What is pay per click

What Is Google Pay-per-Click?

The world of internet marketing can be a bit confusing to someone who is just getting started. All those acronyms, such as SEO, PPC, CPM, CPC, RTB, and CR can get pretty annoying pretty fast, especially if you’re not used to the jargon and want things explained in plain English. But, if you want to get your site to rank …

Pay Per Click Sydney

What Does Pay-Per-Click Mean?

When it comes to search engine advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) is perhaps one of the most effective ways of putting your business in front of the right audience and getting qualified traffic. Sure, SEO, content marketing, and other search marketing techniques are still necessary, but most of them take time to show results. PPC advertising, on the other hand, is quick …

Pay Per Click

Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

  How can a small business compete with the big wolves? That’s simple: you invest in digital marketing. You know that if you want to remain relevant in this overly connected world, then you need to invest in proven online advertising techniques. And, you know that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most efficient ways of growing a business. …

Adwords Click Fraud

Are you a victim of AdWords click fraud?

It may surprise you to learn that more than US$100 billion of Google’s revenue comes from AdWords. The ability to bring in billions of people every single day means that pay per click marketing is quickly becoming an essential marketing strategy for every business.