Conversion Optimisation Tips for Zooming Past Your Competition

February 28, 2024

Conversion Optimisation Tips for Zooming Past Your Competition | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Conversion rate optimisation is a big priority for a lot of marketers. Though the topic of conversation usually revolves heavily around SEO as a way to increase traffic and get new people to a site, this particular effort would basically go nowhere.

Here are some conversion optimisation tips you should consider adopting in your marketing strategy to move ahead of your competitors:

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Design a Personalised CRO

A conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy is not a one-size-fits-all kind of endeavour. It’s important to structure this strategy around the specific goals of the business and calibrate it with other marketing efforts that are occurring at the same time.

CRO can mean a lot of different things in practice:

    • Making content more engaging
    • Optimising the sales funnel
    • Addressing web page technical issues
  • Testing different CTA buttons, etc.

Essentially, you’ll have to first analyse where your business is at right now, and what might be keeping the target audience from completing the funnel. You can do it by becoming more familiar with your analytics tool and track the journey of users on your site, and try to identify any issues that could explain why they didn’t convert.

Based on your findings, you can create a good CRO strategy around your brand.

Research, But Be Critical of What You Find

When you try to boost conversions, it’s easy to get caught up in the sea of information that’s online. To make matters worse, you might even find conflicting information, with one tip telling you to do something, while another boasts the benefits of doing the complete opposite.

Since CRO is such a personalised venture, many turn to analysing case studies, and see the journey of another business (especially one similar to theirs), and try to apply its findings. While this is not necessarily a bad approach, you do need to be critical of the information you find in these case studies.

Similar business models don’t mean you’re dealing with the same audience, and any variations in target could render the CRO model-strategy ineffective. You can use the case studies as more of a way to find inspiration for potential methods to increase conversions, rather than taking the information there at face value.

A/B Testing

Running an A/B test will be the key to your conversion optimisation efforts. Even if you have a good idea of who your target audience is, knowing what gets them to actually convert won’t be an easy discovery.

Through A/B testing or split testing, you are testing two (or more) variants of a web page to try and determine which is more successful at increasing your conversions.

Some elements to compare in the testing phase can include:

  • CTA button
  • Headline and content
  • Product/service price
  • Payment methods (credit cards, debit cards, or another type payment you want to test)
  • Page colour scheme, etc.

A/B testing is now supported through the use of software that can make gathering data easier, but there is still a learning curve when it comes to designing the test. Here are some tips to help you test properly:

  • Have a sample size in advance
  • Run the test for a full business cycle, such as a full week or a month
  • Establish how you’ll evaluate the results
  • Establish the elements that will differ from page to page
  • Test your data tracking tool to make sure you’ll have accurate results at the end of the spilt testing
  • Try not to have the pages compete with each other (such as running ads and having the same audience for both)

Build Social Proof

Think of two cafes: one’s really crowded, one’s empty. The initial reaction of someone with no knowledge of the two cafes is that the crowned one is likely better, or how else would it attract such a big group? The empty one might also offer good services, but it would have to work harder to convince people of that.

This is an example of social proof. The more popular a business is, the more you can increase conversions because you don’t have to work as hard to take people through the funnel.

You can build social proof though:

  • Growing social media presence
  • Publishing your own case studies or blog posts
  • Encourage consumer reviews and testimonials
  • Run a PR campaign and increase your brand’s mentions in the media

Improve Your Landing Pages, and Consider Your Target

The conversion rate optimisation strategy re-designs the entire funnel around your target audience. Some of that effort can overlap with other marketing strategies, such as SEO, especially when considering the quality of your landing pages.

The loading time, for instance, is a common issue that an SEO strategy will address, but how fast the page loads can directly impact your conversion rate too. People don’t like to wait long to access a web page – they expect a seamless experience.

Other landing page or funnel changes you may need to make can include:

  • Having the right call to action
  • Optimising page content
  • Moving the conversion buttons
  • Decluttering the page to place focus on the funnel, and nothing else

Australian Internet Advertising Can Help

A good conversion optimisation strategy is designed to support a business’s bottom line, which makes this endeavour an incredibly important amount of all marketing efforts. If you want to make sure your strategy is able to take you one step closer to your goals, we can help.

Australian Internet Advertising is a reputable and trustworthy agency with the right tools to increase your conversions and generate real growth for you. If you want to learn more about our services, reach out to us online, or call our office at 1300 304 640

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