How Useful Is Google’s Reverse Image Search?

October 2, 2021

How Useful Is Google’s Reverse Image Search? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Google doesn’t limit its services to finding websites based on a text search query you enter. It can also do a visual search that shows you where an image appears on the web and retrieves similar images to the one you submit.

Let’s learn more about this function and how you can use it.

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What Is Reverse Image Search?

The Google Reverse image search tool is a search engine technology that enables you to input an image by uploading it or giving its URL and getting results based on similar images to the one you submit. It also shows where your exact image can be found on the internet, which can be useful if you want to find out if other sources are using your image without permission, for example.

How to Use Reverse Image Search on Google

It’s fairly easy to use this function from any device, but it’s most effective when you are doing it from a desktop computer. To do this, go to Google’s image search page, press on the camera icon in the search bar.

You can then input your query by:

  • Uploading an image from your computer;
  • Pasting the image URL if you’re using its web source;
  • Using drag and drop to drag the image in the search box;
  • Right-clicking an image on the internet and selecting “Search Google for this image” from the menu

If you want to perform a reverse image search on your iOs or Android phone, you have to load the desktop version of the page in the Chrome browser and repeat the steps mentioned above. You can also try holding your finger on the image you want to search until a pop-up menu appears. Depending on the phone, and only when using Chrome, you have the option to search Google for that image.

Another option for mobile users is to use Google Lens for doing reverse image searches. It is an integrated function included in Google Photos and Google Assistant, but it can also be downloaded separately from the Google or iOs app Store. It can be used for searching for similar images or finding out more about what you photographed.

What Can You Use It for?

So, why would you want to search by image? How can it help you? Well, there are several various scenarios when this function can really come in handy.

Tracking the use of your own images

If you are a professional photographer or a business/organisation publishing its own images, you would want to know if, when, and where your images are being reused. By being aware of how your images are being re-used, you can take actions when they are being taken without your consent or if they are incorrectly captioned, for instance.

Finding the origin of an image

When you don’t use your own images, but you want to enrich a blog post or article you’re about to publish, you most probably want to follow best practices when it comes to copyright. In this case, you can search for a fit picture amongst the billions of images you can find on Google images search, then find its origin and ask the right person for permission to use it.

Checking your competition

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When you sell products, you might want to see who is selling similar stuff to yours. By performing a reverse image search, you can check where else can that type of product be found, how it’s promoted and how successful it is.

Searching for people’s info

This might be a controversial use for reverse image search, but in some cases, you need to perform a search for a person who, for example, is applying for a job in your company, or offers certain services.

If you have any doubt that the information they provide is authentic, you can perform a reverse image search of their profile or resume picture and see if they really are who they claim to be.

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