• 1 star review  Absolutely shocking! This company have not delivered on promises, they have deducted payment from my credit card without authorisation, and now won't follow up on the multiple emails that I have sent to sort out this appalling situation. I have not had one lead from this site and the promises they have made remain unfulfilled. I would not recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Kerri Trengove

    1 star review  Seems a bit hit and miss if you ask me right at the moment. Not a single inquiry in the last 12 months yet I am told that I had 112 hits from this site. Rather strange considering that I've had a lot of weddings from other areas.

    thumb Beyond Trout

    1 star review  For my 12 month subscription I received no leads. In December I received a very vague email that my subscription was about to expire (no expiry date, no invoice and no amount of subscription). I decided not to renew, but they sucked $395 out of my CC the following day. When I rang to ask them to refund Mr Polson said “No, and there is nothing you can do” (and yes that’s a quote). I suggested I would call Fair Trading and he said “Go ahead. They can’t do anything either”. Now he won’t even confirm that my future subscription has been cancelled. These people are dodgy. Don’t touch them.

    thumb Roslyn Phillips
  • 1 star review  There advertising ‘spam’ is just to much. I have cancelled membership as no bookings just harrasement.

    thumb Paul Meagher

    5 star review  very helpful staff at "Celebrate it" made easy and meets the needs for celebrants and clients simply the best

    thumb Jan Littlejohn

    5 star review  I've had several enquiries and a couple of bookings. So far so good!!!

    thumb Tracey Kelly
  • 1 star review  my husband is a celebrant and has registered with Celebrate.it and has not received any enquiries since paying the annual fee.

    thumb Diana Sheedy

    5 star review  Celebrate it really meets the needs for all ceremonies. I have been fortunate to be the celebrant of choice for a Naming ceremony and a Renewal of Vows ceremony. Lovely people and what great fun we had! Lots of smiles and many compliments from guests telling me how much they enjoyed the ceremony and the special touches. Sadly, I had to decline a Wedding ceremony request as I was unavailable on the date. Better luck next time!

    thumb Glenda Ashleigh

    5 star review  The new website, "Celebrate It' is simply fantastic! The team, a wonderful group of professionals who are always happy to help. I'm so pleased to be part of something that certainly works with the number of enquires I've received. Thankyou!

    thumb Janelle Reeve