Does Your Shopify Store Name Matter?

December 28, 2022

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Building an online store in such an effervescent business environment can be intimidating. Competition is fierce, consumers seem to change behaviours all the time and have very specific needs, and you have a lot of administrative stuff to figure out.

Choosing a name for your Shopify store might seem like a very small task, but it should be given the proper importance and be aligned with your long-term vision.

Many entrepreneurs are in a hurry when starting out their business, eager to get out there and start selling their products or their services. But the primary steps you take when creating an online brand are crucial, as they will impact your next moves in the long run.

Let’s see what you need to have in mind when choosing a name for your store in your Shopify account.

Choosing the Right Name for Your Store

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Your name should not only be your brand but also align with all the other elements of your Shopify store: the theme, site structure, content voice and tone, the design of your logo, etc. Choosing the right name for your business might be a very long process, with some owners pondering on it for years until they gather the resources to actually get their business running.

Even if an online store might not seem like a business that will grow to have a decades-long tradition, it still has to be given a proper name.

Since your business operates online, you should also come up with a name that is SEO-friendly, since your potential customers will come from search engines. While having an original name is preferable for store owners, especially those who put a lot of their personal resources in their business, you should also make sure it has an impact on your audience.

Start by lying down the things that define your brand AND your audience. After all, you want your brand to be aligned with what your customers like. Write down every quality, characteristic, value, idea, colour scheme, feeling that you think your brand should evoke, and start from that.

When you create a new account on Shopify, it’s best to already have a few ideas of what your store will be named. Brainstorming for Shopify store names might be frustrating at first, but it gets rewarding once the ideas start to flow. Incorporate the most important keywords that would help your customers reach you, like “handmade”, “luxurious”, “wooden”, “Australian,” etc. Always remember that your goal is to get your customers to love your brand.

Before you go on with the perfect name you managed to find for your store, don’t forget to check if another company has used it before, to avoid copyright infringement.

Using a Name Generator for Your Shopify Store

If your Shopify store is not so specialised to get a whimsical, original name, or maybe it’s in your brand’s personality to keep things authentic, simple, and concise, you can also try a name generating tool. You might be surprised to find out that some name generators also propose creative wordplay and impactful names besides the safer option.

To generate a list of names, you have to input the words that define your brand’s personality, image, and industry. The tool will instantly return several name variants using combinations of your words and common words in the eCommerce industry. Name generators can also check the availability of a domain.

Think of Changing the Name of Your Shopify Store?

If you already have a Shopify store, but you want to change its name to something better, the good news is that changing your name IS possible.

You will find out that changing your subdomain name is not possible, though. You choose a subdomain name when creating your account, and it looks like this:

What can be edited is a custom domain name for a domain you can buy from Shopify or a third-party provider. Having a custom domain you can set as the primary domain allows you to rebrand your store and have a URL, which inspires more trust.

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