What Is The Importance Of Branding In Web Design?

March 31, 2024

What Is The Importance Of Branding In Web Design? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Brand strategy is more important than you may think. A sleek, streamlined website is great – but unless you also focus on building a consistent, strong, and customer-focused brand, you may find that your expensive website redesign is not as effective as it could be.

So what is the importance of branding in web design? In this guide from Australian Internet Advertising, we’ll discuss a few reasons why you should prioritise website branding when designing or redesigning your business’s website.


Why Prioritise Website Branding

1. Your Brand Should Inform Your Entire Online Presence

Ideally, your brand should inform every aspect of your online presence – as well as your physical marketing materials. This includes things like email marketing, digital marketing through social media, your website, pamphlets, flyers, and any other marketing materials produced by your company.

This is because maintaining brand consistency is one of the most important ways to build brand equity. If your brand’s copy, colours, logos, icons, and other brand collateral remain consistent throughout your marketing materials, this helps customers recognise your brand more readily.

That’s very important, because it usually takes people at least 5-7 “impressions” to remember your brand. If you can remain consistent with your online and offline branding, this will really help boost brand awareness – and loyalty – for your business.

2. A Strong Brand Helps Your Product Or Service Stand Out Online

Branding is more than just fancy logos and colours – it’s a visual representation of your company’s values, products, and services. That means that a strong brand represents your company more effectively, and can help you outpace the competition and stand out online.

Just how much does a strong brand help you stand out and beat other companies in your industry? According to an article in Forbes, consistent branding across all channels can help you increase your revenue by up to 23%.

3. Good Branding Builds Credibility Online

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An important part of branding in web design is the ability of website branding to help build credibility for your products and services.

When a customer visits your website, the quality of your website – and of your brand – are both key factors in whether or not they’ll click on your call-to-actions (CTAs) and convert to purchase your products or services.

For example, a report by Stanford found that 75% of people base the initial credibility of a website on how it looks – rather than the content of the website.

4. Strong Branding Helps Ensure Consistency Across Your Website

Have you ever used a website that has a mish-mash of logos, colour schemes, and designs that clearly show that it has been built – and rebuilt – several times by different developers? Chances are, it was a bad experience.

That’s another way that strong branding helps during the web design process. It can help ensure consistency across different pages and parts of your website.

By leaving no stone unturned and making sure every piece of content meets your brand guidelines, your web designers and developers can make the website much easier to use. This is essential, because usability is a high priority for today’s modern web users. In fact, 38% of people will completely stop engaging with a website if the design or layout of the website is unattractive and hard to use.

Need Help With Website Design & Brand Identity? 

As a leading web design company and digital marketing agency in Australia, Australian Internet Advertising can help businesses of all sizes build a more consistent brand identity – and deploy brand elements on their websites to boost credibility, bring in more customers, and build a better, more valuable brand.

We do it all – from branding consulting to web design, content marketing, social media advertising, and so much more. If you need an experienced, reputable partner for digital marketing services, contact us online or give us a ring at 1300 304 640 to get started today.

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