Is There Any Alternative to Blogging in 2020?

July 22, 2020

Is There Any Alternative to Blogging in 2020? | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Twenty years ago, the jury was out as to whether or not the Internet would become a major player in the world of business. Today, there’s no more room for confusion—the verdict is in, and a strong web presence is absolutely crucial for companies who want to achieve true success. Virtually everyone in the professional arena has accepted the fact that digital marketing is incredibly powerful, but for many business owners, a related question still lingers: is it necessary to create a blog in order to have a fully fleshed-out presence?

The short answer is that although it’s not absolutely vital to start a blog, even a simple blog can do wonders for a business’ web traffic. However, the perceived learning curve associated with blogging sites sends many business owners running in the opposite direction and dampens their enthusiasm about the benefits of blogging.

At Australian Internet Advertising, we understand why you might be hesitant to start blogging, so we’ve broken down some of the most convincing reasons to invest your time into a blog, simplified the method for starting your blog, and even laid out some alternatives if you still can’t stomach the idea of blogging to grow your presence.

How Does Blogging Impact A Business?

If you’re struggling to gain authority in your industry with backlinking, then blogging is a quick way to improve your situation; companies who blog receive 97% more links to their site than those who do not. This signals to consumers that your brand is trustworthy, and it triggers Google to improve your site’s ranking.

A blog is also an incredibly valuable search engine optimisation tool in general because blog posts give the Google search algorithm far more content to call upon every time someone makes a relevant query. This means that your website is much more likely to rank highly and reach a larger audience with a blog.

In general, blogging has simply become a top priority for skilled digital marketers. In fact, more than half of all marketers rank blogging as the single most important part of their strategy, and it’s not hard to see why considering businesses who blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.

The reason that blogs have become so popular for businesses simply boils down to the fact that they’re an efficient way to drive organic traffic to a website, and when you engage a wider audience, you’re more likely to convert some of those leads.

Obviously, blogging can prove an incredibly valuable tool for businesses, but how can someone get started if they’re not especially tech-savvy? The good news is that there are more services than ever aimed at simplifying the blogging process for businesses and individuals alike.

The Easiest Way to Start A Blog

Far and away one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world is WordPress; in fact, WordPress was designed specifically to host blogs, but it has grown into a wildly favoured content management system due to its simple user interface. Today, a huge percentage of websites are designed on WordPress, so there’s a fair chance that your business’ site is already utilizing this user-friendly CMS.

Even if you were to start your WordPress blog from scratch, you would find it’s a simple process. The most basic free plan offered with a WordPress site comes with free themes and a range of customisation options, such as a free domain (using a WordPress subdomain); even those with very minimal technical skills can find their way around this free blog site. In all likelihood, you probably already have a website, and you’re simply toying around with the idea of integrating a blog section; if yours is a WordPress site like the ones created by Australian Internet Advertising, this process will only take a few minutes.

Simply adding a blog to your WordPress site is a simple act that can have lasting, positive repercussions for your business. Once you have established a blog on your website, all you have to do is start blogging. Creating content for your blog may feel time-consuming, but it will pay off if you approach the task thoughtfully; if the writing becomes too much for you to manage on your own, you can always seek content marketing assistance from a skilled company.

If you are serious about maintaining success as your blog grows, it’s a good idea to invest in WordPress hosting with a reputable hosting company like Australian Internet Advertising. This ensures that the capabilities of your site will evolve along with your business, and knowledgeable hosting service will be able to provide you with valuable insights such as Google analytics. Web hosting is a more technical aspect of starting a blog that you may not be interested in exploring; you’ll never have to delve too deeply into this facet because the simplicity of the WordPress dashboard will always look the same on your end.

Perhaps you’ve avoided the idea of starting a blog in the past because you mistakenly believed it would require hours of work to set up, or you assumed you lacked the technical skills to complete the task. When you utilize WordPress, starting a blog for your business couldn’t be simpler.

Achieving Digital Marketing Success without A Blog

Although it’s clear that there are some serious benefits when it comes to blogging for businesses in 2020, that is not to say that you can’t reach incredible levels of success without a blog as part of your marketing strategy.

In fact, blogs simply don’t make sense for certain businesses. Many eCommerce sites such as clothing retailers don’t bother with blogs at all for the simple reason that their products speak for themselves—if your business exists in a niche where your audience isn’t looking to gain insight from your brand, then there are plenty of alternatives to blogging that you can explore.

These are some of the most important digital strategies that any business can adopt in 2020, and while they may not all apply to your specific business, some of them are bound to present a viable alternative blogging for your brand:

  • Google Advertising — Google Ads are unique in that they give advertisers the power to actually view their ROI as it unfolds. By nature, PPC campaigns are either successful, or incredibly cheap—it’s important that you partner with a team who understands how to craft successful Google Ads campaigns so you don’t wind up wasting your time on a strategy that never picks up steam.
    Keywords are a unique and involved facet of the digital landscape. Although Google Ads that capitalize on the right keywords perform well, you don’t want your PPC campaigns to feel stiff and robotic; after all, you’re still trying to appeal to human beings. This is why it’s so important to partner with a team that not only grasps Google Ads, but also SEO, which just so happens to be another alternative measure to blogging.


  • Search Engine Optimisation — Although blogging can be a great way to boost SEO efforts, you don’t necessarily have to start a blog in order to utilize SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy. Experienced SEO consultants will be able to improve your website’s ranking to organically boost traffic, and you’ll never have to write a single blog post in the process.
    All too often, inexperienced SEO professionals think that they can trick the algorithm with technical wizardry, but the reality is that Google is simply looking for sites that understand the user experience; working with consultants who know how to tap into your audience’s needs is vital.


  • Social Media Marketing — As of 2019, 72% of Australians were active social media users, so sites like Facebook are a massive audience pool upon which you can capitalize. Best of all, social media advertising allows you to target your ads to an incredibly selective group, so you can be sure that only relevant users will see your content.
    For example, if you wanted to target only users who are over 35, have expressed an interest in luxury vehicles, and who live within a certain city’s limits, you would be able to do so with a Facebook advertisement.


  • Video Marketing — More than 90% of marketers say that video is an important part of their strategy, and it’s easy to understand why: as the average consumer’s attention span dwindles, it’s harder to write blogs that will capture their interest, but it’s much easier to invest in videos that will grab their eyes. Video marketing is simply the most effective means of reaching the widest audience possible, so it’s well worth the investment for businesses in 2020.
    The great thing about video marketing is that it lends itself to integration with other parts of your strategy, such as social media marketing. Perhaps you don’t have the mental bandwidth to start a blog now, but maybe you will decide that you can carve out the time in your schedule to do so in six months; depending on the type of video marketing you’ve created, you may be able to simply use your videos as inspiration for your blog content.


  • Intuitive Website Design — The first impression that visitors get from your website shapes their entire perception of your brand; even if you wanted to create a blog, it would be wasted if the design of your site was clunky and difficult to navigate. Investing in seamless, scalable website design will make it easier to get indexed and ranked by Google in the first place, and will improve users’ impression of your brand.
    As mentioned above, WordPress is the best option for your web design needs as it is incredibly versatile and user-friendly.
    These alternatives to blogging will give your business a web presence that doesn’t feel as if it’s lacking anything, so you can rest assured that your reluctance to start a blog won’t negatively impact your chances for long-term success.


How We Can Help

At Australian Internet Advertising, we know that publishing blog posts may not be within your wheelhouse, but we still want to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is strong, and we want to give you all of the tools you need to create a blog if you eventually feel it’s the right strategic move for your business.

There are a number of ways that we can assist if you find yourself questioning whether you can simply invest in alternatives to blogs in 2020. Our skilled team of experts can provide services for Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design services if a blog genuinely isn’t in the cards for your brand, but we utilize WordPress for all of our website design, so you will always have the option of simply and efficiently adding a blog later on if you should so wish.

If your concerns about creating a blog simply come down to the fact that you’re not sure you can take on all of the writing yourself, then we can assist in that arena as well—our content marketing services will take all of the pressure off of you, and you’ll be able to trust that the blog posts published on your site are tailored to your exact audience.

The reality is that there are alternatives to blogging in 2020, especially for businesses operating in industries where a blog won’t contribute anything meaningful or valuable, but you shouldn’t shy away from the immense growth potential that a blog can offer simply because the subject feels too dense to tackle. If you want to discuss whether a blog could prove worthwhile for your business, or find out how you can invest more energy into alternative measures, reach out to the Australian Internet Advertising team today.

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