How To Get Conversions

February 15, 2024

How To Get Conversions | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Google solves almost everything…

Google is an excellent tool for finding solutions to problems. Most people start by looking up how they can solve their issue on Google, and then move onto other sites if needed.

What can you do to catch their attention and make them choose your product or service? More specifically, how can you attract leads and increase your conversion rates?

In this blog post, we will talk about the most effective ways for you to increase your conversion rate.

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How to Increase Conversion Rate

1. Create High-Quality Content

You can’t attract leads and turn them into customers if the content on your landing page is thin or doesn’t add any value to a reader. You need trust from those prospects in order for them to take action, so show off that you’re an expert with knowledge about what they are looking for by providing quality material such as helpful tips & tricks.

2. Are Your CTA Buttons Effective?

The purpose of the call-to-action button is to guide prospects towards your goal conversion. You want them downloading, buying a copy, or subscribing so that they can get more out of it.

We all know that call to action copy is important, but if you want more conversions from your customers then it’s time for some thinking. The easiest way of boosting conversion rates? Make sure the CTA speaks directly with their interests and values by telling them why they should take action now instead of waiting around.

For example –  tell them to “Get a free consultation” instead of “Contact us.” It’s more specific and valuable than a standard CTA.

3. Use Social Proof

Social Proof for Conversion Rate Optimsation

When prospects browse your landing page and see testimonials from industry experts they respect, that’s social proof. And it can be an excellent conversion rate optimisation trick to show them how many others have already tested the product or service you are offering without any issues – this helps build confidence in their choice because of all those happy customer reviews.

4. Focus on Converting Visitors into Subscribers

The cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than the retention rate. Even if you’re getting five times more out of your current client, it’s still cheaper and easier to turn them into an advocate for what you do by turning leads into customers rather than convincing someone who has never heard about anyone before why they should buy this product or service at all (and even then many wouldn’t). The solution? Create content that speaks directly towards potential buyers – after all everyone wants some free stuff right?!

Your website should be designed to keep users on the page for as long and give them an opportunity at getting their email address. One great way is by designing a timed pop-up after they have spent some money, which invites people who want more info about what you offer with a simple one-click subscribe button right in your content.

6. Remove Distractions

When it comes time to make your offer, don’t be tempted by the idea of telling prospects about all that other great content you have available. Stick with one landing page and let them explore before they decide which product is right for them.

Keep it brief and sweet! Talk about what makes this product so great, how you can use it for your business or personal needs. Include some testimonials from people who’ve tried these services before with success in their voices – remember they’re going to want more than just text on the screen when reading an email blast so spice things up by adding pictures too.

7. Make Converting Easy

You might be able to cut down on the number of forms you need by only asking for an email address. This will save time and make it easier for people who are interested in what your company has offer, but don’t want lose any personal information along the way – like their name or phone number.

8. Use Live Chat Tools

Some prospects may be interested in buying your product, but they may want additional information before they decide. A live chat will give them the option to get answers to the questions that keep them from converting.

Need Help Increasing Your Conversion Rate

The goal of any website should be to get people onto your site and then convert them into customers. A conversion rate as low at 0.1% means that you need 1,000 visitors for each customer scored which is a lot work when there isn’t much return on investment.

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With an in-depth level of digital marketing knowledge, William has been sort after by and worked for, many large national brands including Subaru, Blooms The Chemist, and Nova 96.9.

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