Today Social Media is an amazing way to interact with your customers on a personal level and get them talking about your business with their friends and associates. AIA’s Social media services incorporate a comprehensive techniques that will enable people to engage with your business on any of the major social media platforms used in Australia today.

This is achieved by creating a page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and a thread on Twitter to represent your business in the online social media space. In order to create awareness, and increase the chances of developing a trend in your favour, this package will enable you to regularly post updates or tweets to entice people to “like” or share information about your products or services.

Never before has it been so affordable and easy to run a promotion or special, and have it reach thousands of internet users while they are actively engaged. You will be surprised how many followers and “likes” you can obtain on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with just a few well-constructed updates.


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Improve your SEO with Social media

An increase in awareness and more enquiries are not the only benefits you will gain from running a social media starter pack with AIA. You’ll also help to improve you ranking on Google and other search engines by increasing your website’s page rank. Google is looking more and more to social media to determine whos website is truly popular. The days of just having links pointing to your website are over, today you need to have a social media profile in order to show Google that you have a popular and reputable business for them to present on the front page of their search results.

What we will do for you:

Create a Facebook Business Page designed to represent your business
Create a Google + page
Create a Linked in profile for you
Start a Twitter thread

We will assist you further in updating each of the social media platforms for the duration of any SEO campaign that you have running with us. We will also identify and generate opportunities for your business to run promotional campaigns and increase the amount of “fans” you have.

With reports that show you how many people your posts, tweets and updates reached on a monthly basis, it will be easy for you to see for yourself how successful these campaigns are.