How To Write Facebook Ads To Increase Click-Through Rates

April 14, 2024

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Writing ads using Facebook’s ad platform is not easy. At best, you can use a few words and an eye-catching image or video to encourage people to click on your ad, and it can be difficult to stand out to potential customers and Facebook users.

Even compared to alternative services like Google Ads, you have less space to convert customers and appeal to your target audience, in most cases. The average click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook ads is only about 0.90%. So, how can you increase the CTR and reach new customers more effectively?

By following these best practices to create an optimized ad! Read on, and see our top tips to increase your CTR, appeal to your target audience more effectively, and make sure you’re making the most out of your Facebook ads budget.

1. Start By Narrowing Down Your Target Audience

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One common reason for low click-through rates is a target audience that’s too broad – and is not necessarily interested in what you’re selling. Because of this, it’s important to narrow down your target audience as much as possible.

Facebook lets you set a few simple parameters that you can use to adjust your target audiences, such as their age group, income, and geographic location, and most people use these parameters to improve their CTR.

However, you can dig down a lot more deeply than this, and select an audience based on a wide variety of other interests, demographics, and behaviours, such as new parents, recently-engaged couples, university students, frequent travellers, people with certain political views, and so much more.

We highly recommend using analytics tools to identify the customers who are the most likely to buy from your business – and creating Facebook ads with them in mind. This will dramatically enhance the CTR for your Facebook ads, compared to a generic, broad audience.

2. Write An Appealing And Irresistible Ad With A Unique Offer

Just choosing the right audience isn’t enough. You also need to create an ad that makes your offer and unique selling proposition (USP) clear to customers – and can convince them to click your ad and learn more about your products or services. Facebook Ads typically consist of the following parts:


The headline is the “magnet” for your ad, because it’s what people will read first before they move onto reading other elements. You need to take your time when writing your headline, and create a memorable, yet simple headline that will encourage a Facebook user to consider the rest of your ad.

Body text

Depending on the type of ad, there may be multiple places to use body text. Use the space as effectively as you can. We highly recommend incorporating social proof, if possible.

This is the idea that customers are more likely to try a product if they hear positive things about it from their peers. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust reviews from friends and family, so incorporating feedback from previous customers is a good place to start.

Image or video

Depending on whether you have a standard ad, are using video ads, or have a carousel ad, the options you have for your image or video may vary. Use interesting, customized imagery – not generic stock photos. Humans are very visual. We process images about 60,000 times faster than text, so it’s very important to choose interesting, relevant, and appealing images and video for your ad.


Your CTA buttons are what encourage your customer to click your link and take some kind of action based on your ad, such as enquiring about pricing, buying an item, signing up for an email list, or even “liking” your business page.

Your CTA should be very clear. If you’re selling a product with your ad, for example, it should read “Buy Now,” not “Learn More.” Be as direct as possible with your CTA to avoid customer confusion and frustration.

3. Use A Landing Page To Convert Customers After They Click Your Ad

A “landing page” is a website page that’s specifically designed to get customers to buy a product, subscribe to a mailing list, inquire about pricing, or take some other kind of action after they click an ad.

Landing pages are important because even after a customer clicks your ad, they won’t necessarily make a purchase or take the next action in the sales funnel. They may leave your website without doing anything at all.

A landing page can help with this. Landing pages are specifically designed to help a potential customer complete the action they began when they clicked on your Facebook ad.

For example, instead of directing customers to your home page when they click on an ad for your restaurant, you can send them directly to a pre-built landing page that lets them place an order immediately – reducing the likelihood that they will get distracted or change their mind, and maximizing your conversion rate.

4. Always A/B Test All Of Your Facebook Ads To Refine Them & Improve CTR

It’s a good idea to always make two versions of every Facebook ad and run them simultaneously, then compare the results of each one. This is known as “A/B” testing, and it allows you to see which ad is more effective.

This is beneficial because it allows you to refine your ads over time, and understand what’s working for your audience – and what ad copy, images, and offers may be less effective. By regularly A/B testing your Facebook ads, you’ll be able to make the most of your ad budget.

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