A professional SEO company Sydney with a critical integrity in online marketing  of all companies. Aiad SEO Sydney company (Search Engine Optimisation) is an advanced art of creating more relevant traffic and ROI to your website, by using LSI and SILO SEO to increase first page rankings but also to increase relevant traffic to our website.

Search Engine Optimisation Sydney, or SEO Sydney as it is usually referred to, is the process of improving a website in order to elevate its rankings in web search results.

AIA employs expert SEO practitioners that have experience in working with clients from a wide range of industries. Be wary of any SEO provider that promises immediate results – good SEO can take time and you will see your website ranking improve step by step but if you employ “black hat” techniques your rankings can be permanently damaged. There are many mistakes that inexperienced SEO practitioners can make and they can significantly reduce your website’s ranking. The appropriate use of keywords is critical – simple things like repeating a keyword too often without a strategy instead of focusing on titles and ensuring they match the page content can have a big impact. Remember the 80/20 rule definitely applies to SEO keywords. Also search engine robots do much more these days than just read keywords on a page, they also look at design, layout and the use of language – nearly in the same way a human reader would.

Our SEO process

No two websites have exactly the same requirements for SEO so AIA applies a step-by-step process as follows:

  1. Develop an understanding of the business objectives for the website – there is no point in applying an SEO strategy that improves some rankings but not those that are critical to the business objectives.
  2. In depth keyword analysis including competitor positioning.
  3. Use of website analytics to monitor website performance – such as increases in organic traffic, bounce rates and more.
  4. Indexing tasks – such as url submissions, sitemaps and webmaster tools accounts
  5. Onsite tasks – increasing keyword relevancy by improving keyword placement and content.
  6. Offsite tasks – such as link building, article writing, local directory listings and social sharing.

Novel and relevant content is key to every website – there is no substitute for excellent content and this is what the search engines look for. AIA will work hand in hand with you to develop content for your website whether it be new information, videos or regular blogs etc.

Links are also important but must be applied effectively. There is absolutely no point in just buying links or using a link farm as search engines see this as a “black hat” SEO technique and will reduce the ranking of your website.

Why invest in SEO?

A strong online presence is crucial in succeeding in modern day business. SEO plays a big part in improving your online presence.

By optimising your website to improve your organic rankings in search engines for specific keyword or key phrase searches, your business stands to increase traffic from people who are searching for services that you provide. There are hundreds of people searching for services you provide every day. So why lose them to your competition who are sitting pretty on the first page of search engine results.

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