The Importance of Local SEO

July 17, 2020

The Importance of Local SEO | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large company – local SEO should be high on your digital marketing list. Sure, local SEO is especially vital to small and medium businesses that operate from a physical location. They depend on how accessible they are to the customers residing in the area, but also to those who are passing by temporarily. But, that doesn’t mean large organisations can’t benefit from it.

A good rank in Google or other search engines can be more effective than being the most loved bakery on the street. You might have your regular customer base, but if you can’t attract new customers you can get stuck to a level below your potential.

Let’s take a look at local SEO and all the reasons that make it such an important part of your digital marketing plan.

Google and Other Search Engines Will Rank You Higher

A small business owner who did his homework on local SEO will see results quite soon. Traffic to their website intensifies, so will the traffic to the store and the conversion rate. The quality of the content, as well as any smart local SEO tweaks, are both important in getting those new leads.

When users are looking for local listings, they usually end up on Google Maps. Proximity is, indeed, one of the key factors in ranking high, but your local SEO can give you a great boost.

Providing local information and being easy to find is not only appreciated by the Google algorithm but first of all, by users themselves. So much so that over half of local search queries end up in a visit on the same day. You don’t want to lose potential customers just because your business or contact information was hard to find on Google.

Your Google My Business Page is a Ticket to SERPs Best Seats

A significant part of the local pack ranking factors is included in the Google My Business page. Editing your My Business page carefully is crucial in getting ranked highly in the search results.

Make sure your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is present and consistent, checking all the instances where it appears – on your social media pages, on local platforms for businesses, and so on.

Don’t forget to add information about your office hours, a link to your website, and some pictures from the premises of your business. The last one can actually make a difference as prospects also like to know how the office of the dentist looks like before they make an appointment – is it clean, is the equipment new, does the staff look friendly? You may have better rates than your competitors, but if your target audience can’t find enough details about you, they may choose a pricier but more professional looking business.

Besides creating a good quality My Business page, you should also optimise your website for local SEO. Include local campaigns in your content marketing strategy to get your local store’s rankings higher. Keep in mind that any promotion or offer available only in selected stores should be optimised for local searches.

Your Customers Will Be Pleased to Find You Easily

Potential customers who don’t know the area very well, or who are looking for a certain service they didn’t need before, will likely do an online search instead of roaming around the neighbourhood.

Location-based searches should retrieve concise, accurate information, a few words on the products, services or business, reviews from previous customers, maybe even images. A good local listing not only informs the customer, but it also attracts him with engaging titles and descriptions, and good quality photos.

Local SEO Lets You Promote Your Products for Free

If you want to get your conversion rate even higher, use Google’s promotion tools. The Google MyBusiness has an integrated promotion option for the top three local listings. If you get there, you have the chance of displaying your products or services, blog posts, and website directly on the result page.

Growing your business can become easier by regularly keeping an eye on your Google presence and constantly keeping up with the most relevant keywords. Include them in your content in a natural way and don’t skip any detail when setting your Google business page.

Do You Need Local SEO If Your Business Is National?

Even large companies operating nationally or internationally need a local SEO strategy for their key selling points. To appear in the local search results, your content needs to be optimised for certain keywords.

Do You Need Expert Help With Your Local SEO?

No matter where your business operates, you have a lot of options when it comes to local SEO services since it can be done remotely with the same rate of success. If you do prefer a local advertising agency, check out the best ranking ones in your local search. It’s a great way of filtering them out, isn’t it?

Our digital marketing company in StLeonards, Australian Internet Advertising, offers you a free consultation with our Search Engine Optimisation specialist on local SEO. Contact us to learn more!

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