Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Delivering

February 3, 2024

Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Delivering | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Have you been wondering why your Facebook ad isn’t getting any impressions? Facebook advertising may be one of the most effective ways of building your brand awareness on social media. But the process for creating and launching effective ads isn’t full-proof. The average small business will spend two thousand dollars per month on Facebook. But if Facebook doesn’t show your ads to your target audience, that ad spend can quickly disappear, with nothing to show for it. Below are some of the top reasons why Facebook doesn’t show your ads, and what you can do about Facebook ads that aren’t delivering the campaign objective you want.

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1. Facebook has disapproved your ads.

Facebook is a privately owned company, and they set their own rules for what can be included in an ad or not. If Facebook doesn’t approve your ad, you should get an email notification announcing the disapproval and why it has happened. The announcement for disapproval will also be placed within the ad manager. There are several reasons why Facebook will disapprove an ad:

  • The ad features or promotes tobacco products, related products, or illicit drugs or legal pharmaceuticals
  • The ad promotes unreliable, unsafe supplements
  • Your ad is trying to sell weapons, explosives, or ammunition
  • The ad shows sexually suggestive or violent content or product images
  • The ad promises to forge official documents
  • Cell phone trackers, surveillance equipment, spy cams, malware, or other forms of spyware are featured in the ad.
  • A health or wellness ad is targeting people under the age of 18
  • The ad is using exaggerated before-and-after pictures for weight loss promotion
  • The ad is promoting an unrealistic, fraudulent, or get-rich-quick scheme

There are two things you can do to fix the ad and get the Facebook campaign running again. You can edit the ad or ad set that has been disapproved and resubmit it for review from the compliance team. Or if you’ve tried that and still can’t figure out what’s causing Facebook not to show your ads, you can appeal the decision. Fill out the request form for a review of the ad and submit it to Facebook. Usually though, editing the ad is enough to get it approved. It takes Facebook about 24 hours to accept an ad.

2. You’ve already reached your spending limit.

When you’ve reached your spending limit, Facebook doesn’t show the ads anymore. Every ad account in Facebook has an individual spending limit you can set to run ads. Setting an individual spending limit is supposed to prevent your Facebook campaigns from exceeding your total budget limits. But it’s easy for marketers to place their spending limit and then completely forget about it as they run ads.

If your Facebook ads aren’t showing, double-check the spending limit. It’s an easy fix if you’ve exceeded the budget. Go to the Ads Manager Menu and navigate to the Billing and Payment Methods tab. In the Billing and Payment Methods tab, you’ll find the account spending limits for the ad set on the right side of the screen along with the amount of money that you’ve spent out of the total budget limit. Below that, three links allow you to either change, remove, or rest your budget. Once you adjust the spending limits, your Facebook ads should start to show.

3. You’ve broken the 20% rule for text.

Facebook has a lot of rules. But one of the most forgettable and often overlooked requirements for Facebook advertising is the 20% text rule. The images in your Facebook ads can’t go over an image-to-text ratio of 20%. That rule includes things like watermarks, slogans, and logos. Any other text that is on the image itself is also included in the rule. Is your ad a giant wall of text? It won’t get approved. Even if your image meets all the requirements, you still need to have the right amount of text to get Facebook to show your ads.

4. The ads aren’t relevant to your audience.

Facebook gives advertisers a Relevance Score ranging from one to ten. This is Facebook’s way of measuring how interesting your ads are to your target audience, and if the audience is positively or negatively engaging with the ads. Likes, comments, and shares are considered positive engagement while hiding the ad or reporting it is considered negative interactions. All of these components will impact your Relevance Score, and a higher score means the ads will be displayed to more people, and you’ll also pay less for the ads.

You can find your Facebook Relevance Score in the Ads Manager when you select your campaign. From there, you can edit the columns until the Relevance Score is showing. You’ll also be able to see if the ad set is receiving positive or negative attention, and how much.

Another Facebook ads tool that can help you improve your Relevance Score is the Audience Overlap Tool. The Audience Overlap tool lets you compare up to five different audiences at one time. You can see the exact percentage of audience members who overlap among the different audiences. Ads that are displaying to targeted audience members are more likely to be engaged with positively, and the ads are also more likely to convert.

The year Facebook started was in 2004. At the time, access was limited on who could use the platform, but not anymore. Less than a decade later, Facebook became one of the world’s social media giants and the flagship social media enterprise. It’s no wonder marketers want to take advantage of Facebook to get their ads in front of the people most likely to purchase their unique offerings.

If your Facebook ads aren’t showing, keep these tips in mind. Our team of digital marketing experts at Australian Internet Advertising can get your ads optimised and ready for business. Contact us today to get started with a Facebook Marketing campaign that will give you the results you want for your brand.

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