How do Google AdWords Work with Youtube?

March 2, 2024

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The Google display network is one of the biggest advertising networks available. Small business owners everywhere are taking advantage of the network and getting their companies in front of highly targeted consumers most likely to convert. On average, a Google AdWords campaign will give you a 200% ROI. And if you have videos you want to promote, you can get your YouTube channel in front of qualified leads with Google AdWords. Today, we’ll discuss how Google AdWords works with YouTube, and why you should invest in a YouTube and AdWords digital marketing campaign for your business.

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Why should you use video marketing?

Using videos to market your business is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand awareness. When it comes to YouTube, the company reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% year after year. If you’re not investing in a video marketing strategy on the Google Display Network, you’re missing out on revenue 55% of people watch online videos every day, and almost 90% of those people share them with their friends on social media. If you want to keep your business competitive, you’ll have to start using videos to reach your customers. But the best place to display your videos is on the Google Display Network or GDN. Google owns 71% of market share, and it is the world’s largest advertising network. YouTube is the video marketing arm of Google AdWords and the GDN.

How do you get started with a YouTube AdWords campaign?

You’ll need a deep understanding of your target audience, and know how to offer value to your audience with videos. When your videos provide your target customer quality content, and you use your Google AdWords campaign to target to the right audience, you’ll see your YouTube channel grow along with your sales and brand awareness. Google AdWords campaigns can give your YouTube channel a considerable boost in organic growth.

Once you’ve created several valuable, high-quality videos for your YouTube channel, you’ll need an AdWords account to start promoting your video content. Next, you’ll want to link your AdWords account to your YouTube channel. You can do that by clicking ‘Tools,’ then ‘Billing,’ and finally, the ‘Settings’ icon. Next, select ‘Linked Accounts’ and click YouTube. A set of simple on-screen instructions will display, and that will show you how to complete the process. Once you set up the AdWords account and link it to your YouTube channel, you can then create a new marketing campaign in AdWords.

When it comes to AdWords video marketing, you’ll want to choose one of two goals for your campaign. You can also set your campaign to have ‘no goal’ if neither of the choices that are pre-determined in the Ads manager are going to work for your objectives.

  • Brand Awareness and Reach

If you select this goal, your ad can reach a lot of viewers for only a small amount of money. The downside is that your ad won’t appear in search results. The purpose of this goal is more for vloggers and businesses who are interested in getting their channel in front of new viewers and subscribers.

  • Product and Brand Consideration

By choosing this goal, your ad will appear in YouTube search results when people search for specific products or services. If you want to promote your unique offerings to potential buyers, this is an excellent goal to choose for your campaign.

How do Google AdWords Work with Youtube?

Setting a Budget

Once you choose a goal for your campaign, it’s time to set a daily budget. Most small business owners start with a 5 dollar per day budget, and the standard delivery method will keep your ad showing all day long. But if you choose the accelerated method for your campaign, your budget will be used up during the early part of the day.

It’s important that your ads only appear on relevant websites. When you choose where to display your ads, make sure that you clear the ‘Video Partners on the Display Network’ box. You want to make sure that you’re only promoting your ads on YouTube search, not anywhere else. This will also keep your costs down.

When you make sure that your ads show up where people are in a ‘viewing’ mood, your ads will be measured via views, not impressions. Remember, Google AdWords campaigns that are targeted toward YouTube will only charge your account if someone actually watches your video, not if the video displays.

What’s the best way to target your audience?

You’ll want to have a good idea of your target audience’s demographics to get the maximum ROI for your AdWords campaigns. In your accounts manager, you can narrow down your audience to their language, location, and the devices they use. After you create an ad group with your campaign, you’ll be able to narrow down your audience’s interests further.

  • If your video is popular in different languages or has subtitles, you’ll reach more people if you select the ad to display to audience members who speak multiple languages.
  • Know where your target audience is located. You can have your ads only display to a single country, or you can reach a broader audience by selecting multiple countries.
  • You can target for device viewing too. This is helpful if you have a business with a model centered around iOS devices.
  • You can also cap the frequency, impressions, and views of your ad. Limiting your impressions for the health of your budget is crucial.
  • Content Exclusion settings allow you to filter out irrelevant websites, categories of videos, and mobile apps.

How can you determine when the ads will display?

In the accounts manager, you can set your ad to display at specific hours, or days of the week. It’s vital that you have a good grasp of your target audience analytics, so you know the optimum time to display your ads. If you tend to get the most views on a weekend, you can set your ads to show up more often on Saturdays and Sundays.

Once you have your campaign settings configured, you can create ad groups for the campaign. Ad groups allow you to cluster several YouTube videos into a single AdWords campaign. Targeting is determined based on who you want to see the video. For example, people who are searching for specific keywords or viewers who watch a specific popular YouTube channel related to your niche. Every video in a particular ad group can use either in-stream ads or a discovery ad type. This will determine where your ad appears on YouTube.

  • Instream ads appear before the YouTube video people want to see.
  • Discovery ads appear as suggestions beside the video someone is watching.

Configuring different ad groups can help you maximise your budget and get an excellent ROI. For example, you can optimise your discovery ads, and then start targeting specific audience groups with in-stream ads.

After you’ve set up your audience targeting metrics, configured your ad groups, and set your budget, you can start adding the videos you wish to promote for each specific ad campaign.

You’ll get the best results once your targeting is right. When it comes to video marketing with Google AdWords, you’ll want to pay close attention to the following metrics:

  • Views
  • View Rate
  • Percentage View Rate
  • Watch Time
  • Engagement, or Likes and Comments

Also, keep a close watch on your video content. You want to make sure the video is striking and relevant enough to capture the viewer’s attention within 10 seconds or less. And, you’ll want a call-to-action at the end. Your CTA can invite viewers to subscribe to your channel, ‘like’ your video, or visit your website.

After you’ve created excellent video content for your YouTube channel and start using AdWords to promote your videos, you’ll see a massive increase in audience growth and engagement. As you continue to grow your audience via Google AdWords and YouTube, you will increase your sales numbers, and also expand your organic reach by organising an optimised campaign for your business goals.  

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