How To Effectively Use Facebook To Market My Product Or Service

September 29, 2020

How To Effectively Use Facebook To Market My Product Or Service | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

With millions of people and businesses on Facebook, being visible presents a significant challenge. How do you fit between the pictures of what people are eating and a grumpy cat? It doesn’t have to be imposing if you masterfully utilise the tools that are readily available for you.

Facebook has 1.3 billion users every day. To effectively promote your business and make your product or service stand out, you need to intimately understand what it is that you are selling and focus on the best feature. A call to action button is essential, and creating an ad that elicits an emotional response to the user Facebook users is crucial.

Keeping an audience engaged with your company by regularly posting relevant content will be the cornerstone of any excellent advertising campaign. Having your contact information displayed prominently encourages Facebook users to contact you. Below are a few key features on how to market on Facebook.

Current Client Redirection

Your current website is an excellent navigational tool serving many purposes:

● Storefront
● Purchasing Hub
● Blog Posts
● Traffic direction
● Showcasing products or services

To name just a few. To elaborate on Traffic Direction, by placing a Facebook icon on your page it encourages your current clientele to visit your Facebook page and follow it. You now have access to the free word of mouth advertising.

One client may give you access to hundreds more by the simple act of engaging with them on Facebook. Business is done every day with posts. Having your business on Facebook encourages this interaction. Followers leaving testimonials to your business gives you credibility while shared Facebook posts provide you with visibility.

Send out an email blast to your current clientele announcing that you are on Facebook and the useful information that you will be posting there. In your email signature, make sure to include a hyperlink to your Facebook page as well as any other social media platform that you are on.

Brand Awareness With Facebook Groups

Now that your clients are engaged, it doesn’t stop there. Facebook Groups are ideal for brand awareness on a social media platform. Join Facebook Groups that you identify within your niche, that your competitors are members of. Join groups that envelope your target audience.

Part of being in a group means that you must participate. Sitting idle will not get your business noticed. Connect with your inner social butterfly. Building a social network takes time and plenty of consistent nurturing, it is the epitome of a participation sport. Being visible means being available.

Groups can help you identify with your target audience and find new ones that you didn’t know were there. Keeping abreast of trends in these groups will help you stay current and relevant on topics with your blog posts.

Facebook Insights

Now that your business has become the life of the party and is committed to audience engagement, it is time to review what kind of engagements are benefiting you. Facebook Insights tracks user engagement and behaviour. It can help you understand how your Facebook business page is performing. Using Facebook Insights will show you:

● Best time of day that users will see your post
● The number of active users you have
● Best day of the week to post
● What type of content is popular at the moment
● Number of likes
● Number of friends of fans
● Your weekly reach

All of your admins will have access to this robust tool. Facebook Insights updates in real-time, so to optimise your posts, you will need to monitor it often and calibrate your Facebook marketing strategy accordingly. Facebook Insights will show you the virality of your different posts, so you know what Facebook marketing strategy is working. This information will prove essential in creating targeted Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook Content Creation

Your business has levelled up to Mr./Mrs. Congeniality. You have set the platform to engage with your audience daily. Now it is time to post the relevant content that will be promoting your products or services.

● Facebook news feeds have higher visibility to your readers because they display in their news feed. As they appear in this section, they are likely to generate more qualified leads. If you are unsure about your target audience, news feeds are an excellent way to extract that information. Facebook news feeds are quickly launched into several different demographics and will allow you to hone in on your ideal audience.

● Blog Posts are essential in providing your audience with relevant information and educating them on why your services are needed. Blog posts are used to tell a story by answering industry-specific questions, and the narrative will guide the audience to your product or service.

Links to your product, service, or previous blogs within your site will provide an authoritative voice as an expert in your field and deliver relevant information. By staying current with your social butterfly theme, you will see what customers are asking about, and what information needs to be expanded on. Staying in tune with your audience is vital in producing relevant content that will engage them.

● Facebook Ads prove extremely valuable for small businesses. Facebook ads are cost-effective and budget-friendly, making them ideal for small business’ growth and lead generation. Utilising Facebook ads with Facebook Insights will ensure that you are maximising your advertising dollars. There are several different types of ads depending on the area that you want to focus on:

○ Page Likes
○ Events
○ Web conversions & clicks
○ Page Engagement
○ App Installs & Engagement
○ Offers

When analysing the information you have gathered, you can target your desired audience and demographic. If you want more in-depth information, Google Analytics integrates nicely to provide you with user behaviour and engagements.

Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words and far better than just text ads. Images should invoke emotions in your audience and move them to call to action.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook allows businesses to sell their products or services by posting with their Facebook business page. Facebook Marketplace has over 800 million users. Placing your product or service in that market will tell you about your target audience.

Facebook Marketplace can further your reach and connect you with clients that you didn’t know were out there. You can also monetise services or create products within the scope of what people are looking for. It also acts as a price guide to tell you what things are selling for and what’s popular.

The Final Word

Promoting your products or services is directly correlated with your business’ social prowess on social media. Successful Facebook marketing relies on the information that you gather about your target audience and how you use that information.

Producing relevant content is a perpetual process. There is no DONE stamp on staying relevant and interacting with your audience. Congregating around the virtual water cooler is something that needs to happen several times per day.

The more that you know about your audience’s behaviour, the more individualised and catered the ads should be to target that demographic. How you maximise your advertising dollar is directly related to the information you know about your audience.

There are a lot of moving parts that can make or break your Facebook advertising campaign. It takes time in a fast-moving market for understanding what motivates people, and it takes more time to learn how to gravitate them towards your product or service. When you do have that ‘AHA’ moment, it will make all the difference, and you will be glad you took the time making those connections.

Short on time and need a Facebook marketing expert to take the reins on your Facebook marketing strategy? Australian Internet Advertising can help. Open a dialogue with us and watch the possibilities unfold.

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