What Are Facebook Video Ads

July 15, 2019

What Are Facebook Video Ads | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Facebook is one of the most widely used and versatile social media platforms. It has adapted to its many users by introducing various functions and tools. Facebook remains an easy to use channel for sharing media, supporting pictures, text and video content, with special features like live video or 360° pictures.

If you are a business owner, then the giant social network has created a special environment for you with various ad formats to promote your Facebook pages, link them to your websites and create relevant content that would connect customers to the most fitting product or service for them. A big part of how that works is achieved through Facebook Ads, as we will further present.

After going through the basics of Facebook ads, we will discuss the importance of video marketing and video ads for your business.

Are You Ready to Use Facebook Ads for Your Business?

First things first: if you want to start using Facebook’s built-in business tools, you need to prepare your brand’s account and use the platform properly. Don’t assume that the page for your business will be just as easy to navigate through as your personal account. Facebook advertisements for businesses have a higher level of complexity and they need some setting up before being fully productive.

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business

Go to the business portal of Facebook and create a page for your business. The first step you will take is to select the type of your business from several preset ones. This will tell Facebook where to put your business when suggesting your type of product or service to its users. As you go further, you will have to give more details about what you do and start adding more and more content that tells your brand’s story.

Pay attention to the “About” page especially, since it holds important information about you. That will help potential customers see you as a good and easy to recommend candidate.

Creating a Facebook Ad Account

Before talking about video ads, you need to learn how to get started with Facebook advertising in the first place.

If you want to start creating ads and promoting your business efficiently, you need to set up an ad account. Of course, organic traffic is the most valuable way to get your brand out there, but paid ads will give you the necessary boost in crucial times, such as the launch of a new product or service.

To start promoting your business, go to Facebook’s Business Manager page and create another account. Once you’re logged in, you can select your business page and link it to the Business Manager. This will be your ad dashboard.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Before you actually start sharing video content, you will need to define your target audience and be able to split it into groups. For any type of ad that will be shared on Facebook, targeting is the secret to make it reach the right users and have the impact you are expecting from it.

Facebook gives you multiple targeting variables about people who are connected to your page, but also from general Facebook users. These insights allow you to precisely reach the people who are the most likely to interact with your brand and select it for personal consumption. When you will create an ad, you can control who Facebook is going to show it to, when and how.

Create Your Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has many types of content you can share and promote via Facebook Ads, but video content seems to gain more and more territory, not only within the social network ecosystem but in the general marketing world too.

Why Should You Use Facebook Video Ads?

Video seems like a pretentious media channel that is not cost or energy-efficient for small businesses like yours. This is no longer true. In an online world so dynamic as the current one, video is no longer reserved just for big companies who invest a lot in the cinematics of it. Internet users love video content – there’s no doubt about it, but they appreciate authenticity more than they do special effects and perfect imagery. That is why social networks like Instagram and Facebook are focusing intensively on it right now.

On average, a user spends five times longer watching a video than checking out a picture. It is clear that video content is more interesting and engaging. Moreover, it can deliver more information in a short period of time and it is relatively easy to create.

Facebook makes it even easier with its Video Creation Kit, a tool that optimizes your animated ads for mobile and any other device your Facebook users navigate on. For instance, if you want to ensure that your video ads take up more space on a user’s Facebook wall and that it’s ready to be shared on other social media networks like Instagram is to create square videos. And, that’s precisely what the Video Creation Kit will help you achieve.

Besides drawing attention to your brand, shared videos on Facebook will increase engagement rates too, driving your existing customers to recommend you and share your video ads. Facebook video ads drive more conversions, which translates into organic traffic, even when starting out with paid ads.

Best Ways to Make Your Facebook Video Ads Really Captivating

Here are a few ideas that will help you create compelling Facebook video ads:

  • Useful Message with an Unexpected Delivery

If you want to harvest Facebook’s power to connect people with the brands they fit with best, then you need to create video advertisement content that will stand out in the feed of your audience and persuade them to click with them. Work on video ads that not only serve an informative and useful purpose but do so in an unexpected, interesting manner.

  • Structured Storytelling

Consider your Facebook video ad to be like a story with an introduction, intrigue and a satisfying ending. The way you tell your stories will reflect on the personality of your brand and how your audience perceives you. Watching videos that have a dynamic story will encourage your viewers to respond to the call to action that you included in your video.

  • Mute It Down

Will your video lose its purpose if it’s muted? Keep in mind that many Facebook users are browsing on the go and often keep their device on mute. So, it’s paramount to consider this fact when creating your video. Provide information even without sound and use visual tricks to capture the attention of your audience. If your video is shareable, a larger number of people will be exposed to your brand’s message.

  • Text Tagline to Your Videos

We shouldn’t have to tell you that if you want to use your video views to get better conversion rates, then you will need to include a call to action. Make it in the form of a text tagline that invites your viewers to go further and visit your page. This message should be short and visible, easy to remember after viewing the animated video.

Facebook Advertising that Really Works!

To conclude this introductory article, we must say that you don’t have to ditch the text or photo content of your Facebook page. But, do work on getting your video ads out there. They represent the future of online marketing and they are here to stay.

And, don’t forget that if you need any help with Facebook, we are just a click away. Get in touch with Australian Internet Advertising, and let’s discuss your Facebook marketing needs.

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