Is Shopify Good for SEO?

March 31, 2024

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Are you an eCommerce business owner trying to determine if Shopify is the optimal platform for your online store? Look no further; read this blog till the end to find out if Shopify is the right platform for your SEO needs.

In today’s world SEO is crucial to eCommerce businesses. For Shopify store owners, being on top of SEO is essential for unlocking online visibility and sales opportunities. However, navigating Shopify’s SEO terrain isn’t always easy. Let’s explore the challenges and strategies to conquer Shopify SEO obstacles.

Why Shopify SEO Matters

In the bustling eCommerce world, visibility is key. Shopify SEO isn’t just about ranking higher; it’s about thriving in the fiercely competitive digital arena. Without strategic SEO, your products risk being lost in countless search results.

Common Shopify SEO Challenges

Shopify’s appeal is undeniable, but it’s not without its SEO hurdles. From duplicate content issues to meta tag mysteries, here’s a glimpse into the challenges that often affect Shopify store owners:

Duplicate Content Problem

Duplicate content is a significant issue for SEO, yet it’s common for Shopify sites. Despite using canonical tags, Shopify’s internal linking structure can undermine SEO efforts, sending conflicting signals to search engines.

Meta Tag Challenge

Meta tags play a crucial role in SEO, but customising them on Shopify isn’t always straightforward. For non-coders, navigating theme templates can be challenging, requiring coding skills or external technical assistance.

Product Description Issue

Product descriptions are vital for SEO, yet creating unique, compelling content for each item can be tough. Neglecting sparse or duplicate product descriptions can harm SEO rankings.

Robots.txt Restriction

Shopify’s limitations extend to the inability to modify the robots.txt file, limiting control over page indexing. While workarounds exist, this restriction adds complexity to SEO optimisation.

Shopify’s SEO Strengths

Amidst the challenges lie opportunities. Despite its shortcomings, Shopify boasts several SEO-friendly features:

  • Structured Data Supremacy: Many Shopify themes excel in providing structured data, offering vital product details to search engines.
  • App Arsenal: Shopify’s wide array of SEO apps streamlines optimisation efforts, from image processing to review filtering.

Busting the Myth

Contrary to popular belief, Shopify isn’t inherently bad for SEO. With the right expertise and support, Shopify SEO challenges can be overcome. Australian Internet Advertising offers tailored solutions to navigate Shopify’s SEO landscape, empowering store owners to achieve online success.


In the dynamic world of eCommerce, Shopify SEO presents both challenges and opportunities. By understanding Shopify’s SEO landscape and leveraging its strengths, store owners can boost their online visibility and profitability.

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