How Does Google Adwords Work For B2B?

October 1, 2021

How Does Google Adwords Work For B2B? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Google Ads (or Google AdWords) is a PPC system that allows marketers to promote products and services across Google’s network, such as the search engine, the Display Network, and even Youtube videos.

It’s a valuable marketing tool that even a B2B business can benefit from, even if they are addressing companies and not individual consumers. Company representatives often turn to Google for search in finding suppliers and companies to collaborate with, just as consumers use Google to find the nearest pizza restaurant or where to buy online clothes.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how AdWords work for B2B PPC campaigns, and go over some best practices that will help you gain valuable B2B leads.

Google AdWords for B2B

B2B companies know their target audience is a lot smaller than the one B2C businesses usually have. This is because instead of targeting people, you are targeting other businesses, so naturally, you will see the keyword search volume be a lot lower in the B2B market. But that doesn’t mean you will not get the most out of Google Ads.

So your target audience is a bit different since you are not going based on user demographics in this case. Your B2B buyer can be anyone from the CEO of the company, to an HR staff member, someone from the IT department, or any other member or employee. Consequently, your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages for your PPC campaigns must reflect this.

Another thing to remember about your target audience is that the B2B buyer will likely compare your product or service to your competitors – directly. A B2B business must, therefore, always stress why a buyer must choose them over other companies that offer something similar.

Lastly, the sales cycle in B2B is a lot longer. Remember, you are not trying to convince one person to buy a T-Shirt from you. When you’re a B2B business, you are dealing with more money, more investments, and thus companies need more time before they convert and buy from you.

AdWords for B2B: Tips and Tricks

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In essence, running digital marketing campaigns for B2B business doesn’t differ much from B2C. The main tactics are pretty much identical, and in the case of Google Ads, you have the same campaign structures at your disposal: campaigns, ad groups, ads.

You do, however, need to design your PPC campaign around the key characteristics of your market. Here are some tips for designing Google Ads for B2B businesses to ensure you get a return on investment.

Focus on Research

When you’re a B2B business, you don’t just have to know the industry you’re in. You also need to research the industry of your potential client, learn about it, and know what makes it work. It will help you design the PPC campaigns funnel to be a lot more targeted and industry-specific.

This will take some time, but you mustn’t skip it. Just as consumers want personalised experiences for their ads, businesses also want to collaborate with companies that understand what they need.

Keyword Research

After you understand who your clients are and what are the main characteristics of their industry, it’s time to come up with a keyword list to leverage in your ads.

One key difference in how a regular user will search for something, and how a company representative would is the use of the acronym specific to their industry. For instance, a company looking for someone to redesign their website will not write “website designer hire,” they will go a lot more specific with what they need: UX agency, UI design, etc.

In your keyword research, you need to incorporate this essential industry acronym as well, plus a healthy dose of local keywords if you need to focus on a specific location. For even better results, leverage negative keywords as well, to ensure your ads don’t get triggered by certain keywords that you know are not relevant for you.

Designing the Campaign

Since the B2B buyer takes a long time to convert, your campaign should be centred around the different stages of the funnel:

● Awareness: this is the first moment your business appears in the search query, and it’s your shot to make a good impression by ensuring your landing pages and ad copy are relevant to the keyword you bid on;

● Consideration – they know you, but they did not buy yet. At this stage, you should be reinforcing why you’re a good choice, and adopt some remarketing practices;

● Conversion – this can depend on your ultimate campaign goal. For instance, if you are only doing lead generation, this is the stage where you want to promote your form or a sign-up link.

Focus on Ad Copy

The main thing to remember here is that you need the appropriate CTA. A successful B2B campaign rarely uses the “buy now” call to action or those that encourage immediate conversion.

Your goal is to get companies to find out more about your offers, so use CTAs that encourage them to contact you or find more information.

Other ad copy tips to keep in mind include:

● Be specific
● Use social proof
● Reinforce your credibility
● Outline your values

Measure and Improve

Once you start running your B2B campaign, keep your eyes peeled to your Google Analytics. This will help you spot any delivery issues and address them quickly so that you’re not spending money on an ad that doesn’t help you reach your goals.

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