How to See Phone Numbers in AdWords Call-Only Reports?

December 29, 2022

How to See Phone Numbers in AdWords Call-Only Reports? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Google Ads gives you the possibility to set up call-only campaigns that are targeted towards customers you would like to get in direct contact with via telephone.

This type of ad can only be displayed on devices that can be used to place a call and gives you a detailed report on various parameters when calls are being made. When a user sees a call-only ad and clicks on its title, they will not be directed to a landing page, but instead, they easily give you a call.

How do you set up these types of ads and how can you track their effectiveness?

Let’s find out more.

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How Do You Set a Call-Only Campaign?

In your Google Ads account, you can easily create this type of campaign by selecting “Add call-only ad.” Then, you choose the campaign and ad groups you want to include and input information like the phone number where you would like to be contacted, a description including a call to action, and other information.

In order to collect data from your campaign and evaluate it properly, you need to enable Google’s Call reporting. This feature will allow you to track phone calls and give you plenty of insights on the calls you receive.

What Does Call Reporting Tell You?

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Call reporting can only be run if you use Google forwarding numbers in your call campaign. In most cases, this tracking number will have the same area code or prefix as your own business number, so it will look like a local number. It’s also exclusive to ads that are shown in the Google Search Network.

Here is the type of information you can get in the Google AdWords call reports.

  • Call conversions, which are pre-established by a minimum duration – only calls exceeding the chosen time duration will be counted as conversions;
  • PTR (phone-through rate), an indicator that shows how many times users called your business, divided by how many times your phone ad was shown. This variable is tracking your call ads success;
  • Status of the phone calls: missed, received, time stamps, call duration,
  • Call type, the campaign it belongs to and search keyword it got the user to find your ad;
  • In the Call details section of the Pre-defined reports > Extensions, you will be able to see the phone numbers of the callers (available for calls longer than 15 seconds;)
  • Call recording, a feature you can enable in certain conditions, gives you access to the actual conversations you have with your customers.

By tracking phone calls to your business, you can improve communication with your potential customers and check how effective your ads are. This free Google service enables certain types of businesses to use online advertising to increase their revenue and track offline conversions.

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