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Today nearly everyone turns to the internet when searching for products and services, pretty much gone are the days of the yellow pages. The problem is many businesses still don’t have an effective web presence or often they are out of date or don’t reflect the latest mobile device capabilities. Out of date sites may be worse that no site at all – remember the first thing a prospective customer or client will do is a search on your business name and they will compare your site quickly with your competitors. Your site needs to compelling, it must stand out, look fresh be irresistible to prospects.
Over XX million people around the world have already used the systems that power AIA’s website builder.

We have the whole package you need to create an awesome looking website for your new business, club, ban or whatever you need to publish on the web. You can do it all yourself very simply and know that you have our full support every step of the way (most others say 24/7 support). We provide everything from a broad range of designer templates (all totally mobile responsive), great hosting plans, SEO through to emails (do we want to include emails?).

It couldn’t be more simple with drag and drop technology. Choose from over xyz templates and then easily add most forms of media, and modify as you want to really create your own image.

Promote yourself or your business. Building your website is just the start. We can help you grow your brand or business with a range of simple tools.

Connect to so many tools. We can link you to over XYZ apps that can help your business to do so many things eg e-commerce, social media, scheduling customer contact etc.



We use WordPress!

WordPress is far and away the world’s most popular website tool. Through WordPress we are able to offer you a nearly unlimited number of templates, designs and plugins. It’s like the Apple apps store for business. With the AIA WordPress solution you will get:

full customer support (hours)? from a group of passionate staff that live and breathe web development, hosting and emails
great hosting deals – secure, reliable and fast
Wordpress back ups and updates
Full email set up and management
Vast network of apps, templates and plugins

But wait, there’s more – with our WordPress solutions you can also get:

Already got a site? We can move your existing site to WordPress very quickly and easily, it really couldnt be simpler with our site transfer systems.
Make sure your site get noticed. WordPress works very efficiently with Google and other search engines. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to achieve some good results.
You can never be too successful. Rest assured we have options that will ensure your hosting will scale as more people visit, that you can focus on growing your business and know we have your back.
You don’t have a domain yet? No problems, you can build your website at any time by using one of our temporary domains and then transfer to the real one once you have it.

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