What Is the Best Tool to Use for Facebook Analytics?

February 4, 2024

What Is the Best Tool to Use for Facebook Analytics? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

As a #1 Facebook Ads Marketing Agency Sydney,  we agree that Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and create highly personalised ads for your followers and their network. Facebook has given access to incredibly useful insights on how people find your ads, what actions they take and how to use these interactions to target your next ads with even more precision.

Recently,  Facebook has made an announcement that shook the digital marketing industry: Facebook Analytics, the tool used by businesses all over the world to get precious data, will be discontinued starting June 30th, 2021. Following this announcement, the online marketing world needs to readapt its strategies to fill in the gap left by this big change in social media marketing.

Any business that uses Facebook as part of its marketing plan has to prepare for this shift by backing up all the data collected by Facebook Insights and by migrating to other tools that can collect and analyse Facebook metrics.

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So, what other tools can be used by businesses and marketers in their Facebook marketing strategy?

Facebook Marketing Tools

What Is the Best Tool to Use for Facebook Analytics? | Australian Internet Advertising

Facebook does not just simply take away any insight on its metrics from its business Facebook page users. The removal of Facebook Insights as a tool is meant to promote the other marketing products Facebook has, which we will present further in the article.

With the help of these tools, business owners and brands can still monitor the performance of their Facebook ads or paid and organic posts in the long term, which helps them improve their future strategy based on real-time reactions from their audience, without even asking them to provide punctual feedback.

Facebook Business Suite

The business suite included in the Facebook platform is a place where you can perform a multitude of tasks related to your marketing strategy. You can schedule your posts, answer to messages from your audience, create and manage ads and get insights on your top-performing posts, or post reach.

Here are the four main dashboards you have in the Facebook Business Suite:

  • Overview: a summary of all your Facebook and Instagram metrics
  • Trends: This section shows you how your page is performing on a weekly basis, comparing its reach to the previous interval. You can follow the ascension or descent of your performance.
  • Content: in this section, you will find information on your posts, with the top posts showing up first. The metrics it gives you are the number of likes, comments, and reposts.
  • Audience: here you will be shown the total number of likes your page has gained during its lifetime. The target audience report includes demographics about your audience (age, gender, top cities, top countries).

Facebook Pixel & Facebook Conversions API

These two tools provide data about what your visitors do after viewing your page. Crucial tools for remarketing purposes and monitoring the success of your ads and posts, Pixel and API go hand in hand in providing valuable information on the behavior of your audience.

By including code in your website’s HTML, you are able to track what people do after they click your ads. You will find out if they:

  • Subscribe to your newsletter by entering their email addresses
  • Adding products to their shopping cart
  • Visualising product pages
  • Making a purchase
  • Going through the check-out process

By finding out about these behaviors, you are then able to retarget your audience based on the behavior of your audience, suggesting promotions, related products, etc.

Facebook Creator Studio

The Creator Studio is important in giving insights on the performance of your post types: Facebook pages, videos, stories. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can include your Instagram page in this analytics tool, which helps you improve the quality of your marketing campaigns.

Facebook Groups

If your brand is part of Facebook groups as a founder or member, the insights provided by Facebook for its group owners are valuable insight on what people would like to know.

Third-Party Facebook Analytics

Besides the tools that Facebook, Google, and other main digital marketing services are providing, there are several third-party apps and software developers that refine, improve and specialise in social media analytics tools. You can benefit from free trials and several pricing options, allowing you to test and explore which ones fit you best.

Usually, the weekly/monthly fees are adaptable, depending on the size of your business or how much you need a third-party app for your marketing insights. Here are some of the most popular tools for Facebook insights you can use:

  1. Sprout Social: this tool is amazing in performing a competitor analysis for your Facebook strategy. By comparing your performance to that of your competition, you can identify valuable opportunities for differentiating yourself from them or applying the same kind of strategies.
  2. Hootsuite Analytics: this is a very popular social media management tool, thanks to its ease of use, attractive interface, and detailed insights. It provides management tools and reporting tools for all your social media accounts, plus assistance in managing your social media strategy.
  3. Agorapulse: as a complete social media tool, Agorapulse offers you insights about all your social media accounts, all in one place. It has a free plan that includes 8 statistics related to Facebook, including competition analysis and other metrics.
  4. Komfo: this social media suite is preferred by business owners who want highly specific details about their social insights. You can see the extent of the engagement for each of your posts and learn if they were engaging, penetrating, viral or spammy. It has a competitor chart, several ROI calculations, and a board showing fan activity.
  5. Quintly: one of the features we like most about this social media managing tool is the ability to create custom dashboards and reporting. You can also set up automatic reporting and share these with your team, to keep everyone up to date with the performance of your social media business accounts.

Do You Want an Expert Handle of Your Facebook Business Accounts?

If you want to make the best out of Facebook’s potential for laser targeting, highly customisable ads, and a huge base of potential customers, work with a team that knows the platform inside-out and can optimise your content and strategy for Facebook’s specifics.

We at Australian Internet Advertising focus on getting you the profit you are aiming for with the aid of social media campaigns, brand exposure, tight relationships with your audience, the proper feedback and communication, and much more.

We use detailed insights collected with our toolbox of professional applications and software, and interpret the results for you in actionable, concise terms related to your sales strategy. That way, you can ensure that your Facebook advertising strategy is in line with your business goals.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to renew your Facebook strategy and make the most of it and your marketing budget!

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