What Are Facebook Video Ads?

February 5, 2024

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The versatility of Facebook is unparalleled. From photos, videos, and live streams to 360° posts – it’s all possible on this social media platform!

If you are a business owner, then the giant social network has created a special environment for you with various ad formats to promote your Facebook pages, link them to your websites and create relevant content that would connect customers to the most fitting product or service for them.

A big part of how this works is achieved through Facebook Ads, as we will further present.

After going through the basics of Facebook ads, we will discuss the importance of video marketing and video ads for your business.

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Are You Ready to Use Facebook Ads for Your Business?

First things first: if you want to start using Facebook’s built-in business tools, you need to prepare your brand’s account and use the platform properly. Don’t assume that the page for your business will be just as easy to navigate through as your personal account. Facebook advertisements for businesses have a higher level of complexity and they need some setting up before being fully productive.

Creating a Facebook Page For Your Business.

Facebook has a variety of business pages for you to choose from, including the options that will best represent your product or service. You can select which type of company it is and input all necessary information about what makes up this brand before adding more content onto an existing post specifically tailored towards announcing its launch.

The “About” page is the perfect place to put your most important information. This will help potential customers see you as an honest and easy-to recommend candidate who has time for them.

Creating a Facebook Ad Account.

Before talking about video ads, you need to learn how to get started with Facebook advertising in the first place.

Paid ads are great for getting your brand out there in the early stages of product launches when you need more attention than organic traffic can provide. As an example, we could think about how makers of diet products often use paid advertising campaigns before launching their new goods onto shelves with great success.

To maximize your chances for success with Facebook advertising, it is important that you have a strong business page and linked account. The more followers or likes on this social media outlet will increase the chance of attracting new customers!

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Before you share video content on Facebook, it is important to define who your target audience is and be able to split them up into groups. For any type of ad that will appear in this format then targeting people with certain interests or behaviors helps make sure they’re reached for the right reasons so their attention can be captured properly.

Facebook gives you the power to target your ad based on people’s unique interests, be it food preferences or favorite football team. This means that instead of spending money reaching someone who might not care at all about what product is being advertised – now advertisers can spend less time and energy getting in front of their desired customer base.

Create Your Facebook Video Ads.

Facebook has many types of content you can share and promote via Facebook Ads, but video content seems to gain more and more territory, not only within the social network ecosystem but in the general marketing world too.

Why Should You Use Facebook Video Ads?

Video is a powerful and entertaining medium that can be used to tell any story. It’s no longer reserved just for big companies who invest in the cinematics, as it has become an internet favorite with consumers craving authenticity over special effects or perfect imagery – this trend especially shows up on social networks like Instagram where videos are front-and-center content type.

Video is clearly more interesting and engaging than pictures. Videos can deliver a lot of information in very little time, which makes them perfect for when you have an urgent question or want some quick advice from someone else who has lived through what you’re going through right now.

With the Video Creation Kit, you can optimize your animated ads for mobile and any other device that Facebook users navigate on. For instance to ensure a video is ready in anticipation of being shared across social media networks like Instagram – create square videos.

The video ads on Facebook are a great way to get your message out there and increase engagement. The best part? They drive more conversions, which results in organic traffic from people who were already interested enough about what you offer them – even if it’s just an ad.

Best Ways to Make Your Facebook Video Ads Captivating.

Here are a few ideas that will help you create compelling Facebook video ads:

  • Useful Message with an Unexpected Delivery

Have you ever noticed how people who watch videos on Facebook are more likely to click an ad? The power of these advertisements is undeniable. That’s why it’s important for your video ads not only serve a useful purpose but also make them stand out in comparison with other content, like when we see something surprising at the end.

  • Structured Storytelling

Your video ad should be like a story with an introduction, intrigue, and satisfying ending. The way you tell these stories will reflect on your brand’s personality as well as how audiences perceive them when they watch videos created for this purpose. Watch out for dynamic content that encourages viewers to take action after watching – it could lead to increased conversions.

  • Mute It Down

Keeping the sound down, will your video lose its purpose? Keep in mind that many Facebook users are browsing on their phones. So it’s crucial to consider this fact when creating and editing videos for social media sites like YouTube or Instagram where muted videos can still be seen by others who have them turned off at work (or home). Use informative graphics/diagrams alongside written text if possible; these provide more information than just voice-overs do–and allow people viewing along with you to get valuable insights without having consumed hours upon end of content live.

  • Text Tagline to Your Videos

You know that if you want to increase your conversion rates, then it’s important for there be an action call-to-action in the video. We recommend including a short text tagline at least 3 words long which asks viewers go ahead and visit what they just saw on screen.

Facebook Advertising that Really Works!

You don’t have to ditch the text or photo content of your Facebook page. But, do work on getting your video ads out there. They represent the future of online marketing and they are here to stay.

And, don’t forget that if you need any help with Facebook, we are just a click away. Get in touch with Australian Internet Advertising, and let’s discuss your Facebook marketing needs.

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