Why Lead Magnets Will Help Boost Your Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is one of the most important digital marketing platforms in the world. Don’t believe us? Here are some important numbers: It has over 2 billion active monthly users; Over 1 billion of them are mobile-only; There are over 600 million Facebook pages; Roughly 74% of them use Facebook ads to promote their business.

What Are Google Ads Price Extensions?

When it comes to advertising, you ideally want a sure-fire way to reach the right people that would respond positively to what you’re offering. Well, if we’re talking Google Ads, this may very well be possible with something called price extensions. If you’re interested in finding out more about price extensions and how they can help your business, this guide …

What Is Facebook Cost Cap Bidding

With millions of business pages on Facebook, of which more than 70% use Facebook ads to promote their products or services, it’s really not that surprising that the social media giant constantly brings new ways to optimise its services. Our job as digital marketers is to remain updated with these changes and put them into practice as soon as they …

How To Remarket Your Website Traffic With Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is an incredible tool marketers have at their disposal but are you using it to its full potential? Any business with a Facebook page knows that while organic growth is possible if you truly want to get more visits to your website, you need to dabble with ad sets and spend some money to find potential customers.

What Are Google Ads in Gmail?

It’s quite frustrating, isn’t it? The world is at your fingertips, yet connecting with your audience is becoming increasingly difficult. Reports show that the number of internet users that will install ad blockers will increase steadily. And, that’s not all. Aware of the money influencers get paid to promote certain products or services, consumers are losing their trust in social …

Why Blogging Will Improve Your SEO

It’s very comforting to know that no matter what questions we may have, Google will always be there with its search engine to help us. Honestly, we’d imagine it would be hard to find a person who has never used Google, apart from those who don’t really use the internet (but even this is a very strange concept.) But for …

Is Facebook Advertising Good for Event Campaigns?

Organizing an event is hard work. It requires months of planning and preparation. Each piece has to fit perfectly together so that everyone is pleased and the event is a success. Take one piece out, and everything will crumble before your eyes. But, between the logistics of the event, managing guests and attendees, and making sure that everything is par …

How To Optimise Your Content For Google’s Featured Snippets

When you ask Google a question (meaning you type something in the search engine,) apart from the links to websites that may hold your answer, you can also find answer boxes at the top of organic search results. This is called a ‘featured snippet’, and it has been selected by Google as a relevant answer to search queries.

Google Ads Cost

What Do Google Ads Cost?

“I know Google Ads are great, but I hear they’re pretty costly.” Or. “What if I end up paying more than I can afford?” Or. “How much money do you need to advertise on Google Ads?”

How Google Ads

How Google Ads Make Money

You work tirelessly to create a product that meets your audience’s needs and helps them solve a problem. Your website is all set up, your social media is up and running, and you are ready to conquer the world. You launch with excitement and…crickets. You have to scroll all the way to the seventh page of search results to find …