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March 27, 2024

What is the Facebook Instant Experience | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

24% of Facebook pages are on the platform to advertise. It’s no wonder that Facebook advertising has become an integral cog in the machine of modern digital marketing. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, you may be wondering what Facebook instant experience ads are. Facebook offers advertisers a selection of different ad formats within the ads manager to use for their digital marketing campaigns.

Before, Facebook offered an ad format called Canvas Ads. But recently, the social media heavyweight changed Canvas Ads to Instant Experience ads. The ad format options and capabilities have remained the same. However, marketers can take advantage of a few key features that are new and exclusive to Facebook’s Instant Experience ad format. So, how do Instant Experience ads work, and what can marketers expect to gain from the change? Let’s check it out.

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What is an Instant Experience ad?

Facebook’s Instant Experience ads allow marketers to put a mini, instant storefront in front of Facebook users within the Facebook mobile experience. Instant Experience ads can display on mobile devices, and enable marketers to add pictures, slideshows, carousels, links, instant forms, and videos to the ads. It’s also possible to connect your store catalog to the ads. What you get with an Instant Experience ad is an immersive, dynamic experience of your store for Facebook users. This ad type also lets marketers express more complex forms of Facebook messaging to their ideal customer, allowing for better conversion rates and increased brand awareness on social media.

Instant Experience ads not only offer a range of unique benefits for marketers, but they also improve the user experience, too. An Instant Experience ad has load times that are up to 15 times faster than the average mobile website. Do you have a problem with high bounce rates on your landing pages and website? Creating and launching a Facebook Instant Experience ad might improve your conversion rates and sales. Potential customers can see all your products instantly, instead of needing to head to a landing page with slow load times to browse your unique offerings. With Facebook’s Instant Experience ad format, you can give your target audience member a website-like experience all within the Facebook app.

If you need an ad format that will give you options for multiple ideas, Instant Experience ads might be the way to go. They are built with various components and let you customise what’s in the ad. You can launch a new product, tell your brand story, or work on developing a more extensive campaign with this ad format that allows for instant storytelling from brands.

How do Instant Experience ads work?

Marketers must understand that Facebook’s Instant Experience ads only come in mobile format. These ads are built in Facebook’s Publishing Tools under the section labeled “Instant Experience (Canvas).” In this section, you can create your ad, draft it, and preview it before launching.

Once you’ve completed the ad and have finalised the design, the next step is to create a newsfeed post and publish the ad. You can place it either in your profile or add it to a paid campaign. But if you do that, make sure you are boosting your posts to mobile users only. When an audience member clicks an Instant Experience ad placed within a newsfeed, they aren’t taken to an external site. Instead, they get to stay within Facebook and are sent straight to the Instant Experience ad you’ve created.

They can interact with all the components you’ve included in the ad. Also, if you have an active Facebook pixel or Facebook party pixels on your website, they will activate automatically in the ad format so that you can re-engage a website visitor with the same ad at a later date.

How are Instant Experience Ads different than canvas ads?

There are several new features included in the Instant Experience ad format that allows for quicker, instant customer acquisition. One of the most significant changes to the ad type consists of the ability to put instant forms on the ad. These used to be called lead generation forms in Facebook advertising. Facebook will automatically populate the form with detailed data they already know about the viewer, like their phone number or email address. The form opens up straight in the Facebook app. This automatic form lets users delete information if they want to, but it also makes it incredibly easy for someone to convert to a sale if they are a targeted, ideal customer.

What are some best practices for creating a full-screen Instant Experience ad?

When used correctly, an Instant Experience ad can give your business incredible results. But there are a few things you should consider before making your ads.

Use video to draw people in. A short, fifteen-seconds, or less video placed within the opening component of the ad format can help catch the viewer’s eye and pique their interest. Using video to draw viewers in will keep them scrolling through the ad instead of clicking away.

Take advantage of the templates if you aren’t sure where to start. There are a lot of components to an Instant Experience ad and detailed data you can include in the final ad. If you’re new to the process, building one can be overwhelming. Using pre-made templates can get your ad launched faster without giving you a headache or analysis-paralysis.

Facebook Instant Experience ads allow marketers to bring a more dynamic and immersive advertising experience to mobile viewers. If you want to see how quickly your business can start generating revenue on Facebook, contact us today. Our team of digital marketing experts at Australian Internet Advertising is standing by to answer your questions about getting started with Facebook and social media advertising to grow your online presence.

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