How Does Google Track Phone Calls From Google Ads?

January 31, 2024

How Does Google Track Phone Calls From Google Ads? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Google Ads is the best way to attract new customers and increase revenue for any business. The service has features that allow you set up specific actions so your targeting will be more effective, like linking click rates with landing page views or call conversions on websites.

It’s also worth noting how easy it can get lost in Google Ads since there are over 100 different ways one could go about optimizing their campaign!

Google Ads allows you to run ads that put your brand’s phone number in plain sight and increase the likelihood of customers pressing on it. But how does Google track these calls? When is a call counted as conversion, which would then charge me for the service?

Let’s take a closer look at this subject together!

Website Call Conversion 101

To make sure you can track your calls, first create a call-only ad where it will still be using the copy to describe services but instead of having links on them go towards landing pages or websites with prices listed in order for users who contact us via phone have an easier time contacting someone knowledgeable about their needs.

This type of conversion will then count a call as a successful lead when it lasts longer than whatever minimum length you choose, even just 30 seconds if that’s what your goal is.

You can enable call conversion tracking at all levels of the ad groups and campaigns, so if you want to run a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your phone number then Google offers this option.

Who Needs to Track Calls?

Tracking the number of calls made to your business can be important for monitoring how effective marketing strategies are. For example, if you own a local salon and offer customers the option of booking via phone call it might make more sense just create an ad promoting what their numbers are instead of linking them off some landing page where they have clicked on something else as opposed to calling in person right?

With the removal of some usual steps in the ads’ funnel, you are giving your audience an opportunity to call and ask questions right away. This gives them an even greater chance at converting into customers by phone or through appointments with a representative.

How To Set up Call Tracking?

To actually track phone calls that come from ads, you first need to tell Google how important it is for them. Otherwise, even if your ad contains a telephone number in there somewhere-which usually means people are looking at something on their computer screen rather than dialing straight away – Google won’t know when someone picks up and makes an actual call because their conversion tracking won’t work without this extra information.

To enable call conversion tracking, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Go to your Google Ads Account, and select the Conversions tab under Measurement;
  • Click on Phone Calls, then select Calls using call extension or call-only ads;
  • Then, select a description for your conversion from the drop-down menu. This way, you can segment your audience in the reports and have a better understanding of your results;
  • Select if the ad should count every conversion per ad click, or one. Choose “every” for sales and “one* for leads;
  • Choose a call length. Write down the seconds a call needs to last to be counted as a conversion. This will tell Google to only track when calls last a particular time frame;
  • Click on the conversion window to choose how long after a click on the ad you want to track this action. The window can be anywhere from 1 day to 60 days.

This is the basic way to set up the calls conversion action. Once you’re finished, you can click Create and continue and start running your ads.

You’ll need to enable call reporting, which will generate the Google forwarding number. This unique phone number assigned to you that is used for tracking all of your calls throughout multiple campaigns and can be enabled in Ads Account settings or through an account-wide switch under “Call Reporting.”

Where Do These Ads Appear?

If you want more calls from ads, it’s important to know that these promos don’t appear in every single corner of Google’s reach.

The best way to get a high ranking in search engine results is by using ads that promote calls as conversion. These types of advertisements will only appear when someone searches on their phone and can be found at the top right corner next to any queries being made through Google’s app store or website, so make sure it has been optimised for mobile.

The key to getting your ads noticed is targeting the right keywords. It may also help you focus on one or two specific phrases within an ad group if there are too many target words for just that single campaign, so people see what they want and call.

Keep in mind ads that allow direct calls are not available on the Display Network, but you can use banners to advertise your business.

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