

There’s a reason why interactive media degree programs are so in demand right now. Interactive media web design is one of the latest movements in web design. It’s a skill required from web builders and developers in order to create custom, highly-responsive websites that really break the boundaries of web design as we know it.


What Is Interactive Media?

As its name suggests, interactive media responds to the input of the user, leading to different ways in which they can interact with it. In web design, interactive media helps create websites that offer a unique, personalised experience to their visitors, based on the actions they take when browsing the website.

Similar to and inspired by mobile apps, interactive design websites respond to an increased preference of internet users for a fast, engaging, and entertaining web experience, which can really boost the attractiveness of a brand.

Does Your Business Website Need Interactive Media?

Many times viewed as something reserved to innovating companies or industries like tech, IT, or Design, interactive elements can actually help any kind of business increase the quality of the user experience they offer. Such elements don’t have to be over-the-top, overwhelming, or unnecessary embellishments, but actual tools that improve the way you normally do business and that represent your brand’s personality.

If you are new to elements that make web design interactive, you can start small. Here are some examples of interactive media that can make your website more fun, more useful, and more engaging.

  • Animations: a very simple and effective way of drawing attention to a certain part of a web page.
  • Buttons: text boxes that are revealed when pressing a button, animated call to action buttons, or buttons shifting their position when you navigate.
  • Online forms: make them more interesting by adding interactive elements, making the process faster and more engaging.
  • Video: adding video to your website content is a great way of enriching the user experience.
  • Share buttons: everyone wants to share something they like with others. Social media buttons make that super easy.
  • Quizzes: finding out more about your visitors while entertaining them.
  • Interactive Data: data can be dull when presented as it is, but making it interactive will draw attention to it.

As you can suspect, experts that design interactive media websites are setting a new industry standard, as users demand these features more and more and companies adopt them at a large scale.

A fundamental design principle is to create an effective and attractive composition. If your website feels updated or lacks functionality, it can hurt your brand’s image, just like a poorly done business card would not make a good impression in the real world.

Do You Need an Interactive Web Design Expert?

Whether you want to find out what your website could look like with interactive elements or how you could enrich your visitors’ user experience, contact our experts at Australian Internet Advertising.

Our team of graphic designers, marketers, and web developers has the experience, technical skills, project management, and marketing know-how needed for this task.

We are able to not only give you direct examples of what your website could contain, but put these upgrades into a larger marketing perspective: how your user engagement and conversion rates will increase, and what kind of revenue increase you can expect.

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