Is There an API For Google Search Results?

February 29, 2024

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If you are interested in using more technical features of Google for your SEO strategy, you’re probably already looking for an API (application programming interface) for filtering Google search results. We will go through the basics of this concept and what you will be able to use for actionable results.

What Is API?

API, an acronym that stands for Application Programming Interfaces, is a set of specifications about how you can interact with a software: what you can make it do, the list of tasks it can perform, and so on.

When used for SEO, an API helps you process data more easily, integrate applications like Google Maps, Google Search, and others into your website, and help them boost your SEO.

How Can You Use API for SEO?

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Here is how you can apply the advantages of running an API as part of your SEO plan. The complex data collection and processing you can do with an API will be very handy for SEO experts who want to:

  • Perform focused keyword research through an API that retrieves batches of data about certain keywords, competitors, and other factors.
  • Finding trending content topics by looking at the most popular and fruitful pieces of content in your industry, analysing your competition, and identifying potential topics.
  • Running complex backlink reports that retrieve real-time data about anchor texts, date when the link was live, available backlink data, and so on.

As you can see, even the most basic SEO tasks can be improved with the help of API. But let’s get to the question this article is based on: can you use API for Google search results?

Is There an API for Google Search Results?

One of the most useful Google Search API is the Knowledge Graph, a read-only API that retrieves multiple entries that match your search queries. Starting from a keyword, you can extend your search to results that are relevant to your query. With its help, when you perform a web search you get an entire encyclopedia of connected objects and rich information on the subject you searched.

Such a custom search retrieves rich snippet results and it’s based on structured data and other identifying elements. By ranking and filtering SERP data stored by the search engine, SERPs APIs really boost how you use Google.

Custom Search JSON API

The Google Custom Search JSON API is a Google Search API that uses code samples representing instructions or commands you can give to the API console.

Before you start using JSON API, you have to create a Programmable Search Engine and identify your application with an API key you will further append to all requested URLs. For any unclear things on how to use the Google Custom Search API, you can go here to the Stack Overflow dashboard and submit your question.

The Custom Search API provides 100 search queries per day for free, after which you have to pay for every additional request ($5 for 1000 queries, with an upper limit of 10,000 queries per day).

REST (Representational State Transfer) in the JSON API can help you submit query parameters so that results include the data specifically linked to your query. The REST API function requires at least three parameters to provide JSON format results:

  • API Key
  • Programmable Search Engine ID
  • Search Query

Do You Have Any Questions on How to Use API for SEO?

The tools you use to build and implement your SEO strategy can influence its success. But, it can be quite a steep learning curve with some of them as their applications are complex and varied.

Our technical SEO experts at Australian Internet Advertising are ready to take over your SEO and perform some of the most complex tasks related to API and other methods to retrieve complex reports.

Do you need simple solutions, backed by solid arguments and comprehensive presentations? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide all the SEO solutions you’ve been lacking.

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