Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads

July 20, 2020

Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads | AIA Book in a free 30 minute strategy session

Video marketing is a powerful way for brands to send a message and engage their consumers. If you also look at the stats, a thought-out video ad campaign can also prove quite effective. When Nielsen looked into it, from 300 video ad campaigns, around 73% had a big boost in ad recall.

And video marketing popularity will likely increase in the following years. In truth, it’s an effective method to check multiple boxes in a marketer’s list:

It’s engaging
Can convey complex messages easily
Can create an impact
Shows off a brand’s creativity

If you want to start creating Facebook video ads as a way to reap the benefits of this medium, here are some video ad best practices to take into consideration.

1. Think of Your Audience

Even before you choose a topic or angle for the video, you need to consider the people watching. Who is your target audience, what type of video content would they be most interested in?

The medium itself might spark some degree of interest, but it’s the content that makes them actually watch it, preferably until the end. People want to see content that is relevant to their interests, even if it’s from brands they’ve never seen before.

And when it comes to video ads, it’s likely that your targeted audiences aren’t that familiar with your brand. Because of this, it’s important to analyse your target and identify what potential topics (connected to your brand) could interest them.

Even if you’re just doing a video to show off one product, try to think about the Facebook user who may see the ads. Would they prefer just a slide-show of the product, or maybe seeing it in action? What kind of content would take them closer to converting?

2. Be a Storyteller

Watching videos on social media may not be a cinematic experience per se, but you should still incorporate some storytelling in your Facebook video ads.

Stories help you form a connection with a Facebook user, and the more interesting that story is, the more they’ll watch. But, to tell your story properly, you need to consider your video length.

Short videos may seem like the easiest to create, but you have to be able to tell your story in just a few seconds, something not many people can manage. Long videos may give the impression of creativity and professionalism, but your story may not be complex enough to fit into a long video.

When it comes to video length, don’t obsess about it fitting into a particular category. Think of the story you want to tell, and let its arc unfold naturally.

3. Make Sure the Video Is Watchable with the Sound off

Videos on Facebook start to play automatically, but without sound. This is the social platform’s way to encourage video views, which has led to an interesting development in how many users watch them.

Simply put, some will not bother to turn on the sound until they really suspect it’s necessary. They scroll, see a video, and stop to watch for a few seconds if something seems interesting. If they invested, they may turn the sound on, or they may continue watching as is. Either way, you need to create videos that are watchable both with the sound on and off.

You can do this with:

  • Compelling images
  • On-screen text
  • Interview clips where you show people talking, etc.

4. Captivate Users in the First Few Seconds

People have quite short attention spans when it comes to social media, and if you don’t leverage those first few seconds in a video wisely, people will likely scroll through the ad without giving it much thought.

The first few seconds of your video should make any users watching say “wait, what’s this?”

5. Invest in Quality

Like photos, Facebook recommends you focus on the quality of your videos, not just when it comes to the content. The technical quality of the video itself matters too.

Do you think a Facebook user will stop to watch a blurry video or something HD? In 2020, they always go for the former. Plus, if you want to have a good conversion rate for your video ads, then you need to amp the production value for your video.

It’s not that you need to hire a videographer necessarily, but you should consider collaborating with someone with a bit of experience in filming and video editing to help you create high-quality videos your targeted audiences can enjoy.

6. Shoot Vertically

Around 80% of people only use Facebook through a mobile device, which means you should create videos that are shot vertically and not landscape.

Vertical videos fit better on a mobile device’s screen, so your ads will offer people a pleasant user experience. Regular videos shot in a landscape format appear smaller, and if you also have text on the screen, it can be even harder for a mobile user to watch the video and engage with it.

If you have a great landscape video you still want to include in your Facebook video ad campaign, you can create a custom audience for them and target the section of your audience that scrolls Facebook on a desktop.

Can We Help?

Watching videos on social media is a great way to kill some time for a Facebook user. But for a business, it could be a potential gold mine if you apply these best practices.

Australian Internet Advertising can help you perfect your Facebook marketing campaign in a way that will take you closer to your business goals.

Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with our Facebook Marketing Agency experts now and let’s see what you can do to improve your Facebook marketing efforts to boost results.

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